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Additional Information

The picture is distorted

  • The disc might be damaged. Try another disc.

Picture is distorted during forward and reverse scan

  • It is normal for some distortion to appear while scanning.

A screen saver appears on the TV

  • Your player is equipped with a screen saver that appears on the TV after your player has been idle

for several minutes. To make it disappear, press STOP or CLEAR on the remote.

Subtitle and/or audio language is not the one selected from the initial setting

  • If the subtitle and/or audio language does not exist on the disc, the initial settings will not be seen/ heard. The disc’s priority language is selected instead. Set the subtitle and/or audio language manually through the Info Display or the player menu.

The menu is displayed in a foreign language

  • The Language menu (Player Menus) is set to that language. Go to Languages (In Spanish, shown as Idiomas; in French, as Langues) in the main DVD player menu and select the Player Menus option (In Spanish, shown as Menús del Lector; in French, as Menus Lecteur) Highlight the language you prefer, and press OK.

Play doesn’t begin

  • The rating of the title on the disc exceeds the rating limit set in the Ratings Limits menu. Unlock

the player and/or change the rating limit in those menus.

No forward or reverse scan

  • Some discs have sections that prohibit rapid scanning, or title and chapter skip.

  • If you’re trying to skip through the warning information and credits at the beginning of a movie,

you won’t be able to. This part of the movie is often programmed to prohibit skipping through it.

Desired angle cannot be changed

  • Most discs don’t have the multi-camera angle system, and some discs only have multiple angles

during certain parts of the movie.

Picture is too tall and thin

  • Change the aspect ratio: go to the main menu, select Displa , select TV Image. Go to page 43 for

more information.

Picture is too short and wide

  • Change the aspect ratio: go to the main menu, select Display, select TV Image. Go to page 43 for

more information.

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