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General VCR Problems No power

  • Make sure the DVD/VCR is plugged into a working outlet.

  • Make sure connections between devices are correct and snug.

There’s poor quality or no picture for normal TV viewing

  • If using RF coaxial cables to connect the DVD/VCR to the TV, make sure the VCR indicator is not displayed on the DVD/VCR’s front panel (press the remote control’s TV/VCR button to toggle between VCR and TV-viewing modes). If using A/V jacks and cables to connect the DVD/VCR to the TV, press the remote control’s INPUT button when in TV mode to access the TV’s Video Input Channel.

  • Tune the TV to an active channel.

  • All cables should be securely inserted and connected to the proper jacks.

The buttons on the front of the unit won’t work (and SAFE flashes)

  • The buttons are locked. Press the LOCK button on the remote to unlock them.

Cannot select channels over 69

  • Cable channels over 69 can only be selected if TUNING BAND: is set to CATV in the TUNING menu.

Go to page 11 for instructions. The timer indicator flashes on the DVD/VCR front panel

  • The clock is not set. Go to page 11 for instructions.

  • Make sure there is a tape in the DVD/VCR when a timer recording is set.

Rewind does not operate

  • Make sure the tape isn’t already rewound.

  • Make sure the tape isn’t damaged or broken.

The incorrect time or date is shown

  • A power interruption may have occurred and Automatic Clock Set was not turned on or did not work properly. Check the time zone and Daylight-Saving settings in the TIME menu.

  • Make sure the DVD/VCR player or cable box is tuned to the time data channel (check with your cable service provider for information about time data).

  • Auto Clock Set is not supported in all areas or by digital satellite receivers. Set the time and date manually using the TIME menu. Go to page 11 for instructions.

The time did not adjust for Daylight-Saving Time

  • Make sure the Daylight-Saving Time feature is set correctly in the TIME menu.


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