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Additional Information

The DVD/VCR makes noise when it is stopped

  • This is normal. The DVD/VCR removes the tape from the playheads when stopping. The cylinders

inside the unit will continue to rotate for a few minutes after stopping.

The DVD/VCR won’t find active channels correctly using the Auto Channel Search feature

  • Make sure all cable connections are secure and correct.

  • Make sure that TUNING BAND: is set correctly in the TUNING menu.

  • Auto Channel Search may not be necessary if using a cable box to view all channels. Contact your

local cable company for more information.

On-screen menus appear in a foreign language

  • Check the LANGUAGE menu to choose a preferred on-screen language.

Recording Problems Will not record

  • Make sure there is a recordable tape in the DVD/VCR.

  • Eject then reinsert the tape.

  • Make sure the tape is not broken.

  • Make sure the DVD/VCR player is not in pause mode. Press PAUSE or PLAY to return to normal


  • Make sure the tape’s safety tab is intact.

Timer recording was not made or the wrong program was recorded

  • Make sure the program was entered correctly (the wrong channel or times may be entered).

  • Make sure the cable box or satellite receiver was turned on when recording was to begin.

  • There may have been a power interruption. Reset the time and date.

  • Check to see if time and date are correct – including AM/PM.

  • Make sure the program did not exceed the tape’s length and the tape was rewound beforehand.

  • Make sure the DVD/VCR was turned off at the time recording started.

  • Make sure there was a tape in the DVD/VCR with its safety tab intact.

  • The DVD/VCR ejects tapes when the end is reached during a timer recording.

Playback Problems Snowy or no picture during playback

  • Press the remote control’s TV/VCR button to activate VCR mode. VCR appears in the front panel display when active.

  • Check the TV channel selected (3 or 4) to make sure it matches the VCR channel output setting.

  • Check to make sure the TV’s fine tuning is correct for the channel selected.

  • If you use A/V cables and jacks to connect the DVD/VCR to the TV, check all connections for snug and correct connections.

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