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Additional Information

  • If you are using A/V cables, make sure the TV is set to the Video Input Channel. Go to page 62 for instructions.

  • If you are not using A/V cables, make sure the DVD/VCR is not in Video Input Channel mode. Press INPUT on the remote control to return to normal viewing.

  • Try another tape.

  • Some snow/streaks are normal during search, stop action, frame advance, and slow-motion playback.

Streaks in picture during normal playback

  • Press one of the CHANNEL +/- buttons on the front of the unit (or CH +/- on the remote) to move

streaks up or down for the best picture.

  • Make sure the tape is of good quality and not worn out.

Time counter not working or time counter not working in search modes

  • The time counter does not advance during unrecorded portions of tape. When an unrecorded segment of tape is encountered, the time counter will hold its count until recorded material is detected again.

  • A minus (–) will appear in front of the time if you rewind the tape farther back than a counter reading of 0:00:00.

  • The time counter disappears during search; this is normal.

Tape won’t play

  • Make sure there is a tape in the DVD/VCR.

  • Try ejecting and reinserting the cassette.

  • Make sure the tape is not broken.

  • Make sure the DVD/VCR is not in pause mode. Press PAUSE or PLAY to return to normal playback.

Auto Channel Search doesn’t work

  • Make sure the antenna connections are secure and correct.

  • Make sure the TUNING BAND: feature is set correctly.

  • May not be necessary if using a cable box for all channels. Contact your local cable company for

more information. Tape plays back in slow motion

  • Press PLAY to return to normal playback.

Tape with safety tab removed doesn’t start playing

  • Make sure the AUTO PLAY ON/OFF feature is set to ON.

Time counter disappears during searching

  • This is normal.

There is no stereo sound during playback

  • Make sure the AUDIO MODE feature is set to Hi-Fi to hear stereo sound during playback.


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