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President Smith and wife Emma came down and stopped at Brother J. C. Owens. Sunday, held ward conference. Nora was sustained as President of the ward Relief Society. Brother James Deans wrote an obituary on Alice Hanson Hatch which I mailed to paper.

Tuesday, January 5

Sister Elizabeth Smithson died about noon. Burt and I made the coffin. Wednesday, we worked on the dam. Burt (H. A. Hatch) was sustained as water master of Woodruff. Thursday, made a box for Sister Smithson’s coffin and went to meeting. Brother Lorenzo Roten came late in the evening and brought his brother to my place. He had driven his outfit off from a cliff or rock, tipped over and his brother was hurt. I cared for them while Burt went after their team which had run away with the forward wheels of the wagon. He found them and everything tipped out of the wagon but little damage was done. John, Willard and Ezra came back from Holbrook where they had been with hay. Got some dinner and went on to Taylor.

Sunday, 10th

Went to Sunday School and was appointed to assist Brother Dexter in the theological class. At meeting the Bishop thought that the people had ought to pay twenty dollars in stock for tithing as they had a chance to work it out on the dam. I read the third chapter of Malachi on tithing.

Civic Work and Ministry

January 11

Burt and I went for wood. I took a load to the school house so as to furnish my share. I can truthfully say that I have done thousands of dollars public service in Woodruff, mostly on the dam. I have traveled more than any other man in the interest of the stake except Jesse N. Smith with whom I have labored in the ministry with great pleasure. He alone has more fully understood my true feelings than any other living man. The words of Hyrum Smith, the Patriarch, have been verified. He said, no man knew my heart and what should be my work. Said that inspiration should move upon my heart to those who should have sustained me to belie me and to speak hard things against me. They have thought they were doing God’s service in so doing. O, the envy and jealousy of man. I am now sixty-six years old.

January 12

Worked at Norey’s cupboard. Went for a load of wood for the bishop and in crossing the dam broke my axle-tree. Had to get a wagon from Marion Owens to deliver the wood. Worked at the quarry on dam one day and with team hauling dirt another. Saturday received letters from Jeremiah and Elnora also from Thomas all in sorrow over the bereavement that has occurred. Nothing of importance has transpired this week.

Sunday, 17th

Went to meeting. During the week, finished Nora’s cupboard, worked on dam four days. Willard worked seven days on the dam and turned it on account of horse that he bought of me. I moved my things and Clarence and Ella moved into my house. Next week, spent three days on the dam.

I got a letter from Catherine about 30 January. She thought I had better come back to the north as she did not feel like coming out here. It made me feel very much unsettled. I got some clergyman’s passes for myself and Jesse N. Smith by writing Brother W. C. Spence.

Tuesday, February 12

On Tuesday, 12 February, 1892 about 11:00 P.M. I dreamed that Alice came to me. Her youth and beauty was wonderfully grand. I asked her if that was the body we laid in the tomb. She replied that it was a portion of the same. She stated what percent it was but I can not remember what that percent was. She seemed wonderfully happy and passed on to her place and I was going to follow her, but she said she had come to stay with me.

Sunday, February 13

Ward Conference in St. Joseph. Had a good conference, but I felt lonely, and going over to President Richards I wrote a letter to Brother Reidhead who was in Scotland. Went home Monday. Fixed up the Dustin wagon and worked on the dam on Wednesday. It was the last day of the $2000 of tithing office stock as the appropriation had been all expended. Hauled manure, plowed some for wheat, let John Tyler have my team to haul wood. Charley drove it because John was sick with rheumatics. After his return, I sowed two acres of wheat and harrowed till 7:00 P.M. Went to see my daughter Leonora who was sick. Brother Dexter was with me.

Friday, 26th

During the past week I got letters from my daughter Clarey, Elder Sanford Fuller, and two of my neices. On the 29th, Clarence Owens, Joseph Lillywhite and Heber A. Hatch were ordained Seventies. Took Lula to Snowflake and attended High Council Meeting. We talked over the four Stake Conference to be held at Pine Top. It was decided to appoint a committee to locate suitable grounds and erect a bowery, etc. On Saturday, the 27th, the Young Men and Young Ladies held their conferences. Sunday, held stake conference and I gave three blessings in the evening to John H. Willis and wife and Lorenzo H. Roundy, son of Lorenzo W. Roundy. I spoke Monday afternoon. Got a load of oats, corn and lucern seed. Went to Ezra’s and saw Mariah’s new babe and asked her to call the babe Alice. Traveled home with John Hatch and Levi Shumway. Each of them had baled hay. Arrived about sundown. Next day was fast day. We went to meeting and Bishop Savage had good liberty for talk and Brother DeWitt and James Deans spoke on politics and nearly spoiled the meeting but


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