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we got a better feeling and then closed. I wrote to H. E. Hatch in reply to a printed letter.

March 4 to 13

Burt set out some fruit trees. I prepared plum trees for planting. Worked on President Smith’s wagon. Meeting on Sunday. Brother Dexter gave his experience in how the spirit had directed him and said he was going to move his family back to Utah as it was so made known to him. I gave a blessing to his little girl. Planted out some 200 poplar cuttings. Plowed some by moonlight. Sowed two acres of oats. Worked two days with team. My little granddaughter Louie May swallowed a pin. It went down her windpipe and she took to coughing for one day. Prayers were offered up. God heard us and the child threw it up. How good is our Father who hears us in our complaints. Let us praise him continuously.

Called to Continue Arizona Mission

March 13.

I received a letter from President Merrill in which I was instructed to bring one of my families out here. I copied the letter from the First Presidency and sent it to Catherine. Received letter from President Woodruff which said they would furnish means to bring Catherine and my two children to Holbrook from Franklin.

Office of


of the




P.O. Box B.

Salt Lake City. Utah March 4, 1893.


Logan Temple

Dear Brother:

I am directed, by the First Presidency, to say that they are of the opinion, after reading Brother Hatches letter that it would be better for him to remain in the field of labor to which he has been appointed, in Arizona, than to return to Cache Valley; they also think it would be well for him to have the wife join him who could be the most comfort and help to him in his advancing years.

With kindest regards,

Your brother,

George Reynolds,


March 14-17

I worked at plowing in the garden. Set out some apple trees. Morning of the 17th, went to Snowflake, arriving at 10:00 A.M. Attended the 50th anniversary

of the Relief Society. Had a splendid time. There were three meetings. I gave blessings to William West and wife. I spoke of my being in Nauvoo when the Relief Society was first organized. Brother Smith read what the Prophet said about the society and Sister West offered a most wonderful prayer. It was a day long to be remembered. Went to Showlow and located the ground for the big conference to be held in July. Sunday, we held meeting. I read the 24th chapter of Isaiah to the people. Stayed at Brother Ellsworth’s where we were well cared for. At Snowflake I had dinner with Aunt Agusta Smith. Got seventy-six boards for ceiling from Brother Smith and two bales of hay from Brother Lundquist and drove to Woodruff, having been gone six days. I was quite poorly.

Wednesday, March 23

Abbey gave birth to two boy babes. She was quite sick. (The babes are Burt’s twin sons, Albert and Adelbert). I put in corn on Thursday and potatoes on Friday. Saturday, I put in or transplanted 1000 onion plants, watered my fruit trees and plowed till late when Burt came and wanted me to administer to Abbey. She had a high fever. She slept well during the night. On Sunday 26, I felt that the Lord had answered my prayers about my family coming out from the north. President Smith left (Holbrook) on the 27th for conference in Salt Lake. I watered my poplar cuttings, set out some apple and peach trees.

Friday, April 1

Abbey was quite low having had several chills. Clarence Owens came from the herd (sheep). James Shumway and Nettie arrived. Willard Hatch brought me $6.00 worth of baled hay. We had most fearful winds but Burt and I hauled some posts to fence the lucern. Saturday, I worked at Springer’s wagon.

Sunday, April 3

A windy day it was. I attended Sunday School and read leaflet number three. Went to meeting and spoke on the building of the temple or furnishing men to complete it. Monday, I commenced to put up another room and porch on the north of my house. Worked next two days on house. Brother Guldbranson helped me.

At fast meeting on Thursday, I spoke of the blessings received in answer to prayer and of our early journeys h crossing the plains, the poverty, want and scarcity of food, We spoke of our conditions at this time. I prayed earnestly for my afflicted daughters, Ruth and Adeline, for Abbey and her babes, and for President Smith and Catherine on the road. And that I might get out of debt. And that my dear family in the north and in this land might be blessed. I feel that the Lord will hear my prayers. Friday and Saturday, I plowed for Brother Guldbranson and watered some lucern.

Sunday, April 10


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