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Went to Sunday School and read leaflet number four. Spoke on the principle of faith at meeting. Bishop Savage gave us a good discourse and urged us all to do our duties. Said as parents we ought to go to Sunday School, etc. Brother James Deans and G. B. Gardner spoke. Dismissed and I went and looked after the water. Monday, worked on my house and porch also on Tuesday. Received a telegram dated the 11th at Logan from H. E. Hatch stating that Catherine and children were on their journey and all was well.

Catherine and children  return from Utah

Worked on house until Wednesday at half past 6:00 when I got word that Catherine and my children were at Holbrook. I got a horse from John Tyler and with Bess started to get them. I was filled with joy to meet her and my darling girl May and Wilford. I had not seen them for two and a half years. Stayed at Silas Smith’s and was well treated. Arrived home on Thursday at 11:00 A.M. We took dinner at my daughter Leonora’s. We lived with my daughter Ella [who was living in the Hatch home] and continued my labors on the house.

Catherine has been wonderfully blessed and preserved on her journey. I praise the Lord for His mercies to me in bringing my dear wife to me. Saturday, I worked at the house and my little son (Wilford) helped me. Sunday, the 17th, President Smith arrived from conference and proceeded to Snowflake. It was bitter cold. I read leaflet number five and spoke on faith. (Next week) Glad to find a new milk cow, which had had her calf. I worked on my house and porch. Brother Guldbranson helped me. Made a wagon wheel for Wallace Shumway. It came to $5.60. On Saturday, I went to Taylor, stopping at Snowflake for High Priests meeting. Lula and May went with me and stopped at Ezra’s where we were kindly received.


Sunday, May 1

Was a general fast for all the Church. A day of rejoicing for the deliverance wrought out for the Saints, the prisons being opened and our brethren set at liberty! President Smith and myself spoke during the day and truly we felt that the Lord was with us. The afternoon was ward conference and after, I gave a blessing to Rhoda Perkins Young and to Brigham Perkins.

Paid $16.75 for wagon timber. Water on the lot. Following week, watered wheat and lucern, also watered lucern for Burt. Burt and Wilford went with freight.

Sunday, May 15

Read leaflet number ten. Addressed the people at the request of the Bishop. The water was failing and Bishop Savage called on all hands to turn out and try to tighten the dam. I lost my pen. I trust that I will find it. I will here state that I found my pen. It was lying on the sidewalk. Had slipped out of my vest pocket. It was a

present from my son H. E. Hatch and cost three dollars.

Monday, 16th

A few hands turned out on the dam. I sent a team. On Tuesday the sisters fasted and prayed that we might be successful in tightening the dam. The brethren, a few of them, worked with much energy. We continued on Wednesday, the few faithfuls, and at 5:00 P.M., Brother Deans reported that the leak had been located. Worked with a will on Thursday. Hauled shelly rock. We succeeded and on Friday all hands were released. We went to our own farms. I plowed on Edy Webb’s land and planted corn.

Saturday, the 21st, rode to Snowflake on horseback to attend ward conference. Good spirit. Rode home on Monday and watered my lot after 8:00 P.M. Worked very hard. Burt had returned on the 21st. We had fallen far behind in our work so we had to go to plowing with a will.

Wednesday, May 25

I gave Norman Brimhall and the wife of Cash Brimhall their blessings. Got tomatoes set out on Saturday, the 28th. President Smith and wife came on Saturday and stayed with us. Sunday, Sister Hatch (Catherine) was quite poorly with her old complaint. Pain in head. [I feel rather sure that Catherine suffered many years with what we would call sinus troubles. Sometimes it was really severe, troubling her until death.]

Sunday, June 5

Attended Sunday School and commenced with the course of instruction in the guide, “The Life of Christ.” During the week, watered corn and wheat for four days. Cut our first lucern, 11 June. The nights are fearful cold. It has frosted the corn and potatoes in some parts of our gardens. Learned that Thomas and wife have another son and Nettie also has another son. June 13, Wilford and Burt started with freight to Apache. I had much labor on hand.

Friday, July 1

Started for Pine Top. Leonora Savage and Parley went with me, also Lula. Arrived Saturday and at midnight President Smith came with President George Q. Cannon, Joseph F. Smith, George Reynolds and a reporter. Found a large assembly of people from the four stakes. Splendid time on Sunday. Monday, July 4, we celebrated. Philemon Merrill spoke on the Mormon Battalion. Tuesday held conference and the presidency shook hands with all the people--women, children and all. In the afternoon we were instructed on political matters.

Drove to Taylor on Wednesday. Had a heavy rain storm. President Cannon held meeting in Snowflake. Left for Holbrook and got breakfast in Woodruff at 8:00 A.M. with Adeline Savage. They left Snowflake at 4:00 A.M.


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