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Dear Catherine’s health is better than formerly. I worked in garden and varnished some bedsteads. Jesse N. Smith and I bought a binder, paying $210.00. Put on shingles. Got a bed for May in the new bedroom.

July 21

Went to Holbrook to get the binder. Next day set up the machine and drove it onto my wheat. President Smith and Amos Rogers came from Snowflake and helped in adjusting the binder, also Walter Smith. It worked well. Sunday the 24th, we held a very interesting ward conference. On Monday, celebrated the 24th, (pioneer day). I was orator of the day.

Trouble with irrigation company

Irrigation Company held meeting. Much contention. Burt cut Bela Gardner's wheat. Finished cutting my wheat. Cut some oats for Brother Reidhead. Walter Smith came down for the binder but Burt cut his wheat and Bishop Savage’s wheat and then loaded up the binder, and Walter took it to Snowflake. Watered lots, cut lucern. Went to fast meeting on Thursday. Mended harness. Friday, the 26th, took Catherine and went to Snowflake for High Council and transacted some business. [Attended stake conference on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.] I closed conference by reading Section 4 from the Covenants, and blessed the people assembled. Bought 400 feet of lumber and came home having had a profitable time. Wednesday, I cut weeds out of the corn. Suffered much with cramps in my legs. Thursday, we fasted and prayed for Sister Sarah (Sadie) Smith and Orson Ellsworth. [Both passed away a few days or weeks later.] Made arrangements for our trip to Tuba. We are to start on the 7th of August. Thresher came and put up with me over Sunday. We threshed on Monday. Started for Tuba with May, Addie Savage (daughter) and Lula. Met President Smith coming back. He had got word that Sadie was worse. We got fit out at Holbrook and went on without him. We organized our company. There were twenty-nine persons. Arrived at Tuba Saturday, August 10. Were kindly received by Bishop Brinkerhoff and Saints. Treated to peaches and melons in great abundance.

Sunday, 11th

Met at 10:00 A.M. Good instructions. Monday, all brethren and sisters took part in the duties of the day. At night we had a dance. Next day, I gave three blessings, loaded up and started for Moen-Kopy with a great many members of the Tuba Ward. Arrived at 6:00 P.M. and found Brother Bates and family waiting with a fine duck supper and a great quantity of beautiful melons. Forty persons partook of the melons and at 7:00 P.M. we commenced our meeting by calling on Brother Orville Bates to present us with an exhibition of his children in Bible Sunday School exercises. It was one of the best and most advanced that I have witnessed. Three of his little boys recited whole chapters of New Testament. One gave us the names of all the books in both Old

and New Testaments. Oldest boy was twelve years old; youngest was five years old. Brother Rogers spoke of how our Savior fed the multitude in the wilderness, and we set Sister Bates apart as midwife. Audience remained until 11:00 P.M. sung songs, recited pieces. Bishop Brinkerhoff is a whole-souled and spirited man. This night will long be remembered.

Wednesday, August 14

Gave four blessings and started home. Pleasant trip. Each night we had exercises of some kind, songs, prayers, and remarks. Stopped in St. Joseph for their ward conference. Held three meetings at this place. Gave two blessings. Addie was quite sick. We administered to her. She was much better on Monday and we drove home to Woodruff. Some of our company had traveled four hundred miles and we had held ten public meetings.

September 30

Since my return have had a visit with Apostle Antone H. Lund. He spoke to us. His subject was the Religion Schools. Monday, 4 October, went to Holbrook and returned with Brother William Daines, Chloe and two children. We had never seen little Willie before. This was a happy meeting. I had not seen Chloe for three years.

October 10

Had our first frost. October 12 ,Columbus Day. Four hundred years since discovery of our blessed land. I hauled wood.

October 13

Made application for a temporary certificate for William Daines to teach school. Sent to judge and school examiners. Brother Reidhead and I signed request. (request granted) Friday, I let Brother Daines have a team and wagon to go to St. Joseph to teach school. Chloe went with him and I cut hay, my last cutting of lucern for the season. Next day, cut lucern for Bishop Savage. Willard and Burt cut cane and hay. Sunday was windy and I wrote letters to Hyrum and Clarey.

October 17

Sister Emma Coleman came from Utah where she had been for five months with her little son, George, who had lost his shin bone in an accident. She took him to the hospital for treatment. She stayed here till her son Prime came for her.

First Presidency Request for temple contributions

November 1

A letter from the First Presidency. Called on us for $700.00 to help complete the temple in Salt Lake City, being the proportion given to our stake. We held meeting and I spoke on the principle of obedience to the First Presidency. Saturday, the 12th, I went to Snowflake. Drove Bishop Savage’s team. I was almost used up with cold and very hoarse. We made the


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