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proportion of above fund to our various wards.

Saturday, William Daines and Chloe came to see us from St. Joseph. Brother Daines and William Reid went to St. Johns to attend a Teacher’s Convention. Sunday, I spoke on the great Salt Lake Temple. During week, worked for William Stoal on his store. ‘Wilford came and helped on Wednesday. Friday, went to Snowflake for High Council meeting. Next day the Primary and Relief Society held conference and on Sunday was our Quarterly Conference. We talked about the building of the temple and the prophesies of Isaiah was about temple donations. Monday, same with good results. All felt well.

Tuesday, I went to the grist mill and gave Brother and Sister Demming their blessings. Loaded up with a pig that I got from James Pearce. Stayed in Taylor that night. Traded my farm in Taylor to Dely Webb for one in Woodruff. I sold $70.00 worth of water stock to John and $50.00 worth to Ezra. John was to pay $70.00 in one year and Ezra $150 00 because he got the house and lot. I turned these accounts to Brother Webb and got twenty-six acres and two city lots of him.

The stove

I brought mother’s (Catherine’s) stove from Taylor. And after seven years she got the old stove again. It had served John for five years, Ezra and Nettie two years each. This stove I brought from Cache Valley in 1878. Sylvia had had the stove some two years before this and now it is a good stove. Within four miles of Woodruff one of my wheels ran off and I rode in on horseback. Brother Guldbranson went with me the next day, and we got the load. Saturday, worked on Stoal’s store and was so sick on Sunday that I could not go to Sunday School but got to meeting. After meeting had to fix fence around the hay. Stock had destroyed much of it.

Thursday, December 8

We got word that Charles L. Flake (one of the High Council) was shot and killed by a desperado. December 10, Brother Duffin went with me to the funeral. A large gathering of people was there. I spoke for a short time and walked with the High Council behind the mourners and we laid away our brother. It was a sorrowful occasion.

Sunday, December 11

Held meeting at Taylor and at night in Shumway. B. Duffin took part with me. After meeting I blessed Brother and Sister Rhoten. Blessed Nettie Hunt and Lottie Webb in Snowflake. Lula came to the Academy (in Snowflake) on the 10th. Home to Woodruff on Thursday, December 25, Christmas. Came on Sunday. I stayed home to be with Catherine. She was quite poorly and had a very bad night.

Monday, 26th

I fasted and attended the services (to celebrate Christmas). I spoke on the birth of our Lord. Sent a

card to Snowflake asking the sisters to pray for dear Catherine.

Tuesday, 27th

Was one year since dear Alice departed this life. It was a solemn day with me. Catherine some better. Wednesday, began to haul dobies to line my house. During week worked at the dobies. On Saturday, put down the skirting boards of the bed room and nailed on some lathe. President and Emma Smith came and lodged in the new bedroom. My daughter Lula came down from the Academy and was with us during the holidays. She got a letter from Loren and $2.00 as a present.

January 1, 1893

New Years. Concluded to start anew on the dam. Willard and Burt returned from Keems Canyon. Worked on the house some and on the dam.

Sunday, 8th

Went to Sunday School and took up “The Life of John the Baptist.” During the week worked dam and some on the house. Sunday 15, took up study of the “Angel Gabriel and Mary.” Brother Reid, Bela Gardner and L.M. Savage occupied the time. During the week, mailed $5.00 for a truss, etc. Worked some around house and took my team for dam work. Letters from my sister Adeline and daughter Elizabeth and I felt good that I was privileged to have such good and encouraging words.

Sunday, 29th

Ward conference at St. Joseph. Catherine was with me. Much hard work on water ditches when we returned home. February 12, ward conference at Showlow. Returning home attended a surprise party in Snowflake. Three days on ditch with team. It was very windy and cold. Thursday, May was quite sick. We have had quite a scourge of grippe and all hands have been sorely afflicted. Our conference had to be prepared for and I was driven to the extreme.

Started for Snowflake on Friday. B. Duffin Jr., a boy of ten years, went with me. High Council on Friday and we decided to do better in our missionary work. Young Women--men and the women had their conference. My son, Ezra, President [of stake Y.M.M.I.A.] had been to Holbrook and brought two missionaries from Salt Lake. Brothers Dalton and Cluff were much inspired. I was quite sick on Sunday. President Smith, Bishop Hunt, Brother Daines and Bishop Savage administered to me and I got up and went to conference. Splendid meeting and on Monday, we had full meetings and a grand day. Came home on Tuesday and brought a machine, a White’s sewing machine. On my arrival took my bed and was sick three or four days.

March 16

I received a telegram from Alvenia Smart of the death of her babe Edna.


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