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blessings. Sunday, attended two dedications and gave more blessings to Flavius Green’s family and others. Attended meeting in the evening at the Twentieth Ward. A permit was given me to attend all the meetings at the temple. Took L. L. Hatch and daughters Ruth and Celia and Elizabeth. Loren was also privileged to attend four meetings. He was one of the singers from Logan.

Thursday, April 13

Went with Ruth and Loren to Logan. Found all well after an absence of three and a half years. Visited Sylvia, Loren, Hezekiah, Alvenia also my sister Adeline. Went to Franklin on Friday and saw L. L. Hatch, Clarey, Hyrum and families. Sunday, I gave three blessings to two of Hyrum’s children, Oral and Lorenzo Hill Hatch. The other was an orphan by the name of Herbert. Went to temple in Logan on Monday, the 17th. Had a grand time. Brother Thatcher was prayed for and I fasted for him.

I attended thirteen dedications (at the Salt Lake Temple).Wednesday, the 19th, was a great day. At priesthood 115 of the authorities were present and all were privileged to speak five minutes. Great testimonies were borne. We were together over four hours. Thursday was a great event. We met in prayer and fasting and at the proper time met in prayer circle, the largest ever formed in our day. We partook of the sacrament and were all filled with the spirit of brotherhood and good fellowship. Went to Logan. Got H. E. Hatch buggy and went to see Celia. Lizzie went with me.

Monday, April 22

Monday at Franklin, I gave the parting hand to L. L., Hyrum, Clarey and all the dear ones and came to Logan. Attended a family gathering at H. E. Hatch at which was present Sylvia, Hezy, Loren and Georgia, Celia, John Woolf, Alvenia, Ruth, Elizabeth, Sister Thatcher and some of her children. I gave three or four blessings. Wednesday, fitted up my things. And on the 27th, I again bade farewell to Sylvia, Hezey, Loren, and Georgia went to the depot with me at this parting. In Salt Lake, made my headquarters at Seymour B. Young’s. He was very kind to me. Left on the D & R G for Arizona Territory. We were detained by two wrecks, which threw us back twenty-four hours. We laid up at La Junta, Colorado. May 1, arrived at Holbrook where we (Catherine and L. H. Hatch) were met by Burt. He had been waiting for us two days. At Woodruff they gave us a surprise party gotten up by William Daines. We had a grand time. Bishop Savage and my daughters (Addie, Chloe, Nora, Lizzie) with Catherine were present. Thursday, was fast meeting and a big rain fell. Lasted two days. Saturday, a tremendous flood came down and I was much concerned about our dam. But we found after the flood had passed that our work was good.

September 9

We left Tuba City for Utah. President Smith and Sister Agusta with nine children, also Brother Davis Rogers and wife with five children, Lula and myself constituted the company. My labors being very great I neglected to write my journal. I will here state that I worked very hard to meet my appointments and tend my crop which consisted of oats, wheat, corn and lucern. Have attended one quarterly conference at Snowflake and three ward conferences. Catherine went with me to Heber Ward and Showlow also. Heard that Tuba Ward conference was to be held and that President Smith desired to leave from there and go on to Utah for the October Conference. I prepared and made four new wheels. Held High Council at St. Joseph (enroute to Tuba) Did some business. Bishop Savage was sustained as Stake Clerk [as well as Bishop. Much trouble with bad roads and break-downs of their wagons.] At Tuba we held six meetings and two at Moabey [Moen-Kopy] On Saturday, Ruth Hatch gave a lecture on “Hygiene.” It was accepted as a step in advance. We bade Nettie, Chloe, and May and many others farewell. They returned to Woodruff and we traveled on about ten miles. Here we were much disheartened because the new timber in one of the wheels broke at the pin and fell to the ground. Came to Arabey villages nearly north of Burro Springs. Got wheel fixed. My daughter Ruth gave much good instruction on “Hygiene” and “Reform in Dress.” Brothers West and Porter and my daughter Ruth started back, and I bade them good-bye.

September 13

We drove on to Jacob’s Pools and then to House Rock. Thursday passed over Buckskin Mountains and camped within five miles of Navajo Wells. Arrived in Richfield on the 2lst, and I left with Lula for Salina. (President Smith stayed in Richfield.) President Clark sent a team and buggy with us, a distance of eighteen miles and I paid him $1.00.

Friday, September 22

Arrived in Salt Lake. Visited President George Q. Cannon and President Woodruff and took train for Logan. President Joseph F. Smith was on the train and I had a pleasant talk with him. Arrived at 1:00 A.M. Found dear Sylvia well and glad to see us. During week, attended Sunday School in Franklin. It was one of the best Sunday Schools in Zion. Attended meeting and spoke to the people. Worked fixing up gates and granary steps. Gave three blessings. Bargained to sell house and lots in Franklin to Hyrum for $1000.00. He paid for a new wagon and harness on October 2, which was to apply for first payment of 1894. Conditions were of no interest; and if I or Catherine ever came back to Idaho, we are to have use of house and barn whilst we live. Went back to Logan. Visited Vena and made a picture frame for the Prophet Joseph’s picture.

L. L. Hatch brought down from Franklin my things: grain, flour, dried apples, etc. for my trip. Loaded the new wagon and prepared to start for Salt Lake. Bade


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