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dear Sylvia, Lula, Hezy and Georgia farewell. L. L. left with me for Brigham City. We broke several ropes trying to lead the colts. Took the range road. Drove after dark in the rain. Was very hard on my nerves as it was dug-way. Got to a corral and asked to stay. Very kind to us after so dreary a journey. I got supper at 9:00 P.M. L. L. took a piece in his hand and was ready to go to the train. With heavy hearts we parted.

He would go to Logan where he would arrive at 1:00 or 2:00 A.M. I left for Arizona, a distance of 950 miles to be traveled by an old man of sixty-eight years on the fond old route known as the Lee’s Ferry by way of Upper Kanab. I felt that I might never meet my son, L. L., again in this unfriendly world. My lunch was soon eaten and I offered up a pleading prayer to my Heavenly Father to preserve me and lay down that night in the tithing office yard at Brigham City.

Wednesday, October 4

I felt greatly refreshed as I arose at 5:00 A.M. and found the team all well. Ate my cold breakfast and started to find the Bishop, a new one, as my old friend had been promoted to Patriarch and another bishop was in his office. My old friend came out to meet me and invited me to breakfast. I thanked him and told him I had eaten and was now hunting the bishop. He said he was in charge of the corral and that I could settle with him which I did. He told me he had served over thirty-five years as Bishop of that great ward, famous in the history of Utah. I was along way on my road by sunrise and reached Willard at 10:00 A.M. Stopped with my old missionary friend, Elder Dalton. He helped me grease my wagon and gave me warm breakfast. We talked over our Indian mission and rejoiced that we had been worthy of so high and glorious a calling. I was once more cheerful and happy and continued on my journey to Ogden.

At Ogden, stayed at the house of Edson Hatch. His widow provided for me. Timothy Malin who married one of my neices was very kind to me. Next day arrived at Bountiful and went to Oren Hatch’s. I had a man with me that I had picked up. He was from England and was here as a tramp. He was willing to work but no work was to be had. October 6, drove to Salt Lake and put up my team in the tithing office corral where I kept them till the 7th. Attended conference. [Traveled south to Richfield where he joined President Smith and company and proceded southward with them.] My colts followed behind and in crossing the Little Colorado got into the quicksand. Brother Joel Johnson and Davis Rogers did me great service in getting them out. We had to pile in a wagon load of wood to stand on and put ropes around the colt. Hitched horses onto the ropes and pulled one of them out.

But at last after a journey of ten weeks, we arrived back at St. Joseph on November 4. Saturday, I drove to Brother Tanner’s and next day attended two meetings. Let our animals rest. Got some hay and administered

to Sister Richard’s daughter, May. Monday, I arrived at Woodruff and found my dear family well. Tuesday unloaded. Wednesday, commenced on a cupboard for Sister Ellsworth. Wilford went to Apache with my team.

November 25, 26, 27

Quarterly conference in Snowflake. Mother, Elizabeth and Ruth went with me. Following week, commenced a shanty for Bishop Savage. Wilford went for freight. John and Willard came down. Next week started on a secretary [desk] for the stake. On Friday, December 7, my horses, Rach and Charley, ran off. Learned from Sister Tyler which way they had gone. Burt and Wilford followed them beyond Holbrook. Wilford returned to say they had found tracks and that Burt had gone on to try and find them. I fasted from Friday till Saturday evening. I did not break my fast till Burt came with the horses. I was very anxious about them. I was filled with gratitude that my prayer had been answered.

Sunday, December 10

Went to Church, also on Sunday the 17th, as well as Sunday the 24th. And on Monday, we attended Christmas dinner at Clark Owens house. Several were present. Brother Dexter got in on the 24th, and was at the dinner. Catherine was too sick to go and I was very anxious about her. That night was a concert or theater. Five of my daughters took part in the play, “Conversation of King Lamoni by Alma” from the Book of Mormon. May took the part of Alma. Fourteen ladies were in this most sacred play. Every heart was moved with a feeling of serenity. All did well in their parts. I was pleased.

During the last three weeks I’ve done considerable work on the ditches, worked three and a half days on the headgates. My team worked cleaning out the ditch. We got water in town after three or four months without it. We were glad and much pleased. Bishop Savage had a horse stolen and I had a binder ruined by wicked hands. Great sorrow awaits the doer of such wicked acts.

Friday, 29th

Dear Catherine was much better and I received a nice present of a hand- kerchief from my neice. On the 27th, it was two years since dear Alice died.

Sunday, 31st

Attended stake conference at Snowflake. Had a good and profitable time. Brother B. Young, Jr. and company were with us. We placed Emanuel Cardon and Samuel Porter in the High Council and as alternate to fill the vacancies of Brother Charles Flake and David Savage. Brother Savage was killed by Mexicans and Brother Flake by a desperado. Both were shot.

New Year--1894

Monday, January 1

I got a parlor stove from Brother West for $3.00 and came home from Snowflake. Brought a load of clay or


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