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chalk. Found Ruth at my house feeling quite poorly. Sister Young and Smith came with Jesse Perkins and stopped with us. Brother Young and Brother Watson with President J. N. Smith went on to St. Joseph. President Richards had just arrived at his home in St. Joseph after a two year mission.

Wednesday 3rd

Was Sister Emma Smith’s birthday--fifty-eight years--and a grand supper was furnished by the sisters of the ward. The brethren came from St. Joseph, Brothers Young, Watson, Udall and President Smith. Our supper was appreciated by all and it was inspired by the spirit of the Lord, so said Brother B. Young. We had a grand meeting after supper. Thursday, we all went to Snowflake. I got Will DeWitt to drive my team and rode with Brother J. Perkins. It was my birthday, sixty-eight years. I never suffered so much with cold in one day. It blowed a perfect hurricane of sand and gravel. It was fast day and I fasted as did Sister Abbie Young. We were well cared for when we arrived at the home of Sister Emma Larson Smith. She had a good supper prepared. After supper we went to Taylor and held meeting. Bishop E. M, Willis resigned and Zacheriah B. Decker was voted in as Bishop of Taylor. A very good spirit prevailed.

Sunday, January 7

Ward conference In Woodruff. Monday, the 8th, we all, or a few of us, commenced our repairs on the dam. I worked with team and wagon all week. Saturday the 13th, Burt went for Milo W ebb at Moen-Kopy. Milo was sick. He returned January 26.

Friday, February 2

Bishop John Bushman was hurt falling from his wagon coming from St. Joseph. His wounds were dressed by Bishop Savage. We administered to him. His wounds were on his head. A great Providence preserved him from death. My daughter Ruth (staying at Addie Savage’s place) nursed him for three days and he returned from Woodruff to St. Joseph. Met with Church Historian, Andrew Jenson on Thursday. Saturday, February 10, I left Woodruff to attend ward conference at St. Joseph. Found Bishop Bushman much improved in health. We tied three brooms that evening whilst President Smith had gone on with Brother Jenson to gets historical account of the old Brigham City and Sunset. They had a cold time. I gave Brother Jenson some items of history concerning San Lorenzo, New Mexico.

Sunday, 11th

Had ward conference. Brother Jenson gave a long lecture at 7:00 P.M. He occupied two hours and all were filled with joy and we had a splendid time as he gave a description of the Hill Cumorah, Kirtland Temple, Adam-ondi-Ahman, Far West as well as names and fate of many of the mobbers, etc.

Stake conference at Snowflake. Tuesday, February 27, I gave a blessing to Brother Jenson and he went to St. Johns and I to my home in Woodruff. Norey Savage and Chloe came with me. Wednesday, I made a wagon tongue for the little wagon and Thursday, March 1 was fast day. We had a good meeting. I plowed some in afternoon.

Sunday, March 7

Mother and Sister Lucy Ellsworth took my team and little wagon and went to Snowflake. During week, watered the Webb land. Burt brought up a load of freight. I wrote to Lula and my brother Abram. Attended the funeral of Brother Jewell’s little child. Chloe stopped with us and did the cooking for us. Mother and Sister Ellsworth returned. Got some garden seed by mail from a paper called “The Practical Farmer.” During the week put in six acres of wheat.

Burt came on Thursday and brought Abbie with him. She was sick. The boys (twins) were well. I killed our pig. It weighed 138 pounds. On Friday, watered wheat.

Sunday, 25th  

Attended ward conference at Taylor. Monday came home and brought a load of logs from my old house on the farm. During week following April l, I got 918 pounds of oats for seed. Brother Jewell brought then up.

Wednesday 11th

Watered the Webb lots and also got water on the Sand Ditch, Number four. Friday and Saturday watered. My yearling got onto the lucern and I found it dead at Owens corral.

Friday, April 20

Brother Marion Owens and Brother Dexter and families started for Utah [to live]. I took my daughter Elizabeth and children to Snowflake enroute to Pine Dale for their ward conference. Found Ruth and May were gone to Taylor. At Pinedale, put up at Brother Cheney’s. Sunday at 10:00 A.M. President Smith opened the meeting and turned it over to the visiting sisters. Sisters Smith, West, Ruth Hatch and Nettie Hunt occupied the time. President J. H. Richards gave some good remarks. I spoke in afternoon and had good liberty. I gave three blessings. On Monday, drove to Bishop Peterson’s and got six cwt. of corn. Went to Taylor and attended a festival.

President Smith dedicated Bishop Decker’s new house at Taylor at the festival. Stopped at Emanuel Cardon’s place all night. Got a load of hay and came home on Tuesday. Friday, I let Mr. Hamilton have my team, Doll and Rach, to go to St. Johns for $2.00 per day. Burt and Wilford loaded up for Apache.

April 30

Relief Society held a grand festival. Free supper was provided by the Sisters. Songs, recitations, speeches, etc. were given after supper. My daughter Leonora was


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