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presiding. Thursday, May 3, went to fast meeting and had a good time.

Friday, May 4

I was called up at 1:00 P.M. to Brother Savage’s. I stayed with and administered to Adeline. She gave birth to a son. We blessed him and gave him the name of Joseph Moroni. [The babe was two months premature and they feared for his life.] Worked during the month on the farm, watering and etc. On the 10th, Brother Edson Whipple died.

May 18

I started for Showlow. Ruth went with me. Went to the grist enroute for Bishop Savage and myself. We stopped at Brother Edson Whipple, Jr.’s. The sisters held four sessions and organized two branches of the Relief Society. Sister Emma was along. Sunday, we met in the old hall made by Brother Edson Whipple, Sr. on the hill. Good congregation turned out. Weather is very dry. Looked quite gloomy for the people.

Saturday, June 3

Attended stake conference. On Friday night at High Council we talked about getting a carding machine. Primary held their conference Saturday morning and the Relief Society in the afternoon. I was much pleased with the parts made by my daughters. Nora had a written piece on “Faith and Repentance,” Ruth gave one on baptism and being born again. Both Sunday and Monday were interesting days of conference. I addressed them and read the revelation on the Sabbath Day. Closed and came home to Woodruff. Abbie and Sister Duffin came down with me. It was very dark and we had to make a light to find the road. At 3:00 A.M. we arrived in Woodruff. Worked hard during the week. Brother Frost administered the oath of office to those in charge of the corporation of the Woodruff Dam and Water Company. I was one of the officers. I had to lie down and rest.

Our Watermaster has put me on Sunday turn to water every two weeks. This is unjust as I am away several Sundays in attending ward conferences. Plowed some, watered some and sowed some lucern during this week. Wrote to J. H. Frisbie in reference to our Board of Trade.

Sunday, June 17

Elders Smith, Rogers and Larson were missionaries to us this day. During week, I hauled lucern and we held ward conference on Sunday, July 1. President Smith spoke on the building of our dam, the necessity of some work being done immediately. Q. R. Gardner was appointed to take charge of the work. President J. H. Richards also was with us and occupied some of the time. I gave some strong and earnest counsel on obedience to the priesthood, etc. The spirit of God rested mightily upon me.

After meeting President Smith had a long talk with my daughter Ruth. He advised her to continue her labors in teaching hygiene and reform in dress. She has just held a review at Taylor and Snowflake and came here to remain a few days.

Late in June, my old friend, Horace Guldbranson was hurt by his horses rolling onto him. He died June, 1894, and we buried him in Woodruff. I attended the funeral and spoke. [This man’s will bequeathed all his property to the Woodruff Ward to take effect at the death of his wife. Property consisted of a good town lot, some orchard, a two room log house and a few cows. The ward has just recently erected a splendid, modern chapel and recreation hall on this site. It was dedicated 25 May, 1957 by S. Dilworth Young.]

July 4

Was celebrated by the people of Woodruff and Thursday was our fast. I plowed some for corn on the 6th. This day Eliza, Ruth, and May went to Taylor to get gooseberries and on the 9th, Wilford went after his sisters. Burt and Q. R. Gardner went for timber for the dam. I sent for one cwt. of flour. There has been great excitement this past week over the strike. All railroads have stopped.

Tuesday the 10th, and Wednesday, I laid abed much of the time. Was awake at 4:00 A.M. Thursday, and then knew nothing until 9:00 A.M. There was much excitement over my situation. The sisters prayed for me and the elders administered to me. Have been around since but not as well as before.

Sunday, 15th

I wrote to Sylvia, H. E. Hatch and Lula. I did not go to meeting. [The writer mentions Sunday every week also Sunday School and the monthly fast day usually giving the names of the speakers. Where no other data on the date is given, I am deleting many of these entries.] Thursday, of this week, I fitted out Brother Jewell with my new wagon to go to Holbrook for freight and he got old Bess and a harness, or a set of harness.

Saturday we repaired the binder, and Bela Gardner took it to Bishop Savage’s wheat and tried it out at 5:00 P.M. We have been to considerable expense to repair it as [someone] had cut up the canvass and robbed it of the chains and some of the wheels. We had to send East for the extras. When they came, several pieces were lacking. The dealer was very difficult and cranky with us. We bought the binder of him.

Sunday, 22nd

I fasted with Catherine and May that we might be more abundantly blessed and have means to pay our debts and improve our homes and have our health restored. May God grant this blessing. Friday, Ella gave birth to a premature son, which lived to receive a name and a blessing. He was called Lorenzo Hill. He lived six hours. Saturday, I made a coffin for the child. Burt


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