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had been given us for our consolation. Traveled on the divide or beyond the cottonwood tanks, a distance of twenty-five miles. Found some feed but only part enough water for our poor horses. Next day, watered at Lime Stone Tanks and passed on to Bitter Seeps. The horses would not drink here so we passed on, catching up with and passing Brothers Nailer and Curby.

About 8:00 P.M., whilst passing over some very rough road one of my tires ran off and we went on marvelously for some one and a half miles over large rocks, Here I felt I must stop. When I got the lantern, I found the tire gone on the near hind wheel. I got onto my old mare, Doll, and left Ruth to care for the other horse. Went back ‘bout a quarter of a mile and met President Smith. A halt was called and Ruth went back with me. I am of a firm belief that we walked a distance of one mile, carried the lantern and wondered how our wagon could have passed over such large rocks and not be broken in many pieces. I dared not murmur or complain for a kind angel had preserved us. At length we reached the place where the tire laid and carried it back to our wagon.

For want of feed we tied up the team, got some supper and laid down to rest at 4:00 A.M. On Wednesday, the 19th, we fixed the tire. Brother Smith and Decker helped me and we drove on to Navajo Springs and watered our horses which were nearly famished. I had fed very heavy on grain and old Rach was all but foundered as I found out. And the next morning drove to the Big Colorado Ferry. Arrived at 11:30 A.M. Fired off our pistols several times but got no answer till 4:00 P.M. Finally Allen Huntington and Jeremiah Johnson came to ferry us over the historic stream. We crossed in safety and drove to the ranch and got hay for our horses, good melons for ourselves.

That evening President Smith related a vision which he had forty years ago representing the place of the damned and of the saved in the eternal kingdom. Brother Nailor played music and his daughter Jane danced for us. We had a grand good time. Next day, passed on out of the enclosure, a distance of twenty miles. Settled for our ferry bill. Watered at Jacob’s Pool on Friday and drove on to House Rock. Got water in our barrels, went four miles on and camped. Saturday we passed over the Buckskin Mountain and reached the town of Johnson about 6:00 P.M. Spent Sunday at Johnson. I went and saw Bishop John Glasure who I found was a young man of the Arkansas Company. He and his wife came on to Kanab and now have a nice family. Sunday night, Ruth went and delivered a lecture to the sisters.

Tuesday, 25th

Ruth washed our clothes and we got some grapes from a man by the name of Stratton. At Panguitch got some oats and paid seventy-five cents. Camped at Post Office Ranch. The wind blew hard and the next night we put our horses in a shed or stable for which we paid twenty-

five cents. Got oats and mutton at Richfield. Found letter from Brother Spence with clergyman’s rates for me to take the train at Salina on to Salt Lake. Got oats and drove on to Salina. Was kindly received by Brother and Sister Hance Jenson who will care for my team as long as I desire them to do so. I furnish oats and pay him fifteen cents per day. I paid him $5.00.

Sunday, 30th

At Salina attended Sunday School, meeting at 2:00 and a funeral. I was called to speak at the funeral. They orgainzed the Young Men’s. My daugher Ruth lectured at 7:00 P.M. and on Monday, we took the train stopped Lehi. Found Sister and Charles Karren who received us kindly. Tuesday and Wednesday, visited amongst old friends. Took dinner at Mary Evan’s, wife of Abel Evans. At 6:00 P.M. went to a surprise for John Zimmerman. He was seventy-four years old. Many of the old friends were present. I have omitted the visit to the sugar factory. Israel Evans took his buggy and horse and took us to the factory. We telephoned ahead and got passes. A son of Bishop Cutler’s, Heber, showed us through. It was the most grand affair I had ever seen. I saw several friends who were working in this factory.

Salt Lake City

Thursday, October 4

Ruth went to the Relief Society meeting and I to Seymour B. Young’s. We convened in conference on the 5th. At this conference it was stated that Brigham Young said that the Word of Wisdom was now a commandment of God. Truly it was a glorious forenoon. Heber J. Grant gave the figures of the great amount of tea, coffee, tobacco, and liquor that is drunk by the Mormon people. At the priesthood meeting the people were encouraged to make arrangements for land on which to settle their children as all the public lands were being taken

My sister Adeline and Ruth went to Logan and I went to Taylorsville to see Mary Bennion, Catherine’s sister. Rode the street car for seven miles, then rode with Brother Rollins. Talked over the conference and old times and then rode on for two and a half miles with Brother Bennion and his wife and then walked a half mile to Mary’s house. She has a fine home for herself and children.

Tuesday, met Brother Murdock and my brother Abram. Bought a return ticket to Park City where we were met by Abram’s team and were taken to Heber where we were received by Sister Ruth (Abram’s wife) Heber and Abram, Jr. Had a good dinner. Wrote to Catherine. Visited the grist mill and Hot Springs. At evening Brother and Sister Nailer came and played music for us and we had a grand time. Friday, I got up early and went to see Sister Jane Turner and my niece. I talked to her husband on the necessity of going to the temple. He would not promise me. At half past nine I took the stage for Park City. Abram gave me fifty cents to get


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