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my dinner at the hotel but I carried a lunch and saved my money to help in another way.

In Salt Lake City, I was well cared for at Brother Seymour B. Young’s. Gave $2.00 for a railroad ticket to Logan, bought of a ticket broker. Went to Zion’s Savings Bank and gave $1.00 for the statue of Brigham Young. Went and saw Sister Fowler. This sister and I got acquainted in England thirty-eight years ago. She has been very kind to me. She is a widow of nearly seventy-four years. God bless her. Her daughter is the wife of Hadley Johnson. I baptized her in England and promised that she would soon be gathered to Zion. It was fulfilled in a short time after.

On the train for Logan, found President Joseph F. Smith who sat with me and we had a good visit. I gave him a letter from Brother George B. Gardner asking for some favors. He, Gardner, is eighty-one years. This letter was addressed to President Woodruff. May the favor be granted to him and other worthy parties.

At the residence in Logan, found dear Sylvia, Loren, Lula and Fayette (my oldest grandson). This was a happy meeting. Ruth was gone to her Aunt’s home. On Sunday, the 14th, I went to T. Smart’s and saw both Vena and Celia. Vena has a nice boy three or four weeks old. My son H. E. Hatch and wife were glad to see me. Went to Logan Tabernacle. An announcement was given for me to speak at the 7:00 P.M. session. I found my friends amongst whom was little Alice, wife of Lot Smith. I gave her an account of the family at Moen-Kopey. At 7:00 P.M. Fayette and I went to the meeting where I gave a report of my mission in 1844, also to New Mexico and the drowning of Lorenzo Roundy.

Monday, October 15

Commenced work for the dead. [Sumner relatives] Stopped with dear Sylvia. Wrote to dear Catherine and had the impression taken for a set of teeth. (Two days in temple and two visits to the dentist.) Went to Vena’s and gave blessings to her children, Catherine, Carl, Zella and Mada, and also Lorenzo. worked in temple, fasted this day and got my teeth put in. Truly, I have had a time to stand them.

Ruth, Della and Clarey’s little Sylvia came down from Franklin, and I was stopping with mother (Sylvia). We had a house full of grandchildren. Saturday at 5:00 P.M. it was raining. I took L. L.‘s buggy and horse, and with Della and little Sylvia, drove to Hyde Park. Stayed with Celia and Sunday morning drove on to Franklin. Attended their conference and was called to speak. Had good liberty in giving a description of the Prophet Joseph’s views on the powers and policy of the government of the United States as he offered himself for the Presidency. I bore testimony of the gifts and signs following the believers. Brother Heber J. Grant followed, then President Joseph F. Smith. Gave blessing. Tuesday, came to Hyde Park and Ezra,

Hyrum’s boy, came with me. Temple on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (Went to several political meetings during week.)

Stake conference on Sunday, the 28th. I spoke. At the afternoon session Franklin D. Richards said that Peter, James and John received the priesthood at the time of the transfiguration of Christ. Spoke of the coming of the Father and Son to Joseph Smith and of guardian angels which, as the eyes of the Lord, know the good and evil of our lives. Known unto the Lord are all of our ways. He quoted Jacob’s blessing on Ephraim and Manassah. (See Gen. 48:16.) It was a grand discourse. Mariner W. Merrill promised the people if they would pay their tithes they would get out of debt. He said that all men should care for their wives and children or they would not be blessed or be accepted.

Political rallies on Tuesday. Joseph L. Rollins was the great guest of the occasion. Many could not get into the opera house. Moses Thatcher made a speech after which Mr. Rollins spoke for two hours.

Sylvia’s Sixty-eight Birthday

October 31

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday went to the temple and attended fast day services on Thursday. Many faithful testimonies were borne. I was fasting and I gave an account of the power of healing in my own case. Gave fifty-cents to temple fund. Wrote to President Smith and Elder John Reidhead and went to Hyde Park and got three bushels of apples. Brought Celia and Bertie Woolf down to Logan and on Sunday attended a surprise dinner gotten up by Georgia [wife of H. E. Hatch] for Sylvia Hatch. It was her birthday, being sixty-eight years. It was a grand and interesting day and dear Sylvia enjoyed the occasion. Monday, went to the temple and gave blessings to President Edelson, Sister Young [wife of S. B.] and Mother Wrighter.

Tuesday was election day and there was much excitement. The night was very noisy, shouting at the top of their voices. William Goodwin, son-in-law of Ezra T. Benson, died with Bright’s disease. It was very sudden and unexpected. Went to temple on Wednesday. Received a letter from Catherine written to Vena Smart in which she says that Clarence Owens has been called on a mission to the Southern States. I filed a saw and hung a door for Hezy’s carriage house and wrote for pass to go to Salina. (Worked in temple on Thursday.) I went to Judge William Goodwin’s funeral. He was a Presbyterian. Apostle Thatcher spoke and I dismissed. (Temple on Friday) Fitted up a manger for the cow and on Saturday, worked repairing and cleaning up the yard at H. E. Hatch’s place.

Sunday, November 11

Went to Smithfield. Took my sister Adeline and Celia with me. Gave two blessings. Spoke at meeting for one and a quarter hours. Brother Ferrel requested me to hold meeting at 7:00 P.M. which I did and had a good


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