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When we got there, Sylvia, Catherine, my daughter Alvenia, Carl Smart, Ruth and Clarey’s little daughter, Urania, were there. I was presented with a Record Book from H. E. Hatch and Ruth who had written the names of a number of my progenitors, their births, marriages and deaths, also my own family including children and grandchildren, ninety of them living. I appreciate the beautiful record and the great labor of recording in so neat and concise a manner the many names, dates, etc. I was called and made some remarks about the history of my ancestors and thanked the children for the great pains taken to get up such an entertainment. Sister Adeline also talked to the family in a fine and intersting manner. Children stayed till morning and on Saturday, the 5th, started home to Franklin. I went to a temple lecture and a priesthood meeting.

Sunday, January 6

Attended Logan Third Ward and spoke. Drove to Providence. Ruth went with me. I occupied some of the time at meeting and was called upon to give several blessings. Went back to Logan for evening conjoint, had a good meeting and I spoke at the close. Monday, I gave seven blessings. Tuesday the 7th, more blessings, six to Germans and one to my daughter Lula. During the week, got three days in temple and went to the mill. Had dinner with Brother Fauset and wife and gave them blessings. At mill got rye flour and wheat for chickens. Gave blessing to Sister Cardon. Took dinner with Georgia, one cold day. Split some wood for Hezy on Saturday.

Sunday, 13th

Gave two blessings. During the week, three days in temple and Monday, did baptisms. Lorin was baptized for twenty-seven and Lula for fifteen. Went to get washwoman for Georgia. Her babe was very sick, Our little grandson, Joseph Eastman, was very sick. I placed his name in the temple and he was healed to the great joy of his parents and all of us. Catherine was quite sick one night and I was up with her.

Sunday, 20th

Attended at Seventh Ward. Catherine received a great blessing from administration of the Elders. I fasted for my dear wife on this day, and some of the grandchildren did also. Ruth stopped with Catherine over night, On Monday, went to Franklin. My sister Adeline went with me as far as Smithfield where she held a Relief Society Conference for the Cache Stake. [She was a member of Relief Society General Board]. I went on to Franklin and attended stake conference there. Apostle Merrill advised the people to build a meeting house for Church purposes exclusively. President Hale gave an account of a stake with twenty-five wards and two more asking to be organized. The house was crowded. Brother Cowley spoke. I went to Hyrum’s for dinner and lay down for thirty minutes.

At 2:00 P.M., I spoke a short time. President Joseph F. Smith gave counsel in reference to keeping record of all important matters. He said bishops should attend all ward meetings and the Sunday School. Told bishops to meet and counsel over matter with their counselors every week and advised the High Councilmen to meet and counsel together for the good of the Stake with the Presidency. This and the duties of Priests and Teachers were laid before the Saints in a very impressive manner. Brethren left for Salt Lake in sleighs Tuesday morning. (Three days at temple.) I got fifty-eight feet of lumber for clothes boxes (chests). Catherine is better.

Friday, January 25

Gave blessings to seven persons. Five are workhands at the temple. Visited Sister Adeline. It was her sixty-first birthday. Others were there. Sunday was stake conference at Logan. After opening by President Orson Smith, I was called to speak. I referred to temple work and tithing. Apostle Abram Cannon said that we must do what we do in tithes and offerings cheerfully and not grudgingly. Apostle Thatcher read the 11th chapter of Alma and said if all the books were destroyed the living oracles would have the power to go on. They are worth more than all books. Said the Indians had a tradition that their fathers hid a book in a hill and that it was the Book of Mormon. He promised a brighter year of prosperity and that the fellowship severed by politics would be healed up between the brethren. He told at the close of the meeting that he had the promise of being restored to better health than he had ever enjoyed. Apostle bore a powerful testimony concerning the dead and how his father and mother appeared to Brother Lishman and gave directions concerning their sealing. After it had been done by him, his father appeared to him in vision and with open arms embraced him saying, “My son, God bless you. You are my savior. Go on now and redeem your dead fathers.” Thus ended one of the most interesting conferences ever held in Logan. Brother Thatcher said that President Taylor told the people not to get up dances to make money because the wicked would come to the dances and bad results would follow. He thought that the brethren had not obeyed counsel. Exortations were given to set the houses in order as stated in the revelation given through President Taylor. Wrote four letters.

Tuesday, January 29

I was quite poorly. Spent three days in temple during week and worked in the cabinet shop. Sunday the 3rd, spoke at Milville. Sister Adeline went with me. Adeline and Hezy worked on our temple record till 11:00 P.M. During the week, (three days at temple) I got wheat for Adeline’s chickens and worked in cabinet shop. Hyrum Karren and Martha came down to see Catherine who went to Franklin on Wednesday, Thursday was fast day, and we had a full house. I spoke of the Prophet ordaining Father Young, father of Brigham Young to be a patriarch. At that meeting it was manifested to


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