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the Prophet that an evangelist should be placed in the Church. Father Smith was called by the presidency to that office, and at his death. his son, Hyrum, was called to fill that office. Gave four blessings, spent three days in the temple the following week. My taxes are not settled and a letter from May and Wilford (at Woodruff) tells of a heavy school tax, upwards of thirty dollars.

Wednesday, February 13

(Three days in temple) Wrote many letters. Gave seven blessings. February 17, drove to Smithfield to attend ward conference. People were counseled to keep their records in order so that in years to come we can refer back and know what occurred at the time. At half past 6:00 P.M., the big hall was filled. I spoke on the subject of the redemption of the dead and on the magnitude of the great work of the restoration. I encouraged the people to get their recommends and go to the temple and work for their dead. Drove back to Hyde Park. Gave seven blessings to Brother George Seaman’s family the next day. Got Brother James Daines to write for me. Tuesday, I gave six blessings to Brother E. Cowley and his children. I was very tired when I got through. Then went and administered to Sister Hannah Thatcher who was quite sick. Worked in temple on Wednesday and Thursday. On this day there were 169 endowments taken. Friday, worked in temple and gave five blessings. Hyrum worked in the temple three days this week. Saturday, gave three more blessings. Sunday, 24th, Hyrum and I drove to Preston, Idaho where we had the privilege of seeing a large assembly of people who had come from all parts of the state. It was the Young Men’s and Young Ladies’ conference. On the stand were Stake President Hale and Brother Cowley. Brother Seth Thomas and Sister Greeves were presiding, also Sister Hovan, Wilkerson, Ruth Hatch and Brother Todd. All spoke but Brothers Hale and Cowley. A most excellent spirit prevailed and the various subjects treated in an instructive manner. The academy is a fine building. We started home at half past 4:00 P.M. Fayette, Ruth, Loren and Katey Woolf were present. I gave two blessings on Monday. Samuel Parkinson who is a patriarch laid hands on with me and then I gave him a blessing and his daughter wrote for me and I gave her a blessing, making four. I also cast up two windows and fixed some doors for Clarey. Hyrum took a load of hay to his ranch and I fixed up some stalls for my mares. Drove to Hyde Park, visited Celia and Sister Daines and then on to Logan. (Temple on Wednesday) Got some dinner with Brother Rogers. He was a boy in Nauvoo at the time Joseph Smith was going to Carthage. He, Brother Rogers, saw the Prophet as he rode along with the officers. When the Prophet saw John Murdock, John Lott and Brother Rogers sitting on a fence, he reined in and rode up to them, saying to the officers, “These are my boys and I love them. This is my farm.” These boys were working for the Prophet on his farm a few miles from Nauvoo. This is the last time that Brother Joseph saw his farm. I write

this just as Brother Rogers related it to me. Joseph said he was tired and wanted to rest till Brother Hyrum came up but they wanted to go on, so Joseph got in the carriage and one of the officers rode his horse.

I wrote three letters to Joseph Lapish and Nephi Johnson at Salina and Bishop L. M. Savage. I was in temple on Thursday and L. L. was with me. 1 March, Friday, was at the temple. I have had three or four help me each day this week among whom was Washington Rogers. I gave four blessings to Washington Rogers, his wife and two daughters. Saturday, I attended Priesthood meeting and a lecture at the temple. Brother Paul lectured on the building of Noah’s Ark, after which, Lula and Fayette went with me and I gave three blessings. Gave five blessings on Sunday and spoke in the Greenville Ward on my early experience with the Prophet Joseph and Hyrum.

Items from loose leaves in record book—family and early life in Church

[These items were copied from loose leaves shut in the record which were called “Woodruff” by the writer. He was sixty-nine years of age. Written by Lorenzo Hill Hatch.]

I will here state: My grandfather, Captain Jeremiah Hatch, was a Vermont boy. He served in the Revolutionary War. My grandmother was Elizabeth Haight. She had thirteen children before any son lived. She told me that she went to the Lord and told Him that if He would give her a son and cause that he might live, she would dedicate him to the Lord.

My father, Hezekiah Hatch, was the child of that promise. He received the gospel in the town of Lincoln, Vermont. Elders Peletiah Brown and Ezra Chase with Isaac (Chase) brought the gospel to that place in 1839.

Ezra Chase baptized my father and he was ordained an Elder by Peletiah Brown. He took the gospel to the town of Bristol, Vermont, where his father, mother, brother Josephus, and sister Mariah received it.

When my grandmother was baptized she was a cripple and had gone on crutches for thirteen years. When she came out of the water she was healed and never used her crutches again.

I had four brothers and two sisters, names: John, Jeremiah, Abram and Moroni, the latter died when six months old. My sisters were: Adeline and Elizabeth. Adeline is Sister Barber of Cache Valley. She is Relief Society President of Cache Stake. My brother John died when twenty-one years in the town of Bristol, Vermont, September, 1842.

1895 (written in)

I was baptized by Elder Sison A. Chase, February, 1840, when fourteen years of age.

My dear mother died 10 April, 1842. It caused great excitement because a Mormon, as we were called, had died. She bore a strong testimony of the work.


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