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peculiar times. Many tools, wagons, harnesses with other precious things such as clothing came into our laps. Also, the buildings, lumber, etc., were abandoned and left for the poor people of Zion.

I find in my journal that 24 April, Sunday, that Bishop Evans and others who had been driven from their homes came in and talked to us. Many of the brethren were driven from their homes to the mountains and Utah County was a scene of excitement.

September 28, 1859, I bought a pair of mules, the first mule team that I ever had. I had used oxen however and had a span of mares which did me good service before I went to England. I gave for the mules, eight tons of hay and $40.00 in cash. I gave some corn also which made the mules worth $150.00. This team did me a great deal of good.

I was baptized by Elder S. A. Chase, February 1840, in the town of Lincoln, Vermont. My mother, Aldura Sumner Hatch was baptized the same time. I was ordained a High Priest in Lehi by John Murdock. By appointment of Brigham Young, I presided over the Saints in Lehi whilst Bishop Evans went on the White Mountain Mission in 1855. [He was Bishop Evans’ counselor] I went to Utah Legislature for three terms. Winter of 1863 I was called as Bishop of Franklin in Cache Valley where I served for thirteen years.

I was the first Mormon that ever went to the Legislature of Idaho. I was ordained a patriarch 27 June, 1873, by George A. Smith. I was called on a mission to St. George (New Mexico and Arizona) January, 1876, arrived. I was called to mission whilst at Filmore serving as a legislator. Left 1856 for England.

I gave many blessings (patriarchal) before my arrival at St. George in January, 1876. I worked at making seats for the tabernacle. While in St. George, was called to travel in the stake with John L. Smith and preach to the people and collect means for the temple. I gave a good many blessings.

In 1876, I was called to go to Arizona Territory to visit the camps that were on the Little Colorado. I was on the boat which was sunk when Lorenzo Roundy was drowned. I was rescued and on my return, whilst at Kanab, I was called to New Mexico to take charge of the Zuni Indian Mission. 112 Indians had been baptized by Brother Nathan Tenney. I left with a part of my family from St. George on the 25 July, 1876 for that important mission.

On October 4, 1877, we baptized the first Navajo Indian. I went to General Conference in October, 1877 and took Alice and family back with me to Woodruff, Arizona where we arrived in February, 1878. (Was first branch President at Woodruff.) I moved Catherine and family to Woodruff from New Mexico in 1878. I was ordained by John W. Young as Second Counselor to Lot Smith, President of the Little Colorado Stake. When the Eastern Arizona Stake was organized, I was ordained

first counselor to President Jesse N. Smith, by Wilford Woodruff. [The following seven entries seem to have been written as an after thought, on one of the loose leaves, some five years later.]

I helped to bring out the water from the Silver Creek at Taylor and made me a small farm there and still occupied my place at Woodruff and helped build the dam.

[1895 (written in)]

The Woodruff Dam was commenced in 1878 and washed out in April following. This last one, I was a member of the finance committee and circulated a petition to the Territory Legislature for $1,500 00 to help on this dam and got it. James Deans wrote the petition. This last dam is good and permanent to this day. 3 June, 1900.

Continuation of 1890-1900 Journal

Between the dates of Sunday, 3 March to Tuesday, 3 April, (or one month) L. H. Hatch was in the temple for endowment work three times each week or twelve times. Had grandchildren with him on another day for baptisms. Accomplished many sealings on two different days. He records, “And I continued my calling.” This was accomplished by giving 124 patriarchal blessings during that one month. Sometimes he received some money but many times not. He spoke at ward conference, at two ward sacrament meetings, one testimony meeting, and one special night service appointed for his message. He administered to the sick twelve times. Took time to look at 680 pages of a book concerned with Haight genealogy. His grandmother was Elizabeth Haight. Attended a primary concert and made a tour of the Agricultural College at Logan. He tells us of procuring passes on railroad for himself and Catherine to travel from Logan to Holbrook, Arizona. Got a cape that Sarah Hatch had made for May.

He and Catherine attended a family reunion of the Karrens. It was held at the home of Alvenia Smart. Belle Thurman, Mary Bennion and Catherine were there as well as their brothers, John, Thomas, Hyrum, and Charles. Lydia Collett Nelson, daughter of the departed sister, also many friends, grandchildren and others were there. John, being the oldest, took charge and each bore their testimonies as to God’s goodness in giving them opportunities to go to the temple. The record gives summary thus: “Thomas spoke with much force and it was a time of great rejoicing.” He writes of giving a blessing to one Sister Schools and her daughter. This woman told him that she had seen him in vision some twenty-two years before. Then he writes, “I will leave space here for the vision.” There is a half page left blank. And at a last moment went to Smithfield to visit his cousin Sophronia Hatch Tidwell. Took their boxes to the depot and]…once more I said farewell to my dear wife Sylvia whom I left in bed, sick.

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