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H. E. and Lorin stayed with us till the train started on to Salt Lake City. Catherine and Lula were on the train with me. Catherine was bound for Arizona and Lula was bound for the conference in Salt Lake City. We arrived in the City at 10:30 and were met at the station by Mary Bennion and Thomas Smart. Sister Mary took Catherine and Lula to Taylorsville and I went to conference. Met my brother Abram. He gave me a nice overcoat. At night went to Taylorsville and next morning, came in with Catherine, Lula and Sister Mary. We went to conference. Many of the brethren spoke. We had a profitable time. I gave two blessings to Brother Seymour B. Young’s sons.

Sunday morning at conference, President Woodruff gave an account of the apostasy of the first Quorum of Twelve. At P.M. session, President Cannon occupied the time taking the Lord’s Prayer for his text. At 4:00 P.M. I went through the temple with a company. Brother Ferrel, some of the brethren from Smithfield, Bishop Owens, my daughter Ruth and Lula were with me. We enjoyed it very highly. Got supper at Sister Straws. Gave her a blessing and bade Lula farewell. Attended Sunday School Convention and Monday, went to priesthood meeting.

Tuesday, April 9

Catherine, Mary Bennion, Ruth and myself went through the temple and then went to Sister Piper’s and found Brother Patterson. We blessed each other. My wife and Mary went back to Murray, Catherine expecting to go to Lehi. I went to Bishop William B. Preston’s and gave their daughter and her husband, Oscar Neil, also Bishop Preston and wife, their blessings. I had a good visit and retired at l1:00 P.M.

Wednesday, 10th

Went to the temple with Ruth. I worked on Sister Howe’s line. We were in the temple for twelve hours. This was the largest company of the season, 270 in number. I gave fifty cents for the use of clothes. This was one of the grandest sights and pleasures of my life. The workers were all so kind and the power of God was with us on that great day. It was fifty-three years since my dear mother died in the town of Lincoln, Addison County, Vermont.

Thursday, 11th

I went with my dear daughter Ruth to the train and she left for Logan. I went and gave a comforting blessing to Sister Richards and Lula Greene, wife of Levi Richards. Went to Sister Fowler’s and gave a blessing to her friend and gave a comforting blessing to Sister Fowler. I gave a blessing to one of S. B. Young’s daughters. He helped me tie up my boxes and took me to the D. & R. G. I got my tickets, returned and had supper. Bade them good-bye. He sent me with buggy to the station where I got the train for Provo.

I got to Brother Thurman’s at 10:00 P.M. where I found Catherine. She had gone to bed. At 12:00 midnight

a man came to the door and knocked. Burt Thurman [grown son of the house] went to the door and met a man wild with rage who said he had come to ki11 Burt. After a fearful fight, the stranger shot off a pistol. We thought that Burt was dead. It was a terrible scare. Sister Bell [Burt’s mother] came crying bitterly that her son was killed. Everybody was up in their night clothes. But Burt was not shot, just stunned from the heavy strokes he received. He tried to reason with the man who just swore that he would have $3.50 for a horse that Burt had driven too hard. After much loud talk, Sister Bell borrowed $2.50 from me and paid him his demand and he went away.

Friday, April 12

I visited with Sanford Fuller; he gave me some strawberry roots and other plants. I prayed fervently for help as I was much depressed in spirit. Sister Bell fitted us out with some grub. We bade farewell to Bell and her family. Burt got a bus and took us to the station. We left Provo at 9:00 P.M. and traveled in good shape to Colorado Springs where we changed cars for LaJunta, Colorado. Arrived at LaJunta at 1:00 P.M. Went to a hotel where we had a good bed. Went from LaJunta to Albuquerque where we were sidetracked for two hours waiting for the train to come from the west.

Monday, 14th

Reached Holbrook at 1:00 P.M. Heard that Wilford had been in town on Sunday to get us but had gone back to Woodruff. I finally got a wool team and Thomas Hancock to fetch us up. It was 10:00 P.M. when we arrived.

May was down with the grippe. Adeline was at our house with her children and she was bed-fast. My heart was filled with trouble, and yet I was filled with gratitude to be preserved on our trip as we were. We had friends raised up to aid us and all was right. Next day, I wrote three postal cards and worked around the house doing what I could. Learning that it was ward conference at Showlow, I started for Snowflake on Friday. Stayed with John at Taylor and Saturday, Brother J. H. Richards put his horse in with one of mine, and we traveled to Showlow together.

We found Bishop Hanson sick. We administered to him and went to priesthood meeting. Had three young men up for stealing corn from the Indians. They confessed and paid or agreed to pay $20.00 to the Bishop as he had paid that amount to the Indians.

Sunday, April 21

We met a few people and held two meetings with them. Returned to Taylor. I stopped at John’s and on Monday got a load of timber of William Walker. Tuesday, got seventy pounds of wheat at Snowflake and went to Woodruff. Found the folks some better and I was glad to be home. Next day, I planted some strawberries and raspberries that Sanford Fuller had given me. Thursday, watered lucern that had not been watered this season.


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