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Friday and Saturday, worked moving headgates, large ones, from Ditch No. 4. Reset them. Made three new gates. Wilford worked hard this day. I was very tired.

Sunday, 28th

I found old Page in the creek. Got Brother Webb to help me get her out. Went to meeting and spoke on temple work. Went and administered to Sister Celia Owens. Saturday, May 4. I went to Snowflake. Attended the Board of Trade meeting with Brothers Frisby, James M. Flake and Rueben Perkins. We found that our efforts had amounted in the sale of hay alone to 300 tons at twenty-seven dollars per ton. Delivered to Fort Apache. Many hard things had been said against us although we worked for nothing, but such is the lot of all such. Little Addie Savage and Vena (Savage) went with me to Snowflake. May 5, fasted and went to Sunday School and meeting in Snowflake. I occupied the time at meeting. Drove home on Monday. Brought a load of lumber. May 12, I paid $12.00 damage to a neighbor for trespass that he claimed my cows did on his land. I felt greatly grieved and slept but little that night. He talked very hard to me.

Monday, May 13

I watered my lot and at 7:00 P.M. my neighbor came and we made up our grievances and forgave each other. He went free by keeping the $12.00. I tied my cow by the head so as not to let her trespass upon him. Fed her in my yard and hope to get rid of her at some future time. Bought a harness and a black six year old horse of William Reid. Gave ten dollars cash and my note for sixty-five dollars to be paid by December 1 in hay or grain with twelve percent interest after maturity.

Sunday, 19th

Went to ward conference in Pinedale. Brother Reidhead went with me. Stopped at Burt’s. Found him and family well. He has twelve acres of cane put in and considerable corn. Got some dry lumber at the mill loaded it and drove to meeting. President Richards was talking when we arrived. His text was “Make the Lord your Friend.” Drove back to Taylor that night and on to Woodruff on Monday. Found Catherine some better. Watered corn and finished plowing the field. Saturday 25, I hauled out manure. May painted the shanty and cupboard and Wilford took the mares to the range as I dared not stake them for fear they would do some damage to my neighbors. Four days of wind.

Friday, May. 31

Left for Snowflake (stake conference). Catherine went with me. My daughters Nora and Ella went also. The wind rose to a fearful rate. My eyes gave out and Nora had to drive most of the way. We were seven hours in getting there. High Council lasted four hours. A committee was appointed to help the bishops find labor for the idlers who would not work for their bread. Attended Relief Society conference on Saturday. Sunday, June 2, President Smith spoke and asked The

people to pay their debts. I followed. Also spoke on Monday. Tuesday, We talked over the founding of tannery and factory. I could not agree very well. Many good instructions were given at our conference. Drove home by way of Six Mile. Cut hay, sold wool, and watered. Thomas sent likeness of his family. Spoke at meeting to get the people to take the Deseret News and Juvenile instructor.

Monday, June 17

During the week, put east lot into lucern and oats. Brother Nebekar and a stranger came and stopped over Sunday, good meeting. Next day I repaired stranger’s wagon. He agreed to send me the money from Flagstaff. Petitioned the county for land to build a road through Navajo County. Much contention over the road. President Smith and wife, Emma came for ward conference.

Sunday, 30th

Met for conference at 10:00 A.M. President Smith gave counsel. Brother Farley gave a fine discourse. Said that Apostle Erastus Snow had told the people if they did not divide the land and do right they would not remain in Forest Dale two years. So it was. They had to leave that beautiful place. After the first group had left. Forest Dale was again settled by several of the families from Brigham City [Arizona]. They built good houses and fences but had to leave all to the poor Indians. This was a great trial to the people as they could raise so great amount of all kinds of produce.

I was sent with a letter to the people of Forest Dale from Apostle Snow to warn them to leave. Some rebelled, but finally all had to go. I think that out of this rebellion came the killing of Brother Robinson. [by the Indians]. So the innocent fell for the guilty. During the week, prepared to deliver stock I had sold to Brother Stratton for eighty-five dollars to be paid in lumber. Started Wilford off with four head of stock and I followed with the trail wagon. There was a fearful wind. Stopped at John’s. Got load of lumber and returned to Woodruff. Left one wagon in the sand a half mile from town where we arrived at 2:00 A.M. Wilford returned next day and got wagon and I worked repairing the binder. Saturday, started the binder on Bishop Savage’s wheat. It worked well. Our prospects are good, having plenty of water.

Wednesday, July 24

My big horse stepped on my left foot. It was a wonder that I was preserved with a whole foot. I spoke at the assembly and the gathering of people on the “Hardships of our Pioneers.” Took dinner at Bishop Savage’s and mother bathed my foot in hot water. Bela Gardner brought me down to the celebration in his father’s new wagon as I was so lame.

Thursday, 25th

My foot seemed well. I am so thankful for it. The Lord be praised for His mercies to me. Had the water all day


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