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I was ordained to the office of High Priest under the hands of John Murdock and David Evans, President and Bishop, and also the first counselor to David Evans. I was ordained to this last calling by David Evans in accordance with the counsel of President Young. The above took place on the 9th of March at a fast meeting. President Young passed through this place on the 9th for the south country.

Sunday, March 13.

I attended meeting in the forenoon. We were addressed by two brethren from Provo, after which Bishop Evans read some from the Book of Mormon relative to the Lamanites. He made some appropriate remarks and called on the people to know if they would take his counsel concerning Benjamin Sturde. The answer was in the affirmative. He had neglected to live up to the contracts he had made and refused to do it. I made some remarks on the mission of the brethren to the House of Israel and called on the people to know if they had anything against Bishop Evans. The answer was unanimous in the negative. At 2:00 P.M., I attended a meeting at Bishop Evans house where we set apart six brethren for their missions to Israel or into the White Mountains and we blessed them. Bishop Evans called his family and blessed them. His wives and children and several others were blessed.

Sunday, March 20.

Bishop Evans addressed the brethren upon the importance of building the school house and gave counsel on different subjects as it was the last Sunday that he expected to be with us for some time. He expressed his best feelings for us and left his blessing with us. H left this city on Tuesday the 23rd of March. On that same day, I received for tithing: twenty-nine sheep, twenty lambs of Brother Bell, nine sheep and three lambs of Sister Childs, three sheep and one lamb of Brother Reid.

Thursday, March 24.

I was not well but worked some. Went with Brothers Merrill, S. S. Willis, and Father Pearce and located a new water ditch for the new field. I stayed with them for a while and then returned home on account of my health. Saturday the 26th worked on the ditch. We succeeded in getting out the water. When I returned there was Brother Woodruff. He had come ahead to get a pilot to pilot the President Young Company to the Point of the Mountain.

Brother Woodruff took some minutes of our place, which I gave him. Then I took some hands and went to fix a bad place across the ford. While we were fixing the ford, the President arrived with his company. It was about 7:00 in the evening. I had some talk with him. He blessed me and told me to go ahead.

Sunday, March 27.

Went to meeting in the forenoon. We were addressed

by two brethren from Provo and the school house committee. In the afternoon, I addressed the brethren on the subject of dividing their lots with the Daines and others that had none so that they might have a place to build. This was according to the counsel of President Young. The water of the city was also discussed. I spoke of the course that some men took to get influence. I attended a meeting of the Lesser Priesthood and gave them counsel such as I thought would do them good if they adhered to same.

Monday, March 28.

Went to work on the water ditch. Ammon, the Indian, wanted some flour and I went home and gave him some.

Thursday, March 31.

I went to the city and took some wheat to mill. Friday, returned home and found all well. Had a good time. The grasshoppers have destroyed nearly all the wheat crops. It looks like gloomy prospects ahead for raising grain, but the Brethren feel well notwithstanding all these things, and I believe they will learn a good lesson.

Sunday, April 3.

Attended meeting. Brother William Snow spoke to the people in the forenoon. In the P.M. I administered baptism to seven persons. After the confirmation, Father Murdock made some very appropriate remarks on the “signs of the times,” after which we administered the Sacrament.

Thursday the 7th. Attended Fast Meeting. A good spirit prevailed until about 4:00 P.M. when the dams in the north and south ditches broke out. We sent Brother Colett to examine what had happened. He came back with a bad spirit and spoke very rough and accused the brethren that put in the north dam. After some talk with Brother Colett, I referred the matter to the Seventies. After meeting, Brother Colett came to me saying that he was sorry for what he had done and that he didn't want to receive his office as Water Master. He said he knew that I was his friend. Said that he would make his confession next Sunday, which he did. Friday the 8th. All hands turned out and we fixed the dams. On Saturday, I worked on an individual ditch.

Sunday, April 10.

I attended meeting. Brother Colett made his confession. We had a good meeting. Monday I worked on the water ditch, also on Thursday, and watered some oats which had not come up. Wednesday the 13th. I watered some of my corn that had come up and looked well, I felt encouraged notwithstanding the grasshoppers had destroyed my wheat. Thursday. Continued watering and Friday put in some corn on Brother Karren's land. Saturday the 16th. I settled tithing with six persons one of which was the wife of Abel Evans. She is a Welch woman. Her tithing mounted to thirty-six dollars and twenty-five cents, which was in clothing, it being one-tenth.


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