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the 26th, till 2:00 A.M. I was used up. Next few days, repaired the rake. Burt came from the forest and ran the binder. Sunday, I addressed the people on the glorious coming of the Book of Mormon and on the three and eight witnesses. August 8, John DeWitt and Wilford finished putting in the posts for my pasture fence. Worked fence three days and spread hay to dry. We cannot complain as we have had one good rain.

Sunday, August 11

Ward conference at St. Joseph. Met at 10:00 A.M. President Richards had got a job on the railroad to put in some rock for building purposes and the people were in good condition temporally although they have suffered from drought. Now they have plenty of water and all rejoice in hopes of good crops. I was called to talk. The Lord blessed me with good spirit. We had some strangers present.

Sunday, 18th

I was so poorly that I did not go to meeting. But this was a great day as the Sabbath Schools of our stake were assembled at Snowflake at which Brother Goddard and Karl G. Maeser were present. Much good was accomplished by the meeting. [The stories of Brother Goddard’s stove-pipe hat and his singing “Whose on the Lord’s Side Who?” still persist and we remember Brother Maeser asking, “Please, Bruder Savage, just anudder piece of that nice brune bread.”]

Saturday, 31st

Have done considerable work on crops, fence, freight and preparing for quarterly conference. This was the first stake conference held in Woodruff. We built a good bowery and all hands were full of energy to have a good time. At High Council, we did some business and had a trial with regard to a sale of property made by Brother B. and sold to Brother N. who had failed to come to time in payments. The case was decided in favor of Brother B. Held a Young Men’s and Ladies’ conference.

Sunday, September 1

Many visitors from the different wards. Opened with a lovely day. President Smith gave good instructions and I followed with remarks on how the spirit of the gospel drives all sorrow from the mind; and when great trials come, the Holy Spirit makes all joyous and happy. Our houses were open to many visitors. Bishop Kemp was present from St. Johns stake. We had remarks from him and many of the bishops and leading elders and held a priesthood meeting which lasted until a late hour. Many complaints were entered against High Counselmen F. and M. for entering government contracts against our Board of Trade. Little humility was manifested by the defendants. But I can testify that we had a good time both Sunday and Monday.

President Smith held meeting with Irrigation Company

President Smith held a water meeting with the Woodruff Irrigation Company and our Articles of Association were reviewed. I was one of the Board. President Smith left for home on Tuesday, and it was decided that President Richards, myself with Smith D. Rogers, and others should start for Tuba on September 16. Held a meeting at St. Joseph on the 15th. Administered to my daughter Adeline for her health also to Sister Celia Owens. O, God of health, help us and bless these dear sisters. During the week, the threshers came. Had them to feed and care for over Sunday. They threshed our little bit of wheat and oats, thirty-seven bushels of wheat and twenty-seven bushels of oats.

Monday, 16th

Left St. Joseph for Tuba with large company. [President Richards was hurt by his horse and had to return home while they camped at Winslow.] Tuesday, we made twenty-seven miles but were quite lonely without President Richards. (Successful trip and many meetings. Visited Moen-Kopy also.) Arrived back home, Monday the 30th. It had rained and road was wet. My hay in poor condition because of the rain.

Severe rains, dam broken

October 1 to 6

I record here concerning the weather. Rained from the first to the fourth, and the river raised and continued to rise until the bridge at the crossing of the Colorado (Little) washed away and came down and passed over our work at the Woodruff Dam and broke in pieces. A great amount of timber floated down the Little Colorado. Some were gotten out by the boys. The mail had to be taken over by ropes which was passed over the river and the bags were pulled over on the ropes. This is the heaviest flood we have had for fifteen years.

Sunday, October 6

Ward conference at Taylor. I brought Catherine, Nora and her two youngest children with me. I was loaded with 800 pounds of wheat that I was taking to mill. Found the roads bad and when we got to the river. Henry Coplin pulled me up the hill and then I helped him up. We were there three hours. Did not get to Snowflake till 9:00 P.M. We were kindly received at the home of Brother Locey Rogers. Sunday, at Taylor, President Smith and I occupied most of the time. Held two meetings. I gave three blessings. The Bishop and Willard Hatch both spoke well and the authorities were sustained.

Monday, I went to mill with my grist. Spent an hour with old Father Shumway. He was quite bright. He told me about coming into Nauvoo one day and finding four men in prison held on false charges. One was Joseph Holbrook and one was Brother H. Reid. He (Father Shumway) attended the trial and when the name of Brother Reid was called he went to him and in the midst of a great crowd of mobbers they shook hands and wept as only tried and true friends can weep. Brother


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