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Holbrook told the crowd that he had prayed in the old jail for four days that an angel would come and deliver them. “And here he has come” These men were fined fifty dollars each and Brother Shumway paid the fine of $200.00 in cash and took the brethren and gave them food at the hotel. Here a ruffian came in and swore fearfully and demanded ten dollars for some service he had supposedly done for the prisoners. He said they should not go to their homes until he got the money. Brother Shumway gave him the ten dollars. These were hard tinges, but Brother Shumway was not wed to his gold. Said he had not heard of Brother Holbrook for years. I record this for Church History. Loaded up with twenty cedar posts and got to Taylor. Whilst eating supper at Brother McCleve’s I was called upon to go and give three blessings.

Thursday, October 14

Brother and Sister E. M. Webb lost their babe, Lilian. I attended the funeral and spoke at the grave.

October 22

With two teams, Wilford and I went to Holbrook where we were engaged to haul cement and wood for the Holbrook Bridge Company. I worked hard and felt that I was given extra strength to load those heavy pieces of wood. Went home for Sunday. Took a load of hay for Schuster on my way back to work on Monday. We hauled twelve loads of clay and one and a fourth cords of wood. Finished October 26th. On Sunday, mother, May and I fasted for Chloe’s little babe. They are in Old Mexico. We had a good meeting but mother was not able to go.

During the week, Ezra and Wilford cut hay. I tried to water. Wilford and I went for wood and got good loads. Burt went home because of sick babe. On Monday, November 4, Wilford commenced plowing. On Friday, he loaded with freight for Keams Canyon.

Sunday, November 10

We held ward conference at Pine Dale. President Smith gave counsel to put in all the wheat possible. The people have neglected to put in their grain and most of them are very poor. E. M. Webb is teaching school at this place. We returned to Taylor on Monday. Got dinner with Nettie and Jane. Put the mare onto the cart and got home at 7:00 P.M. where I found a letter from James Pearce demanding me to take my sheep out of his herd. He charged me unjust rates--two and a half cents per head per month. I have 230 head. I have been greatly tried by men who do not care to pay me what they owe and make offsets in unrighteousness to cover their accounts. Worked on dam, Wednesday till Saturday. Spoke at ward meeting on Sunday and painted on my house three days.

Wednesday, 20th

Apostle Lyman and Brother Edward Stevenson arrived at Woodruff. Held meeting. Weather fine. Thursday, I

got the mare and put her on my cart and mother and I rode to Snowflake for stake conference. Was a rough day. At Relief Society conference, Sister Mary West was taken as counselor to Sister Emma Smith to fill the vacancy of Ruth Hatch who is in Utah and did not plan to return as she is engaged in silk culture and temple work. Stormed very heavy and snowed all night on Friday.

Met at 10:00 A.M. Apostle Lyman spoke on many subjects. Said that oil should be consecrated at prayer circle or at fast meeting. We met at President Smith’s at noon. President Smith and Brother Lyman gave me a blessing and then we blessed President Smith. These blessings were not written. We laid hands on the other brethren in blessing and I gave Brother Lyman a patriarchal blessing and President Smith wrote it. Then we went to meeting and Brother Lyman told the people that he had blessed the stake presidency and that all who would be faithful should receive the same blessings as he had conferred on us.

I have, up to date, given two Apostles patriarchal blessings. I have blessed many people. I have seven record books filled with recorded blessings. Some have as many as four hundred blessings recorded in them. I closed the conference by prayer. The snow was sixteen inches deep. Sunday evening, I gave a blessing to Brother Edward Stevenson. Monday morning I saw Brothers Lyman and Stevenson on their way to Erastus (Concho) and St. Johns.

At 11:00 A.M., I started with Ella in the cart and mother rode with Brother P. Christopherson bound for Woodruff. He had five in his wagon. The road was not broken on the east side so we went the Holbrook road. We overtook Edward Bradshaw. He had a load of potatoes. Sister Lillywhite, her little girl and one of his boys with him. We found we could not make home that night so we camped eleven miles from Woodruff in a grove of cedars. Built a fire on each side of the potato wagon. Sister Hatch and Ella and I slept on top of the load of potatoes with hot rocks at our feet. We were preserved during one of the coldest nights known in twenty years. A part of the company sat up all night keeping the fires.

Tuesday morning, Brother Bradshaw gave my mare a little bran and we were on our way again. We had six miles of road to break from Washboard Flats to Woodruff. I arrived at 1:00 P.M. I drove across the Colorado with my cart, but Brother Christopherson and Bradshaw were stalled in the crossing. It would be 3:00 P.M. before they could get over. The sisters suffered severly from cold. I was grateful for our preservation. I can say that we are greatly blessed by the teachings of our brethren. Wednesday, went with Wilford for wood and we got home with a good load. Thursday, went for wood with two teams and returning got to the river and heard the bell ringing for a meeting. We unhitched and left our loads and went to meeting. Apostle Lyman


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