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the week, worked on a cupboard for John DeWitt. My haystack fell over and came near falling on Wilford fulfilling a dream that he had had. I worked at bench and Wilford left school to work on dam.

Sunday, March 1

Stake conference in Snowflake. Held High Council and the young people’s conference yesterday. Brother Reidhead and May came with me. Met Sunday and Monday. Much good counsel was given and at priesthood a comittee was appointed to ask Brother John Hulet to close the A.C.M.I. on the Sabbath. I gave two blessings to Bishop Bushman’s girls, and three more at Brother James Pearce’s place. I gave a lecture on Monday night on charity before the young people of the stake. President Smith gave a lecture on marriage the Saturday night previous to this group. Tuesday, we came home to Woodruff and found all well. Received a letter from my brother Abram now in California that he would visit us on his way home. Thursday, was fast day and we held a special prayer for the sick. Had a good meeting. It was a cold day. Word from Brother Abram to meet him in Holbrook. Met him there at 2:30 P.M. on Friday. Gave a blessing to a young man from Scotland who was clerking in the A.C.M.I. while waiting for the train.

When through with the blessing, Bother Abram and his wife Ruth arrived. We went to Woodruff. Found mother not very well. We visited the dam and called on my children and called on old friends. Sunday, we went to Sunday School and meeting and Brother Abram spoke to the people. We had a very good time. [He was stake president at the time, living in Heber, Utah.] At 7:00 P.M. I gave my brother Abram and his wife Ruth patriarchal blessings and he recorded them. They left us on Monday. Burt took them to Holbrook.

Horses run away and drag L. H. Hatch

March 13

Commenced watering the wheat. During next week, Wilford plowed and, sowed an acre of spring wheat, went to Holbrook for freight and left for Fort Apache with four horses. I saw him across the Little Colorado and while there helped Sister Jarvis up the river hill with her team as she was moving back to St. Johns. She was very thankful to me. I then went out east about three miles from the ford and took the team to pull down some trees for wood. Scared the horses as the tree came down toward them and they ran away, dragging me between them. My hat was torn to pieces but I was not much hurt. I stopped them for a moment and unhitched one and they started again. Round and round--one got, away with double trees, single tree and all. He ran all the way home and was wet as water when he got there. I caught the other one and got on him and started home, a distance of six miles. I thanked the Lord for His care over me that I did not meet death. I met Burt and John DeWitt coming to hunt me because the other horse had

got home. We fitted up, found the broken pieces of harness and got home with a load of wood by 8:00 P.M. Got a letter from Lula and the next day I was quite sore but able to do the chores.

Sunday, March 22

Went to Taylor for ward conference. Little Addie Savage and Louis went with me. Willard was gone to Holbrook. I did not get to see-him. I gave three blessings to the Ellsworth family, also two to my grandsons, Lorenzo John and Ezra, sons of John. We had good meetings and the spirit of the Lord was poured out upon us. Put team up at William Willis’ and was made welcome. I ordained Joseph Pearce a priest.

Tuesday, 24th

Went with Locey Rogers to St. Joseph. Found many friends gathered together. At 4:00 P.M. sat down to a fine meal. A great variety of the good things of this life. Tables stretched across the hall. Bishop Hunt and others were present from Snowflake. Program commenced at 7:00 P.M. and lasted until midnight. The settling of this town and the coming of the pioneers to this place in 1876 and the hardships and trials of the people were talked over. Bishop Hunt, L. Rogers and myself took part. All seemed to rejoice.

March 31

Went to Holbrook to see President Smith off to attend conference in Salt Lake City. He left with nine others. I got some bran and oats of Schuster and returned home. During the week, very busy. Sent letters to Ruth, Hyrum and Lula. Had good meeting and a good turnout on Easter Day. Friday, left Woodruff for Showlow to attend ward conference. Sister Duffin and three of her children rode as far as Six Mile to meet her husband and her boy Archie who had his leg hurt. Left my team at John’s in Taylor and rode on to Showlow with Brother Richards in his buggy. At priesthood meeting several young men were received by vote to get the priesthood of Aaron. I ordained Frank Adams a deacon. We blessed several children. Held two meetings on Sunday. The authorities were sustained and much good instruction and council was held after meeting. In evening, Brother Richards and I were invited to go to Brother Ellsworth’s where brothers and sisters came together and wanted a meeting. We consented to talk to them. We held a meeting and got to bed at twelve midnight. Got home on Tuesday. The tax assessor came. My taxes are very oppressive. Administered to Lucy Eagar who was very sick.

During the week, worked around the home and on Saturday went with Bishop Savage to Holbrook to hold a meeting. May and Addie Savage went with us. We took our feed and provisions along and camped on the south side of the river but William Frost got up a good supper for us. The wind blew very hard. We went to John Fish’s place. James Pearce, Jr. and wife who had just been to Salt Lake City and to the temple were there.


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