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We went to Sabbath School which was taught by an old lady, Mrs. Barnes. At 3:30 P.M. our meeting was called to order by Bishop Savage. Several singers came in and helped sing. Brother Savage opened by prayer and after singing I spoke for three quarters of an hour. Bishop Savage followed and spoke on an angel coming with the gospel. Told of the vision of Joseph Smith and of the Father and Son and the restoration of the gospel through this young man, Joseph Smith. We had about twenty of our people present with forty or fifty strangers. We were invited to come and hold another meeting in two weeks on the 3rd of May. Mrs. Zuke was the lady who invited us.

Came home on Monday and found the family well but I had lost a fine two year old steer. Got poisoned. I watered the Webb lots, also some in the field. Wilford went to Holbrook. I got some flour of Burt and Wilford found his mare that had been lost for six months and thus passed the week. I with Bishop Savage and my daughter Adeline went again to Holbrook.

Sunday, May 3

At 10:00 A.M. commenced our meeting. I talked on the officers set in the Church of Christ and on baptism and the laying on of hands, proving same from scriptures. We had three sisters from Snowflake and two brethren from St. Joseph. Brother A. had a choir of fifteen voices and we had much good spirit. Bishop Savage spoke and we were requested to hold meeting in the evening. We assembled at 8:00 P.M. Bishop Savage spoke for a half hour, and I followed on the pre-existence of spirits and baptism for the dead. I believe we did some good. [Only one or two LDS lived at Holbrook in those days. They were doing missionary work.] Brother Fish and wife made us welcome. I slept and got my meals at his house. Bishop and Adeline camped near the school house the first night and in Brother Fish’s yard on Sunday night. Went home on Monday.

Thursday, 7th

My daughter Adeline and Sister Celia Owens were each baptized for their health. We had a good meeting. Many good testimonies were borne. The sisters had fasted two days and held prayer circles for the recovery of these two sisters. My daughter Adeline and May both received the gift of tongues and spoke in a plain manner of many things that were in the hearts of the sisters. Many promises that had been made to Adeline were fulfilled that day, and she so testified to all present.

Spoke in tongues, interpretted by Adeline

May stayed with Adeline and they sang and praised the Lord. At 9:00 P.M. they came to my house, walking four blocks. Addie had not done such a thing for many years. We set up till a late hour praising the Lord. I laid my hands on Mother, Addie, and May and blessed them. I spoke a few words in an unknown tongue, and they were interpreted by Adeline. O, Lord, I praise Thy great and Holy name for this blessing. I received this gift

once before, when but a lad of fifteen years of age, and now after fifty-five years I can praise God for this gift again.

Ward conference at Pine Dale on May 10th. I stopped at George Bryant’s. After meetings on Sunday, I gave seven blessings and felt that we had a good and enjoyable time. Drove to Snowflake and helped Brother McLaws put shingles on President Smith’s barn, Arrived in Woodruff on Tuesday with a load of posts. During the week, plowed ground for oats. Worked on the dam. Wilford went for freight. Had fast meeting on Thursday, finished plowing ground and next week got the water for thirty-seven hours. Watered some wheat and all my lucern.

Thursday, 21st

I pray, O Lord, help me by Thy angels to fulfill my calling and provide for my family. Preserve me from sickness and death and bless me with means to pay my debts.


Saturday, May 30

My daughter May and I arrived in Snowflake on Friday, the 29th, in time for the meeting of the High Council. I gave instructions on the duties of missionaries in the field. Reported our labors at Holbrook. Saturday A.M. was for the Sunday School and afternoon was for the sisters and the Primary. My daughter Adeline gave an account to the sisters of the great healing she and Celia Owens had known [on the 7th of May] and much good was done and the good spirit prevailed. President Smith talked to the primary and sisters also.

Sunday, A.M., we had a session of Sunday School and much choice instruction was imparted by Brother Karl G. Maeser. The new system of Sunday School teaching was made quite plain. He blessed the children. In the afternoon Brother Maeser spoke to the conference and President Smith and I followed. At 6:00 P.M. the sisters held a meeting at which my daughter May spoke in tongues and blessed those present. All day Monday was truly a great conference. At 7:00 P.M. Brother Maeser spoke to the young people. It was grand to hear this servant of God speak concerning our pre-existence.

Tuesday, Bishop L. M. Savage and I came home. We left my team with Nora and May and they went up to Taylor. At home I found a new suit of clothes and a letter from H. E. Hatch. Spoke of turning over his accounts as Treasurer of the Agricultural College to the Republican nominee. His books were audited and found correct. He deplores the condition of things politically.

During the week, watered wheat. My crop looks well considering the season. Planted potatoes. Sunday was fast day for the Sunday School and from July 7 to 12, I was haying. My crop was good (for a man seventy years old.) I received eleven dollars from Hugh Burk for a steer he sold of mine.


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