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Sunday, July 12

Received word of the death of Alvenia Smart’s babe, Chariot, nineteen months old, a beautiful boy. My labors are very heavy upon me. My horse Cub, got hurt. It was Sunday, July 5th, that we had ward conference in Woodruff. Bela Gardner was released from the bishopric. Brother Clark Owens was made First Counselor to Bishop L. M. Savage and Heber Albert Hatch (Burt) was made Second Counselor. I ordained him a High Priest and a counselor. J. H. Richards set apart Sister Sarah Christopherson as President of the Young Ladies of the Stake. We had a good conference. Many good words were spoken to the people. President Smith returned home after administering to several sick and was downcast.

I watered the lots and helped repair the ditch. Our first rain of the season was on the 4th, and we had a heavy rain on the 10th and the 12th doing much good to the crops.

Sisters Emma Smith and Mary J. West came to Woodruff and organized a Woman’s Suffrage Club. They stopped with us one night. Many great events have passed during the last three weeks. Brother Joseph Fish and wife Julia and family came back from the Gila, arriving on Saturday, the 18th. We had one of the best rains and our crops have been much benefited. The grass is becoming very good. Sunday, the 19th, Brother Fish spoke on the effect of good and bad language. Slang words should be avoided as well as profanity, etc.

Monday, July 20

Sister Annie Lee, wife of James Lee, started for Nutrioso. Their team got in the mire, and she took a chill. She lived only two days and died. Flood of water came down from the clouds and our town was afloat. We got terribly wet. In fact we got drenched. My wheat was covered ten inches deep. Thursday, the 23rd, we got word of the death of Apostle Abram H. Cannon. Wilford worked six days on the ditch and I made two screen doors.

Sold lots for $350.00

Monday, August 3

Cut our wheat and drove onto Burt’s place. On Monday, the 10th, I sold my Webb lots for $350.00 to Joseph Fish. He gave me $100.00 down. Will pay $100.00 in three months and the balance will draw interest.

Sunday 16th

Our ward conference at St. Joseph convened at 10:00 A.M. We were kindly received by Bishop and all. During the week, stopped at Holbrook and did some business on the way home. Wilford went for lumber at Stratton’s mill. Received letters from Hyrum and Ruth. Spoke at meeting on Sunday the 23rd. Got W. DeWitt to pitch some hay. Wilford returned with 900 feet of barn lumber. Watered my lots. Wrote to Montgomery Ward’s for some tools. Wilford went for wood. Mother and the

girls fasted and prayed for Alvenia Smart. I worked preparing to go to quarterly conference.

Friday, 28th  

Started for St. Joseph for conference with Catherine and Sister Christopherson. Whilst in Holbrook I got a fitout for the Tuba trip. Saturday was for the Young Ladies and Sunday was well spent. A good turnout from Snowflake and Woodruff and a few from Taylor. Monday, we spent in conference also, and the authorities were sustained. At 6:00 P.M. a company of us left for Tuba. Company consisted of twelve persons with mother and myself. Held ward conference with the Saints. Had a successful trip. The people of Tuba have had a scarcity of water and have not raised as much as common. The Indians have taken the water and have been very mean to the people. [On return trip they got into rather serious trouble at the river. Rain and heavy floods caused some delay and in an attempt to cross the stream] my horses went down, and I got into the water to save my team. Brother Rogers carried mother to the shore. The brethren came and assisted me. We got the team to shore and after a trying effort of two hours we were able to pry the buggy out. Brother Decker put a team of Brother Palmer’s onto our buggy and took us to town.

God be praised! All was well and we were well cared for at Bishop Bushman’s in St. Joseph. We found Sister Mary R. Foster very sick. President Smith went and saw her. She died. It was Sunday, September 13, and thus passed one of the faithful pioneers. She resided six years in Sunset and has been at this place ten years. President Smith and myself spoke at the funeral. Monday started for Woodruff. Met John at Holbrook where he was serving on the jury. Drove on and met Ezra who was coming to court to serve as a juryman. Got home at 2:00 P.M. and met dear May and Wilford once again. I do praise my Heavenly Father for His care which has been over my dear family. Burt was fitting out to go to Holbrook to jury duty. Seems strange that I should have three sons serving on this court.

Addition to house

Friday, September 25

Commenced our new kitchen (addition to the house), took the school teacher, Mr. Anderson, to board. We gave him our sitting room for his bed room. Held ward conference in Taylor, Sunday, 4 October. I attended and gave three blessings after meeting.

October 6

Stopped at Willard’s and blessed their babe. Called his name Willard Rudger. Put six dollars cash in the John Day Gold Mine, one for Catherine, one for May, one for Wilford and three for myself. Got six bushels of wheat. Arrived at Woodruff at 10:00 P.M. During the week, worked on house, unloaded lumber and cared for lucern. Got a letter from my son Jeremiah that his family have been sick with diptheria. Sunday, I spoke to the people


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