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August 1, Lula and May returned from a trip at Taylor where they had gone to spend the 24th of July. We were so glad to see them. Brother Louis Decker brought the girls home.

Thursday, August 12

We stacked some wheat and it being Catherine’s birthday, it was used by her children as a surprise. At 2:00 P.M. a goodly number were present of friends and children or a part of them. It was her sixty-first birthday. Letters from Celia Woolf and Chloe and a nice gold ring was sent by Vena Smart and a number of presents were made to my dear wife. I cannot say enough for her goodness and worthiness. May she have a good time in the future. God bless her and her posterity.

Saturday, 14th

May went to Six Mile for grapes and got a fine lot. I hoed in the garden, planted turnips and set out strawberries. On Sunday, I read a sermon by Brother Penrose and made some remarks at meeting. During following week I finished cutting wheat. Went to St. Joseph where I met President Smith. We held ward conference there on Sunday. Held three meetings at which I took part. I went with the cart and horse.

Tuesday, 24th

Brother Karl G. Maeser held meeting in Woodruff. Gave us much choice counsel and the next day Clarence Owens took him to Holbrook. Lula Jane went with them and got her papers to teach school for two years on her diploma from the BYC at Logan. Friday the 26th, we were very busy preparing for stake conference which was to be held at Woodruff. [They built a bowery.]

Friday, 27th

High Council met, and we were very much crowded caring for company, attending business meetings, and etc. Saturday was Young Ladies’ Conference. Well attended. Brother and Sister Hunt from Tonto Basin were there. The people were entertained at night with an entertainment given by the Young Ladies. They presented, “The Conversion of Lamoni” from the Book of Mormon. It was very interesting. Sunday, we had a house full of Saints. Many of the young people were present from Taylor and Snowflake, Louis Decker and Samuel Smith and others. Monday we had a visit from the minister of a church in Winslow, Mr. Crouch and his wife. I entertained them at my house. President Smith gave the account of the angel appearing to Joseph Smith and the restoration of the priesthood. I spoke about the House of God as spoken by the prophets and the coming of Elijah. The preacher was present. We adjourned at 3:30 P.M. and many of the people went to their homes.

August 31

I watered in the field and on my lots. Brother Louis Decker and company left for Taylor. They [May and Louis to be married] expect to start for the temple in two weeks. Next day, my mare Florence died. She had

been sick about five hours. I had a very sick night but was able to work some on Friday when my mare, Bell died. Sick about seven hours. Very busy during the week of Saturday, September 18, looking after my hay. Went to Taylor for ward conference. After the meeting, I gave two blessings. It was rainy, much rain fell. I stopped at John’s.

Monday, September 20

I got eighty pounds of flour of Brother Butler’s, borrowed, and drove to Willard’s and got 250 pounds of apples. Took my daughter Adeline, her children, Vena and Joseph, and started for Woodruff. At Snowflake Sister Lucy Ellsworth joined us with her buggy and her three little girls. The roads were very heavy and at 7:00 P.M. we came to the river, and it was raining very hard. I got very wet, also Sister Ellsworth and little Vena. It was impossible to cross the river because of the flood. We all tried to rest in our vehicles as best we could.

At 9:00 P.M. Horace Gardner came-in great haste, bearing the sad news of the death of Levi Lorenzo Savage, who was kicked by a young mare. He died at 8:00 P.M. He was eleven years old last February. He is Nora’s son, same age as little Vena. I was wet and cold. Vena laid and cried all night by my side. Sister Ellsworth and Addie lay very uncomfortable. We did the best we could. Next morning was pleasant but our Horses were tired and hungry. I took them six miles to clear water and got some beef that had been killed by cowboys.

We were visited by Bud Smithson who brought us some provisions, and also Bishop Savage came and brought us blankets, etc. These provisions were brought across by a cable that was stretched across the river. It was very hard work to get the stuff across. We spent a good night.

Wednesday, September 22

We managed to get across by putting a horse collar on the wire and being pulled over the water. It had gone down considerable. Horace Gardner got our horses which had gone several miles away. Brother Wimmer assisted us with his buckboard so we could get there fast. (to the funeral) I was not able to assist him. President Smith and Smith D. Rogers came from Snowflake to attend the funeral which did not start till 11:00 A.M. I came in after the opening prayer. Father Gardner was talking. This dear boy was snatched away in a moment. I deeply sympathize with my dear daughter Nora.

I blessed Parley Savage. I got settlement on my sheep. Got 283 head and sold thirty head for fifty-seven dollars. On October 10, got a letter from Lorin. Monday, I blessed Medora Gardner and her son Elmer. Went to Pine Dale for ward conference, October 14, and got 426 feet of lumber and 1,000 lathe of George Brian. Arrived home on Tuesday. I rented 252 head of sheep to James Pearce for two years. We got two pounds of wool


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