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At priesthood meeting, Brother Taylor gave valuable instruction for one and a half hours. The sisters met with us. We held dedication service for the stake house. Apostle John Henry Smith offered the Prayer. Brother Taylor spoke of the unseen powers being much greater than seen powers. The brethren sustained our High Council in prohibiting dances at the time of our quarterly conference and spoke at length about looking after our girls. On the 21st, Brother John Reidhead was ordained a patriarch by John Henry Smith. Went to Taylor, held meeting. Told of the three Nephites. One of them was a forerunner of the gospel in the Southern states. He marked their Bibles and all to whom he administered came into the Church. The Apostles again warned the people to care for their daughters.

February 27

Burt and some others were in Snowflake to hear Brother Maeser and attend a Sabbath School conference. March 6, Sunday, was fast day. I offered the special prayer. Had a good meeting. I gave three blessings to Sister Lillywhite’s children, Horace, Mitchell and Annie. Watered wheat on Monday, and the Apostles returned to Woodruff but held no meeting. They blessed Mother and went to Holbrook enroute for Old Mexico.

Tuesday, March 8.

Brother Maeser and President Smith arrived. They spoke and took up a collection to build a house for an academy at Snowflake. Sister Horn Clayton came and held meeting at 3:00 P.M. and one in the evening in the interest of the Young Ladies. She is from Provo. Her talk was most refined and instructive.

Saturday, 12th

We finished putting in the wheat and planted the peas.

Death of G. B. Gardner

Sunday, March 13

Brother G. B. Gardner died at 12:00 noon today at the age of eighty-five. He has been a great sufferer. Our meeting was occupied by Clarence Owens. We fasted today. Met in funeral capacity on Monday and I spoke and others gave some good encouragement. Saturday, Brother Reidhead and I drove to Taylor. Took the cupboard to May.

Sunday, 20th

Was ward conference at Taylor. President Smith and Richards were present. I spoke on the necessity of building an academy. I gave three blessings, one to James Shumway and two to Sister Standifird’s boys, Aquilla and Lorenzo. Returned to Woodruff. Brother Reidhead was sick.

Gift of tongues and prophecy

Tuesday and Wednesday, 22nd-23rd

About forty persons fasted for Sisters Adeline Savage and Wimmer, also for Brother Reidhead and several

others. Our meetings were at 10:00 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. We all prayed round twice and the house was so full that the last day people had to stand. The power of God was manifested. The sick were healed. The gift of tongues and of prophecy were manifested and all praised God. This day will always be remembered. Brother Reidhead blessed several persons.

Thursday, March 24

I dreamed of a large broom factory, beautifully made brooms and much broom corn. All was clean. The brooms were the elders and the corn was the boys that will yet go forth (to the mission field.) I also saw a large sheep fold. I saw a beautiful building with sliding doors, clean and neat. I was the shepherd. Some of the sheep passed by me and were lost in the big city. I tried to stop them but some would run by me but others remained in the fold. Some that ran by were poor and scrubby. Then I saw Alice, and I went and called her and she awoke and went and told Sylvia that it was the morning of the resurrection. Hannah was in the bed with Alice. I saw my bed was neat and clean. I woke and told Catherine that I wanted to sing, “I Know that my Redeemer Lives.”

April 1

We commenced building the new barn. Following week, worked on barn. Thursday, Burt went to Apache to get some soldiers. He is to move their traps, etc. Friday, Wilford went to Holbrook and loaded forty-two cwt. of freight for Apache. Fitted up wagons etc. On Sunday I read a sermon of Brother Grant’s and gave a rehearsal of the army sent to Utah in 1858 and of the fulfillment of prophecy and the same for the great day, the 6th of April.

Sunday, 16th

Ward conference at Adair. The 24th, I planted some onions, a few melons and got water on the Webb land. Wilford returned, having been gone twelve days. He brought a load of lumber (for the barn).

Sunday, May 1

Many of the Saints met in fast meeting. Tuesday the 3rd, we fasted for Chloe who was sick at Franklin. We remembered the 7th of May, the day of healing two years ago of Adeline and Celia Owens. We felt willing to fast in praise for the goodness of God. Busy during this week. Went to Stratton Mill and sold two old horses for 2000 feet of lumber and twelve cwt. of corn.

Sunday, May 15

Ward conference at Snowflake. I called on the people to help build the academy. Monday, I loaded 950 feet of lumber and drove to Taylor. Farewell dance for John before he leaves for the mission field. They raised him eighteen dollars to help him. I went home on Tuesday. Found Wilford all right. John, Mother, May and Burt came on Wednesday. I gave John a blessing and read one that was given him when eight years old. We bade


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