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Sunday, April 17.

I went to meeting. Two of the brethren from Provo spoke to the people. I gave some counsel concerning the fence around our fields. Fixed my wagon on Monday.

Tuesday, April 26.

Started for the canyon in Cedar Valley with four teams for saw-logs. Brother Tunis Rapelle, Martin Bushman and Robert Rose went with me. Wednesday, we got our loads and came home. On our return, Robert Rose ran against the gate at the bridge and broke the fore ex (axle) of my wagon. We unloaded it and went home. It was very windy that night. On Thursday I fixed the wagon and went back after the load which I left the day before. Friday the 29th, I took two loads of my logs to Hanley's mill.

Sunday, July 1.

I went to meeting in the forenoon. Brothers McOrten and Thorley spoke in the afternoon. I read a portion of the revelations on “Consecration” and made such remarks as the Spirit of the Lord gave unto me. I had great liberty of speech. In the evening I went to a Teacher's meeting. Monday, I turned our portion of the American Fork (stream) down our ditch. I also brought my lumber from the mill.

On this Monday afternoon, Bishop Evans came from his mission to the White Mountains. He was well and appeared to be in good spirits. Tuesday the 3rd, at home; on Wednesday went to Provo to training and returned the same day. Thursday, attended Fast Meeting. We had a good time. Friday, I plowed out my potatoes and on Saturday stayed home.

Sunday, at meeting Brother Evans preached on the Word of Wisdom and other things of importance. At 6:00 P.M. I attended a Teacher's meeting to answer to a charge that was preferred against me by James McPherson for speaking about him at meeting. The course that I took was justified by the Teacher's after which charges were preferred against him for speaking reproachful of the brethren and for contempt to the Priesthood. The decision of the Teachers was that he should make public confession and be re-baptized.

Monday, July 9

I plowed corn. Tuesday the same. Wednesday the 11th, watered corn this day, Brother George A. and some of the brethren came along on their way to Provo. They stayed all night. Brother Samuel Richards took breakfast with me after which they went on.

Thursday, July 10.

President Young and Company went past here for Provo where they held a three day meeting. I hauled hay on Friday and Saturday went to Provo with Bishop Evans. At 10:00 A.M. President Young and Samuel Richards spoke on agency, obedience, and plurality. The wind blew dreadfully some of the time so that the President

could scarcely speak the after part of the day.

Brother Clemont spoke on the text: “Some for Paul and Some for Apollos.” The wind blew as if the devil was determined to stop the preaching. At 6:00 P.M. the Seventies received some good counsel from Brother Joseph Young.

Sunday, July 1.

The Lamanites met with the brethren and President Young talked to them and told their true position and the connection which we sustained to them. High Footed spoke to the people and it was interpreted by Lyman Wood. The Holy Spirit rested on the Lamanites and on the congregation! In the afternoon Brothers Orson Pratt, Woodruff and Kimball spoke on the same subject and gave counsel concerning the building of a meeting house on the bench and not on the bottoms. The conference dismissed. The President and Company went to Salt Lake and preached. I returned home with Bishop Evans; got there about dark and found all well.

[The following entries appear without much added information except the day of week or month] We trained, hunted horses, hauled hay the rest of the week. Went to meeting.

July 24.

Celebrated. Helped drive cattle out of bottoms. Byron Brown commenced work for me. Haying again, Meeting: John B. Bushman and William Snow preached; I administered the sacrament and called on James McPherson to make his confession. He refused and cut from the Church. Worked on tithing house. Made barnposts and a sheep corral. Continued my haying, Watering wheat and corn. Made a coffin for Brother William Brown’s child. Fixed for meeting (funeral). Was taken sick in the night. In the morning Bishop Evans laid hands on me and I got better so that on the 11th I attended a Bishop’s Court and passed some decisions relative to Farlin, Bell, and Ezekiel Hopkins which they agreed to abide and comply with.

Monday, August 13.

I commenced hauling adobies for my shop and making window sash for same. That night, Sylvia’s mother was taken worse and had a very sick night of it. I sent to Provo for Franklin Eastman to come and see his mother. She commenced getting better, but she had a very sick time of it.

Friday, August 17.

Went to Cedar Valley for wood with two teams. Fixed house for Brother Haize, watered wheat and corn, and read the news. Made out a genealogy of my Father’s. Made window frames for Daniel Thomas. Tore down my old shop. Moved my tools and bench to the tithing house that I might be ready for the masons. Masons came.

Saturday, August 25


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