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Tuesday, November 8

It was election day. I was one of the judges. Seventeen votes were cast for President Smith out of nineteen. Brother Hancock was elected, also President J. H. Richards. President Smith was defeated for the Legislature by Mr. Woolf who said he was young and that President Smith was an old man. Our people were not wise. Brother Smith was defeated by our people in the Winslow vote.

November 12

Mother was with me and attended quarterly conference at Snowflake. Met Apostle A. O. Woodruff for the first time. Relief Society conference on Saturday. At night I gave four blessings to President Smith’s family. Sunday, Apostle Woodruff and others gave much good instruction and at night in priesthood meeting it was decided to build the academy on the hill. Some voted against it. Monday, conference continued. Tuesday was young Men’s meeting and Seymour B. Young arrived.

Thursday, 17th  

I went for wood. Horses got stalled in the river. We had an accident, horses ran away but no damage to men or horses. Saturday, I worked on the thresher.

Willard and Wife married in St. George

Friday, 18th  

Willard and Wife arrived from St. George (had been to Temple). Had a good trip. Monday, the thresher sat at my place and threshed 121 bushels. Wednesday, Apostle Woodruff, Seymour B. Young, President J. N. Smith,

Brother Hawkes and President Udall arrived at Woodruff and we had a splendid meeting. All the brethren spoke. I went with them to St. Joseph the next day and we got Thanksgiving dinner at President J. H. Richards. Held meeting at 4:00 P.M. All the brethren spoke. Brothers Woodruff, Young, and Hawkes went on to Mesa. I came home with Fay Gardner. Brother Udall paid me six dollars and said he would pay me thirteen dollars more. The bishop and C. Owens spoke on Sunday and I got a letter from Ruth.

Thursday, December 8

I filled the bed ticks with straw and we had one of the biggest storms known in years. Snow came down to the depth of eighteen inches. Coldest freezing weather ever known in Woodruff. A Mexican stopped over with me till Sunday when he went on his way to Springerville.

Sunday, 18th

Conference at Snowflake. Came home on Monday and found sister Pearce (mother of Viola, Thomas’ wife) at our place. Tuesday, I cut wood and weighed our dried peaches. We had 178 pounds. Sister Pearce stayed several days waiting for her books to arrive. Sent thirty-two pounds of dried peaches to Thomas and some green apples. I was very busy till Christmas.

On the 26th, I wrote a letter (historical) to L. L. Hatch, which was copied by Nora. I also wrote to my brother Jeremiah and to Thomas Karren. I received a check of fifty dollars from Thomas Hatch.

We convened for a three day fast which ended Sunday night, January 1, 1899. I kept the fast. The spirit of prophecy was poured out richly upon the people, young and old joined in the fast. Also the sick were healed.

January 4

The old folks met and a dinner was prepared for us. At 7:00 P.M. we met in honor of my birthday. President Smith and May came down to take part in the celebration. We had an interesting time. I blessed the assembled guests.


Sunday, January 8

Ward conference in Woodruff. President Smith came and on Monday, I gave him ten dollars to apply on my stock in the Savings Bank. Monday, the 12th, Louis Decker came with his Aunt Daphne on her way back to Manassa, Colorado. May’s babe was very sick, also mother. Mr. Testamon worked at my house putting up ceiling. Brother Kemp enroute to Denmark on a mission was with us on Sunday. I gave him a blessing. Louis Decker got me a load of wood and then took May and the babe home to Taylor. The babe was still poorly and so was dear Catherine. Weather cold and foggy.

I let B. Duffin have five cwt. of wheat. He was to work for me. Also let Charles Testamon have 542 pounds of wheat for work. Sunday, 22 January, I fasted until noon. Went to meeting. We have had three weeks of very cold weather. Mother is some better. Fixed up the cart for us. Jesse DeWitt took my team to get his grist and bring me some rye-chop. Did work on the dam and some work on our barn.

Sunday, January 12

Ward conference in St. Joseph. I held three meetings and had good liberty of spirit. President Smith was not with us. Gave a lecture to the young people and told them to try the spirits, etc.

We got word from Thomas that his wife Viloa Pearce Hatch died on January 9. She leaves seven children. Also got word from Elnora that my son Jeremiah is very sick with pneumonia. I wrote several letters to the children bearing these sad tidings. January 19, Sunday, we fasted for our boys, Thomas and Jeremiah.

Thursday, 23rd

Mother, William DeWitt and I drove to Taylor and stopped at May’s. I went to the grist mill Friday, went back to Snowflake where we attended High Council. Spoke on tithing and read Bishop Preston’s decision on tithing. Two sessions on Saturday of Sunday School conference. Brothers Maeser and Nuttle were the speakers. Spoke on the necessity of prompt attention


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