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to the time of meeting, getting good titles to lands, and careful application of Sunday School work. Recitations and songs were rendered by the different associations. Sunday was meetings and I gave blessings. Monday, more stake conference. Attended to the business and President Smith talked on tithing as per revelation and of Bishop Preston’s decision. We had a good conference and were required to send twelve missionaries from our stake.

Tuesday, 28th

Drove home where we found our son Wilford who had been working for his brother Thomas for six months. He had received $300.00. He had labored amongst very wicked men but had lived up to his covenants. We were very glad to see him and have him with us again. Wednesday, we commenced putting in our crop or plowing and cleaning ditches. Sold some hay at twelve dollars to travelers. Went to Taylor and moved Lula to Sister Pomeroy’s. Brought Louie Savage back home with me. Got 560 pounds of corn from Bishop Hunt which made our load big. Found all as usual, moving slowly. Sowed some wheat; and from the 8th to 25th of March, was very busy.

March 26

Ward conference at Taylor. Met in the new Relief Society Hall. The wind blew very hard. Formed a committee on the building of a meeting house. Started home. May and Daphne Decker came with me. Arrived in good time and watered land for three days, This has been a very cold spring.

Sunday, April 16

Attended ward conference. Spoke on tithing and other matters at the ward of Adair. President Smith was present. Home on Monday. Lula and Maud Frost came with me. Found Brother Sandeen and his son Edward at Woodruff. He is a tailor. I employed him to alter my overcoat and make me a suit of clothes. I paid him ten dollars and four and a half dollars to Edward. I received three dollars for horse feed. On Sunday the 23rd, Horace Gardner, Brother Sandeen and I were the speakers. Subject was tithing and speaking against our brethren and neighbors. After meeting, went to Sister Lucy Ellsworth’s and held dedication of her new house. I offered the prayer. A number of testimonies were borne. During the week, worked around the corral and on the barn, watered on the sand ditch. Brother Sandeen and son left for St. Joseph. The wind blew a perfect gale for three days.

Sunday, May 7

Was fast day. Several had fasted on Saturday too for the sick. After meeting we went to the water and baptized Adeline Savage, Mariah Gardner and Sextus Eagar for their health. Adeline and Mariah were much better whilst Sextus grew gradually worse. I was sent for. Brother Reidhead and Wimmer went with me. We ordained him an elder on May 8th, and he soon passed

away after the priesthood was conferred upon him.

William Frost recommenced lathing my house, but he was stopped to make the coffin. I sent a horse to get Joel Eagar (father of Sextus.) My horse went as far as Concho and someone else went on to Round Valley. We held funeral service on Wednesday, May 10. Friday, I took Ella with her children and Vena Savage and drove to Snowflake. Fed our team at Elsie Owens Flake’s. Drove to Taylor next day where I left the girls at May’s and went on to Pine Dale for ward conference. President Smith and Richards were present. Water was very scarse and the people were much discouraged. But we had a good meeting. I came home on Monday. At Six-Mile, broke one tire. One of the Smithson girls was with me. Left my load and we came home on horse back. We were very tired. Painted on Tuesday.

May 17

Looked over Burt’s crop, which he wanted me to care for. Next day, he left for the Blue River to work for Thomas Hatch. Watered about twenty-five acres. Wilford went for wood and came back with a good load, also my wagon with its load of lumber. Plowed on the lot to kill the fox tail, planted melons and watered on the sand ditch. A few days ago, I dreamed that I talked with the Lord of Hosts and I declared that I loved him.

June 1

Watered all week. Wilford made a plowbeam. On Friday, started to stake conference. Mother and Brother Reidhead went with me. Cold for this time of year. Stopped and made a fire by the road side. Got to High Council meeting. We had instruction from the presidency on the redemption of Zion and the united order. I spoke of my first acquaintance with President Snow in Nauvoo. I spoke of the time I boarded at the same house in Filmore with the two apostles, namely, Ezra T. Benson and Lorenzo Snow as we served on the legislature in 1855 and 56. During these long winter nights, we talked much of the gospel and held prayer together. These apostles lived in my heart and it was here that I was called on my mission to England. After meeting I settled with James W. Pearce for the year past. He paid me for my share of the wool and I relet my sheep to him.

Saturday, attended Primary and Relief Society conference and I promised the Saints rain. As we left the hall it began to fall and I told President Smith we would have to hurry. We did and a very hard shower poured on the town of Snowflake. Poured for thirty minutes. The Lord had given me the spirit of prophecy. On Monday at stake conference, we had Chris Christenson, the Indian missionary, with us. He felt well. Much was said on the academy. J. H. Richards was added to the Board of Education. The Elders and Bishops talked very good. I spoke at the close and felt to bless the people.

June 8 to 19


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