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Attended ward conference in Snowflake. Lula came to Woodruff on the 24th to spend the holidays with us. I fasted for my son Hyrum on Sunday the 24th. Got letter from H. E. Hatch that Hyrum is better.

December 27

Eight years since dear Alice died. O! how many changes have taken place. I ground up some sausage and worked around the place. Louis and May came down. We had an old folks party. A good turn-out and a picnic. Louis and May and Lula stopped with us for the New Year. It came in on Monday.

My tithing this year: I have paid a little over $186.00. I have been greatly blessed and have had good health. Have done much of my work on the farm and a good deal in the shop. I have paid all my fast offerings in money. I have entirely depended on the Lord. Have sold a little hay and in one way or another have gotten along.


Thursday, January 4

My seventy-fourth birthday. (The children celebrated it while Lula was home for the holidays.) I have been very busy and have not written in my journal but I will refer to the visit of Brother Karl G. Maeser, Apostle H. J. Grant and Rudger Clawson with Golden Kimball. This visit was at our ward conference. President Smith came and wanted the children to attend the meetings as well as the Sunday School. During the next week I worked a few days on the dam and was able to use the crowbar. Made some headgates and a small assessment was made. The apostles and Brother Kimall and Brother Grant’s wife arrived here at 9:00 A.M. on Sunday, 28 January. They were feeling well and learning to sing the songs of Zion. They left their blessings with us.

Sunday, February 4

Quarterly conference in Snowflake. Mother and I stayed in Taylor Saturday night. Sunday, I brought a load of the Taylor people to Snowflake to conference and mother stayed with May. Brother Grant sang several hymns. Conference on Monday. Came to Woodruff. We were prepared for the Apostles and company when they arrived. Had a good supper after which we went to meeting and were addressed by Golden Kimball, Brother Maeser and two apostles. Brother Grant, his wife and Brother Clawson stopped with us. We had two hymns before prayers and two more before prayers in the morning before breakfast. After breakfast, Burt took the brethren to Holbrook. It was a very stormy day. They left their blessing with us. I put up some fence.

Sunday, 11th

Attended Sabbath School and two meetings. I lectured at night to the young people. I gave two blessings to Emma and Annie Richards. Went home on Monday. Was very busy during the week. On Sunday, the 25th, went to meeting and spoke about one hour on the evidences of the Book of Mormon and work for the


March 1

Got a telegram from Hyrum. He was at Pueblo Colorado. He said that he would arrive at Woodruff with his wife and three children. Burt went to Holbrook for him and we were glad to see him. His health was poor but he felt that he was on the mend. I attended stake conference at Snowflake. Saturday, Sunday and Monday, President Smith was quite poorly. Bishop Savage offered a special prayer for President Smith and he was at meeting in the afternoon. We had a good conference and came home with Burt. Burt went to Taylor on March 6 and came home the next day. There was a surprise party for Lula and our boy Hyrum and his wife. All of us fasted for Hyrum and he did seem better during the week.

March 18

Apostle B. Young and wife visited our stake and held meeting at Woodruff. His subject was tithing and the united order.

March 17.

Lula went to Holbrook to get a fitout for her wedding. Esther [Hyrum’s wife] went with her.

Saturday, 24th

I and Ruth Savage went to Snowflake. One of the wheels of the wagon ran off and I went back for the burr, a distance of one mile. We arrived at dark. We held meeting. Mother, Esther, Hyrum and the children came with Thomas to Taylor. We found all well. Lula was prepared to go to conference at Salt Lake City.

April 1

Lula and Samuel F. Smith left Woodruff to be married. I bid them good-bye. God speed them and bless my dear daughter Lula. Hyrum Smith took them to Holbrook. The next day Burt took Hyrum, his wife and children to Holbrook and they took train for home. Burt found his brother John who had just returned from his mission and brought him to Woodruff. He went on to his home on Wednesday. O! may my son be greatly blessed.

JOURNAL X 1900-1906

[Declining years]


September 13

Wilford started to Thatcher.

September 17

Lorin wrote me.

There is much that could be said about my labors in New Mexico, such as, the privations and hardships for myself and family with Luther Burnham and Ernest Tichen.

We baptized quite a number of Navajos men and women. We held several meetings and many sick were


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