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healed. We talked to them in the Spanish language. Elder Marcus Peterson was good in speaking Spanish and helped us much. He brought several Mexicans into the Church and emigrated them to Arizona. President Wilford Woodruff ordained one of their number, an aged man, a patriarch while he was in Arizona.

One circumstance, among the many, I will mention. There was a woman, a Navajo; I called her Ruth. She was very sick and was brought to us a blanket. Four Indians carried her to the meeting and she laid on the blanket till we had explained the ordinance of baptism and the Book of Mormon, etc. Then we baptized her and she was carried back to meeting house. Then we annointed her and laid hands on her. She got up, got onto a horse and rode eight miles. Several chiefs that had been wounded, were healed. We blessed a number of children and administered the sacrament. The Lord confirmed the word with signs following. These were days never to be forgotten.

I will now commence this journal, 4 April, 1900. Woodruff, Arizona. [This journal is the same size as the one he called “Woodruff. ” It is about three-fourths full of writing. It is a grey book, red leather corners, and black letters across the cover reading: D. E. Ledger.]

My last journal is now full. It is a book of 289 pages. It was commenced 3 August 1890. The last of the old Journal is as late as 1 April, 1900— account of Lula and Samuel Smith.

April 4

During this week, I watered my lucern.

April 6

Wilford was called on a mission.

Sunday, 8th

Mother (Catherine) and I fasted and earnestly prayed for our boys. Wilford, Thomas, and Hyrum, also for our fruit as the weather is quite cold. A letter from Samuel and Lula, they had safely arrived in Salt Lake City (where they had gone to be married). We attended Sabbath School and meeting.

Sunday, 15th

We made a program for getting Wilford and Adey [granddaughter Addie Savage] home from Thatcher.

Thursday, April 19

I took little Mary H. [granddaughter] and started to Ellsworth’s to hold ward conference. Drove to Taylor and stopped at John’s overnight. On the 20th, I drove to Sister Poley Ellsworth’s, Lester Shumway [grandson] went with me. We were kindly received. Next day drove to Stratton’s saw mill and got eight hundred feet of lumber. Drove back to Sister Ellsworth’s and it started raining. President Smith and Emmy Larson Smith arrived at 7:00 P.M. They were wet and cold.

Sunday, 22nd

Had a good time. After meeting we ordained some deacons. I ordained Agustus Hansen a deacon. We examined the ward records and found them in good shape. On the 23rd, drove to Woodruff. Snowed and rained. The roads were very heavy and the team was very tired.

Wednesday, 25th

I got a letter from Thomas. He wishes me to take his children. [Thomas’ wife had been dead for several months and he did need help, but grandmother was not able to undertake the task. The children did come to Woodruff that winter and lived at the Savage home. Dear Aunt Nora took the responsibility.]

Heard that Wilford had started for home on April 20. Samuel and Lula arrived home on the 22nd and all is well. April the 29th, Wilford returned on this date. He was gone eight months.

Monday, 30th

I arose and wrote a letter to Ella Hatch at 3:00 A.M. Ella is H. E. Hatch’s daughter and my granddaughter, also wrote to my son Hyrum. Very busy. Fast day we had some good testimonies. Catherine has been sick for several days.

After 17 August, I was much driven with work that I did not keep journal and cannot give many dates. Alvenia Smart came out from Logan and stayed with us for a few weeks and looked after her mother. She left for home 17 August and Adey (daughter, Adeline Savage) left for Utah. 3 August, worked very hard during this summer. Got hay and grain, attended to water and went to stake conference held at St. Joseph.

September 27

I was thrown off from a load of hay and put my ankle out. I was hurt badly Bert [son] set my ankle. It took four men to hold my leg, two to hold and two to pull the ankle into place. It hurt me very much. I read the Book of Mormon and wrote many letters. I wished to get my children to raise a Temple fund to be a yearly fund, one dollar for each child. That would be twenty-three dollars. And charge twenty-five cents for each grandchild. We raised ten dollars in Woodruff and I sent it to Lorin (at Logan). I missed two ward conferences while I was afflicted.

Released from Stake Presidency and called to return to Utah

November 24

This was the date of my release from the Snowflake Stake. Sent me from President Snow calling me to return to Utah. It had been twenty-four years since I left Franklin in December, 1875.

December 6

Started for Taylor. Catherine, who had been sick for six months, went with me and also Nora and Bishop L. M. Savage. I put a spring matress in for Catherine to


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