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ride on. The team was poor and we walked nearly all the way. On the 7th, I got Bishop Bushman’s buggy and took Catherine to May Decker’s at Taylor. I went to see John, Nettie and Willard, and showed them my release. I then drove to Snowflake.

At Snowflake I met President Joseph F. Smith Owen Woodruff, and Seymour B. Young. President Joseph F. was surprised to learn of my release. I told him I had answered to a call. We held a High Council Meeting at 4:00 P.M. At this conference time several couples at Taylor were sealed. Sunday, P.M. I was released as First Counselor to President J. N. Smith. We spent the P.M. listening to President Joseph F. Smith and the Apostle [Owen Woodruff] speak. We met on Monday and the spirit of the Lord was abundantly poured out. We had an evening meeting. Many tears were shed at my release. I had labored twenty-two years with President Jesse N. Smith in perfect union. I went three times with him to Utah by team and wagon and three or four times by train. We have done our best to bless the people. Some of our wards were over two hundred miles away. We went to Tonto and Tuba Wards and also to the Gila. St. Johns Stake, as it is called now, belonged to this stake twenty years ago. We also went to Silver City, New Mexico and delivered five lectures. We have been in the cold and wet. When the Union Pacific Railroad was being built, we preached to the camps who were working on the road. Bore testimony to the truth and sometimes were treated with scorn.

The following is a statement by Jesse N. Smith about the faithful work of L. H. Hatch.

Woodruff, Arizona, January 27, 1901

Having been associated with Brother Lorenzo H. Hatch for the past twenty-two years in the Presidency of the Eastern Arizona and Snowflake Stakes, I can say that during that time he has never neglected and never overdone a duty, but in all respects has fulfilled every requirement to my entire satisfaction, being guided by divine inspiration and activated by a spirit of humility, love, kindness, and forgiveness.

Some of my happiest and most blessed moments have passed in his company and we became intimately acquainted during our journeys to distant parts of the stake. I have often witnessed in him a spirit prophecy, inspiration and enlightenment that was good for the people among whom we labored and this without ostentation or display.

I very gladly give my tried and trusted fellow laborer this humble testimonial.

Jesse N. Smith

Tuesday, December 11

We went to Taylor and held a birthday party for President J. N. Smith. He was sixty-six years old and well preserved. President Joseph F. Smith spoke in high terms of his cousin. I had the privilege of speaking at

this party, also at the afternoon meeting. Pres. Joseph F. blest me, also Apostle Woodruff said my labors have been accepted. I praise and thank the Lord.

Smith D. Rogers was made first counselor to President Smith in my place. Next day we started for Concho. Smith Rogers took me. I slept with President Joseph F. Smith at Bishop Marble’s. We went on to St. Johns and visited their reservoir. Friday, Saturday and Sunday held conference with them. Much counsel, preaching, ordaining, and blessing was done. The Saints were counseled to stay and secure the water and land. The academy was dedicated on Sunday by J. F. Smith. I gave five blessings while at St. Johns and had the privilege of speaking at the 3:00 o’clock session. At Concho, I gave a blessing to Bishop Marble’s son. Arrived at Woodruff Monday afternoon. The brethren went to the dam and gave counsel about the dam. William DeWitt married Elsey Owens. They blessed Cecelia Owens, Brother Russel’s wife and Lula Jane Smith.

Clarkey Owens [J. C. Owens, Jr.] took the brethren to Holbrook [where they took train for Salt Lake City.] Brother Freeman brought the brethren to Woodruff. I found Nora, Ella, and Lula, also Bert all well on Tuesday. Sent $ 59.84 to settle my taxes by Samuel F. Smith on this date, 22 December. I ordained Fay Gardner an elder on the 11th of this month. On the 22nd got a letter from Wilford. He was well.

Sunday, 23rd

Went to Church. John Hatch was home missionary. He spoke of the fulfillment of prophecy and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. I gave an account of my trip to St. Johns and of President Joseph F. Smith’s counsel for the people to be contented, put in their reservoirs and secure their lands. John stopped until noon on Monday. He looked at the farm land in view of getting him a place here. At 5:00 P.M. Wilford arrived from Thatcher where he had been to school for three months. He was feeling well.

December 25

I wrote to H. E. Hatch and took dinner at Brother Reidhead’s. I had a talk with Bert about selling out my place. At this date, I have in the Woodruff Dam capitol stock of $1880.93. This day (Christmas) passed off pleasantly.

Thursday, December 27

This day is nine years since dear Alice died. I wrote to Catherine at Taylor. [She was staying with her daughter May because of ill health.] Wilford and Samuel went for wood and got home with one load. Wilford went back the next day for the one they had left. I boarded with Lula whilst mother was gone to Taylor. Settled tithing with Bishop L. M. Savage on the 29th.

Sunday, 30th


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