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My foot gains slowly. I feel quite lonesome. Went to meeting. Wilford spoke of his preparation for missionary work [in a class he had recently taken at the Church School in Thatcher.] Told what it had done for him and bore testimony of the work. Said that the missionary class fasted each Friday and some person or persons were healed or benefited. I took dinner with Bert and supper with Ella.

January. 1901, making plans to leave Woodruff.

January 1

I worked making a fence for dear Alice’s grave, same on Wednesday and Thursday.

Seventy fifth birthday

January 4

Was my seventy-fifth birthday. John, Ezra, Nettie and children came from Taylor to Woodruff to celebrate this day, also President J. N. Smith, Smith D. Rogers and wife, and Aunt Emmey were present. We met at the schoolhouse at 7:00 P.M. Nora was presiding. John made an opening speech. Gave some of my history in a feeling manner. Referred to the blessing I gave him when he started on his mission. I told him that no man should have power to hurt him. He told of how deadly weapons were drawn on him at different times but no harm was done. A man drew a hammer to strike him but his arm fell powerless to his side. Then President Smith gave a synopsis of my labors in this land.

I had the spirit of blessing and blessed my children. Many were the names that were presented before my mind. We were at a late hour when we came to my home. Wilford and all of the boys spoke. It was a time to be remembered by all who were present. Catherine was not well enough to attend. The number of grandchildren present was thirty-four. The program was very good. Little Lorenzo and Victor [sons of Thomas] sang “Adam-Ondi-Ahmon” [or “This Earth was Once a Garden]. I have 111 grandchildren and two great granchildren, twenty-three of my own children, alive, and nine of them were at this party. [Many of us, Who were youngsters at the time remember that party.]

January 5

I sold the house and lot (at Woodruff) and twenty-two acres of land to Samuel Smith for $1520 to be paid in five notes, $304 per year at six percent, also one span of horses, wagon, and harness. We went to the petrified forest where twenty-five of us sat down to eat. Eighteen grandchildren were present, seventeen of them were Alice’s and one [Chloe Hatch, daughter of Thomas) was Catherine’s. We got home at 7:00 P.M. It was a grand night to see this petrification. Sunday, March the 6th was fast day. We had a good time and on the next day we talked to Wilford about the sale of the rest of the property. Burt took the eighteen acres of land, barn and nine hundred dollars of water right, to be paid in five payments. Wilford left for the return trip to Thatcher.

May stopped with us (because her mother was not well). John took five head of colts to Taylor and was to do the best he could to dispose of them. Catherine’s health quite poorly.

Saturday, 12th

Bert baled hay and straw in my barn. Sixteen tons has been baled. I worked some in the shop repairing a wagon. I struck my hand with a sharp axe, but through a great providence the wound was slight. My guardian angel prevented me from cutting my thumb off and a part of my hand with it. With gratitude I record this great preservation.

My hay was baled by Burt, twenty tons and ready for market. I worked around the place mending wagons, etc.

Sunday, January 13

I fasted and gave blessings to Lydia Savage, Ellen Hatch, Jesse Savage, Alice Hatch, my grandchildren. I went to meeting where Brother Joseph Fish spoke on every officer in the priesthood doing his duty. Said the day of carelessness must cease with the Saints. After meeting, I blessed Brother Joseph Fish. During the week, I cleaned out the stables, fixed a box for Katey (daughter of Thomas). Worked on the fence. My ankle is on the gain. Did the chores.

Sunday, 20th

I gave six blessings, one to Francis Decker (grandson), Frank Campbell, Joseph White and Frank Owens. Also blessed May and Sister Emma Smith. (At meeting) Bishop Savage spoke of the Saints following the ways of the world and breaking the word of wisdom. Brother Russel, Clarkey Owens and Jesse DeWitt all bore faithful testimonies of the work of the Lord. I continued my history and sent some to Logan to have it copied with the typewriter.

Friday, February 1

James C. Owens [first bishop of Woodruff] fell dead in his shop at 5:00 P.M. Burt and Mr. Testamon made the coffin. Sunday, the 3rd, President Smith and I occupied the time, spoke in behalf of Brother Owens. Brother James Flake and Osmar were down from Snowflake also. We buried Brother Owens.

Monday, 11th

Lula gave birth to her first born, a little girl. On the 19th, I went and blessed Lula’s babe. We called her Alice H. Smith. I worked making a wagon bed, cleaned out some ditch. The principal of our school took Coley, my horse, and went to Holbrook. His name was Albert Warren. He sent the horse back. (He never came back and there was no school in the upper grades on Monday morning.)

Sunday, March 3

Fast day. I went to Sunday School and mother was able to go with me. We attended the meeting and many good testimonies were borne. I wrote a letter to President


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