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Snow and one to my brother Abram and in the evening gave two blessings to Roger Gardner’s girls. Worked hard on Monday and gave two blessings. I gave one to Eugene and one to Ethel Gardner. I was very tired and greatly troubled in my dreams. I got up at 5:00 A.M., wrote some and went to work on a fence. Mother seems better.

Sunday, 10th

Mother is better. After meeting, I gave blessings to Ella’s two youngest children. (Lucien and Catherine Eva) Monday, I traded some corn and hay for a little spring wagon. Thought I could dispose of the wagon easier than of the corn and hay. Thursday, the 14th, went to stake conference. Went to High Council meeting and was authorized to try to get the First presidency to allow fifteen percent instead of ten percent for stake expenses from the tithing. Gave blessings to one of Ezra’s little girls and John’s boy, George. On Sunday at the noon intermission, I gave a blessing to one of President and Sister Janet Smith’s daughters. In the P.M. after the authorities were sustained I spoke. [This was the last time he ever spoke in a conference in the Snowflake stake.]

March 17

Drove to Taylor and gave two blessings, Brother Henry James and Forest Lee. Gave seven blessings on Monday at Shumway. Gave a blessing to E. Solomon’s wife on the 18th. Returned to Taylor and sold old Coley to John McLeave for forty dollars. He gave me ten and his note for thirty dollars to be paid in June at eight percent interest. Gave Willard’s children, Ezra’s and John’s their blessings. Some seventeen blessings today. Tuesday, the 19th, Wednesday, I got up and cut some wood for Nettie. Drove to Snowflake and gave some blessings to President Smith’s children. Brother Savage wrote a number of blessings for me. Left Snowflake after giving Sister Lindsay’s little boy his blessing. His father is dead. Arrived in Woodruff and found that Catherine had been very sick. My heart was filled with sorrow.

Saturday, 23rd

Bishop Savage, Louie and Jesse and I went to attend [at Joe City] the twenty-fifth anniversary of the arrival of the pioneers in Arizona. It was fearfully windy. We had to put Louie and Jesse under the blankets. We celebrated. Had a full house. I was Chaplain, our meeting lasted until a late hour. I gave twelve blessings on Monday. Arrived home and found mother some better.

March 29

Worked very hard to get ready to leave for the north. On the 30th, John, Ezra and wives came from Taylor to see us off but I was not ready. Found my boy Wilford who had come to see me and his mother before we left and my heart was filled with gratitude to see my boy.

March 31

John, Ezra, Burt and I took the frame for their mother’s grave to the graveyard and placed it over her grave. Went to meeting. Brother O. Flake spoke and I followed. It was perhaps the last testimony that I should ever bare in Woodruff. I then went and got dinner with my baby girl Lula.

We loaded up our boxes and gave the parting hand to dear children and friends. Wilford drove us to Holbrook. Clarence Owens took two of our boxes. Little Parley went with us. Mother had a hot rock and sat in a rocking chair and the cover was put on the carriage. I and Wilford were quite cold when we arrived in Holbrook.

I settled up with Julius; got a suit of clothes for ten dollars and a Navajo blanket. I got Clergyman’s ticket for $22. 50, for Catherine $44.95 and half fare ticket for Katey, $22.50. At 12:00 we were started on our long journey. [Katey is Thomas’ daughter. She was good help for her grandmother.] Wilford and Parley with Clarence bade us good-bye, and we traveled with fine speed on our journey. Found my cousin, Horace Farr, at Colorado Springs. He made our short stay agreeable. At Salt Lake City, I got a baggage man to take us to Sister Piper’s, 48, 4th East. He charged us fifty cents. We were welcomed at Sister Piper’s. Went for my grip. Our luggage had not arrived.

April 4

Got me a pair of shoes and rubbers. It was snowing hard.

Friday, April 5

(At conference) President Snow spoke for twenty-five minutes. His voice was clear and I could hear him very well. I rejoiced to hear him. Apostle Smoot was then called and bore testimony. This was the first time that I had seen him.

Sunday, 7th

All these speakers bore a faithful testimony. I saw my brother Abram and his wife. Had supper with a niece (Annabelle Bennion) who married a man by the name of Wallace. He took me to the Murray train and I was met by David Bennion, a boy of sixteen and found Catherine quite poorly. [Catherine was staying with her sister, Mary Karren Bennion, who lived at Murray.]

Monday, 8th

Went to priesthood meeting in the assembly hall. Brother Brigham Young, Jr. , invited me to go to President Snow’s office to talk over an appropriation for the Snowflake Academy. Got my trunk and boxes transferred to the Short Line Railroad. Paid $1.10 for storage and fifty cents to the baggage man.

April 10

Arrived at Logan at 11:00 A.M. H. E. Hatch and all were glad to see me. I was glad to get back to Cache Stake. L. L. came, and we spent the night at Sylvia’s.


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