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Went to Brother Thomas Karren's home in the evening and married Sylvenus Colett to Lydia Karren.

August 28.

The masons finished the new shop. I made frames for George Coleman. Worked on the tithing house the next two days. Was sick all week. On Wednesday 19 September 1855, Bishop Evans started on his mission to the Elk Mountains. I went out of doors and looked out a little after a confinement of twelve days with mountain fever. I was very sick. I feel to attribute thanks to the Lord for my recovery.



September 30.

Went to Salt Lake City with Brother Bell to do some business. While we were there Brother Joseph Young, Rockwood and Eldredge came along and returned with and gave out an appointment for a meeting. Brothers Rockwood and Joseph preached, giving good advice. It was received thankfully. Brothers Joseph and Eldredge stayed all night with me.

Monday, October l.

I took ten or twelve men and went to work on the state road. Friday the 15th, Started for conference (General Conference in Salt Lake City) Catherine went with me. Arrived in safety. On the 6th, 7th, 8th, we went to meetings. Had an interesting time. Tuesday, Catherine received her endowments. I had an interesting interview with Bishop Hunter.

Came home safely and found all well.

The Devil

Friday night I was called out of bed to go and administer to John Catlin's wife. The devil caused her to bark like a dog. We cast the spirit out. Brother Abel Evans was with me, We administered to her, and she appeared well and comfortable, but as soon as we were gone the devil commenced again and they sent for Abel. He stayed all night and kept her right till morning, Brother Abel and I went and administered to several sick persons and then in company with Brother Thomas Karren, we went to John Catlin's and found his wife very much enraged with an evil spirit. We administered to her, but the spirit did not stand rebuked. We then demanded in the name of Jesus of the spirit what right he had to inhabit that tabernacle. And because he was obliged to tell, the woman began to confess that she had stolen some feathers, and her husband acknowledged that he had killed a yearling heifer that belonged to James Ferguson who was on a mission. We got the, key to much iniquity and the spirit lost his power, She soon recovered.

(The Bishops)

Sunday, October 14.

I went to Provo. Brother Wordsworth took his carriage and took me. Sylvia went with me. I went for the purpose of attending a meeting of the bishops. Bishop Blackburn and several others were there and we had a good meeting. Returned the same day. Spent all the next week in my shop.


We had a training up at the American Fork to organize a company or regiment of Infantry. We appointed Major David Evans as Colonel by promotion, and we organized a battalion, which consisted of men from Pleasant Grove, Salt Lake City, and Mountainville. Another battalion at Lehi and Cedar Valley was organized, and I was appointed Major.

(The Territorial Legislature)

[Elected to the Territorial Legislature in the fall of 1855. The first entry which occurs in the Journal is as follows:]


Friday, November 16.

I started to the City of Great Salt Lake with two beef steers for sale to get my fit-out for the legislature. I let Brother McConnel have one of them as I was owing him for five acres of land that I had bought of him. I was to give him eighty dollars. He went with me. We got to the City about 5:00 P.M. Sold the steers for fifty dollars. Did our trading. Got home Saturday about 7:00 in the evening. Worked five days in the shop this week. I worked very hard this next week to get ready for the Legislature.

Sunday, December 2.

I spoke to the Saints. Sister William Wardsworth was buried today at 2:00 P.M. Killed a hog on Monday and made twenty-four lights of sash the same day. Went to meeting after supper. Had a good meeting. After meeting, I cut up my hog and tended to prayers. Got up at 5:00 A.M. the next morning and started for Fillmore. Brother George Barber took me and Brother Benson. We went to Provo. We took Brother George A, Smith aboard, going on to Spanish Fork City. Here we held a meeting in the evening and stayed all night. We were treated kindly.

Wednesday, we started very early and went to Payson. The Governor hadn’t started when we got there. We traveled with him to Nephi, arriving at this place at 3:00 P. M. I found Jeremiah, his wife was sick with winter fever. Sister Adeline was well. I stayed with her all night and attended meeting in the evening. Thursday the 6th of December, got passage with Brother Sanders for Fillmore. We camped all night at Round Valley, forty miles from Nephi. In the morning we started at half past 5:00 A.M. and got to Fillmore about 3:00 P.M. on Friday. I was in good health and spirits.

I engaged for my board at Brother Baset’s at $5.50 a


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