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Thursday, I went to the barbers and got trimmed up and then went and saw Alvenia Smart. She was working very hard. Hyrum came down from Franklin and planned with H. E. Hatch about fixing a house for me. I returned to Franklin with Hyrum. Went to meeting on Sunday. Occupied a few minutes. Saw many of my old friends and the grandchildren were happy indeed. My heart was full of blessings for them. Monday, I went to Lafayette’s and had dinner with them. He took me to the train. Hyrum gave me a dollar and I returned to Logan. I had a telephone call that Catherine would be up from the city on the 11:00 train. On my arrival I found her at Sylvia’s. She had stopped for nine days at sister’s, Mary K. Bennion, and was well treated by all the family. Catherine stopped at Sylvia’s for a week and I fixed up a Wagon and worked at the house. [Into which they--L. H. Hatch and Catherine--soon moved.]

Thursday, 18th  

Brother Thomas S. Smart (old time friend at Franklin) died. He was seventy-seven years old. Sunday, I went to Franklin and took part in the funeral. I opened with prayer. Apostles Cowley and Woodruff were the speakers. It was the largest funeral every held in Franklin. I stopped over on Monday, working for Clarey. Made her a gate. Came to Logan with Hyrum, Esther and little Lorenzo. They came down in their surrey. Arrived at 8:30 A.M. and he took his sister Adeline to the Temple where she was baptized for her health.

Wednesday, 24th  

Louisa [Lorin’s sweetheart] arrived at Logan from Chicago. I worked on the wagon and took Catherine and Katey to Thomas Smart’s (son-in law). On Saturday went to the burial of one of the aged veterans of Logan. He was the father of many children and in high standing in this stake. While there I visited the graves of Brothers E. T. Benson and Peter Maughn. Brother Benson was one of my best friends. We traveled to England together in 1856 and I worked for him when he was a contractor on the railroad. He died September 3, 1869.


Sunday, April 28

I was at Logan Conference, and at 2:00 P.M. I was the first speaker. Apostles Merrill, Cowley, and Woodruff were present. There was a very large attendance. The stake was divided into three, the Cache, Benson and Hyrum Stakes. On Monday, I attended and was sustained a patriarch in the Cache Stake where I had been ordained twenty-eight years ago come next June 27.

Tuesday, 30th

We got our new range stove. Went for Catherine, and we slept for the first time overnight in our new home. May day was very hot.

I worked at a wash stand and finished it on Friday. I felt out of sorts in my mind. The afternoon was very wet and it rained very hard all day on Saturday. I read the little book “Durant.”

Sunday, May 5

Fast day, went to Sunday School and fast meeting. After meeting, Brother D. C. Jensen asked me to go to his home and bless his wife Mary and also himself and his three children. He gave me one dollar. Monday, I was not very well and stayed in the house most all day. Tuesday, the 7th, I took mother and Katey to the Temple and I was called to deliver the lecture. Mother was baptized for her health and I assisted in blessing several sick persons. Returning home I found one of my aged friends from Wellsville. He was Elder Salesbury. He came with me and administered to Catherine and Addie. Brother Jolly also came and administered to my daughter Hannah Adeline. Worked around the place the remainder of the week. Paid a man fifty cents for plowing the lot.

Friday, 10th

Thomas Hatch (son) came. He left Holbrook April 26. He visited at Vernal and reports that my brother Jerry is poorly, but was very glad to see our boy. I made three screen windows and planted some seeds in garden on Saturday. Dear mother is quite poorly.

Tuesday, 12th

I was blessed by Apostle Merrill and Brother Morgan and was promised a renewal of my usefulness and soundness of mind and of all my intellect, my eyesight, and my ankle and was promised that I should give many blessings at the font. Wednesday, I took Catherine to the station and she went to Franklin. Got some lumber to make some screen doors and a flour box. I worked at the screen doors and the garden.

Sunday, 19th

2:00 P.M. Three returned missionaries spoke and gave interesting accounts of their missions. I went to Sylvia’s because this day was lonely for her as Lorin was gone to Franklin. On Monday, I attended a funeral in the Second Ward. Brother Marion Lewis and myself and Melvin Ballard spoke. Tuesday, Thomas and I went to Hyde Park and saw Celia and her children (daughter) who had just gotten around from the effects of smallpox. Brother A.M. Hamon came to Celia’s and I gave him a patriarchal blessing and on Thursday, Thomas and I went to the Temple. I got endowments for Benjamin Sumner and Thomas for Mathias Sumner. My sister Adeline Barber and I were sealed for six couples. Friday, I worked for Thomas Sumner and Thomas (son) did work for John Temple Sumner. Thomas, Ruth and I with sister Adeline were sealed for fifteen or adopted. When I arrived home, there was Katey Wolfe Haman, my granddaughter, at my place. I gave her a patriarchal blessing.


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