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I went with H. E. and Thomas to the Agricultural College to look after some stock. Saw some fine cows, one that I think I shall buy. She weighs 111 pounds. She produced 230 pounds of butter last year. It is a black jersey. We went to the green house where the flowers are raised. It was a beautiful sight. The wind was blowing very hard and on Saturday, the 25th, I got up rather late and found that much damage had been done. Many trees had been blown down and I propped up two trees at Sylvia’s place. Went to Hyde Park with Thomas and called on Celia, after which, we went on to Franklin. My daughter Lizzie Daines and William (her husband) came from Preston. They called and stopped at Franklin, and on Sunday returned to Hyde Park with Brother Daines. Drove to Preston. There I saw my daughter Chloe and found mother who had been there several days. Took mother and Katey to the train where they got tickets for Logan. I laid down and rested for a while. Then I ground the axe and hatchets, two of them, which were very dull. Ezra Hatch, Hyrum’s boy, and Willie Daines took turns. Each of them turned the stone fifty-two times and then the other would turn the stone. Slept at L. L.’s [Lafayette’s] and he took me to Logan. (Worked in Temple Friday and Thursday). On May 31, Louisa went to Salt Lake City.

Monday, June 3

(Temple work most all week.) On Friday, I got a book for writing blessings in which enabled me to record two at once. After work for the dead was over, (Friday night) I gave three blessings. Lorin went to Salt Lake on June 2.

Sunday, 9th

I prepared to meet Lorin and Louisa. They arrived and were feeling well. Catherine and I took dinner at Sylvia’s and then went to hear Apostle Grant. It was in interest of the Brigham Young College. He bore a wonderful testimony. Monday, I wrote a letter to President Snow and hung a screen door. (Temple work on the 11th) The following is a letter written to Jeremiah Hatch at Thatcher, Arizona.

Logan, June 9, 1901

To my son at Thatcher, George Jeremiah Hatch, my dear boy:

I have not heard from you for a long time and felt that I had ought to write you. My health is pretty good for a man of my age. L. L., H. E., Thomas, Hyrum, Alvenia and Lorin have fixed up a place in this city of five thousand inhabitants for me to live in. The house and lot belongs to H. E. Hatch. He is bringing the water into the house so that it will be very convenient for us.

I am expected to spend my time in the Temple and give blessings. My expenses with visits of grandchildren and others who come to see us will cost twenty or thirty dollars a month. The rent of the land at Woodruff and at Franklin will about keep up this expense. I expect to help Wilford on his mission.

I want all of my children to furnish one dollar (for temple work) each year and each of the grandchildren, twenty-five cents. There being a hundred and one of them that will amount to twenty-five dollars and the twenty-three children at one dollar will amount to twenty-three dollars. The names of each child and each grandchild will be credited by Lorin or whoever may be appointed to look after the fund.

Lula sent ten dollars to Lorin with the names of the doners from Woodruff. I want you to take part in this and remit each year. Thomas and children have sent in their donation for the year 1901. I pay each day, fifty cents. This will amount to $1.50 each week. And it costs ten cents an hour for keeping the records of the work, which we do in the Temple.

Aunt Adeline has collected some money from Uncle Abram and my Sister Elizabeth, which has been spent for records, books, etc. She paid for some work, which has been done by different parties.

I think that each year, say on the 4th of January, [his birthday] my children had ought to meet at some suitable place and have a report of this fund and enter up the names of grand and great grandchildren in my family record, also the marriages. As the family is scattered, have a family clerk to whom each family should report.

In Arizona the children might meet at some place agreed upon among themselves. Also a meeting can be held in Logan or Franklin. At these meetings, prayer and thanksgiving should be offered up to the Most High God. The fund should be used for Temple work.

A copy of this should be sent to each of my children and I witness this day to all men, that the work of God as revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith will continue to roll forth and no power can stop it. It is the work of God, and if my children will abide by my counsel, they shall increase forever and ever. May God bless you all.

Your father,

Lorenzo Hill Hatch

June 11, 12, 13, 14

Worked at the Logan Temple. Evening of the 14th, Alvenia came from her ranch. We fixed up some fishing tackle and tried to fish. But we were too late. Stopped with daughter Alvenia all night. On the 15th, Lorenzo Smart took me to Providence where I got twenty-five cents worth of strawberries and fifteen cents worth of cabbage plants which I set out, painted two doors and wrote to my daughter Ella.

Sunday, 16th

Thomas came back from a trip to the Snake River country. On Monday I had a visit from a brother Clark who was a dentist. He fixed my teeth. He was a rather strange man. I went with him to see Sister Burtenaw. She had a seer stone from which her daughter claimed she could see what was going on such as hidden


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