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treasures or find bodies of drowned people that had been hid in the sand and many such things. I saw this curious stone and told the mother that she would have to be careful how she used this gift as she would be called upon by wicked people to obtain wealth. I found that she had faith in astrology. I told her that many had been led astray in the days of Nauvoo by the use of such stones.

Tuesday, June 18

(Temple work) Hyrum and Esther and children came and waited with us. They stayed at Thomas Smart’s place. Thomas and Chloe went with me to the Agricultural College to hear a lecture by Judge Thurman. He and Catherine’s sister, Bell Thurman, arrived on the train on the 17th. It was quite a grand affair. He returned to Salt Lake City and Sister Bell stopped for a few days visit. She stayed at Thomas Smart’s and Catherine went up to Smart’s and visited with her and on the 19th, Chloe went up to Vena’s (Smart’s) and stopped.

Thursday, 20th  

Thomas Hatch and Joseph Savage left for the southland to get his [Thomas’] family. [three days in Temple] Bell carne down to visit with us and on Saturday I went with Vena and Bell to Hyde Park and stopped with Ceila Woolf. Paid five dollars tithing for Catherine and one for me. This was on money from the sale of furniture (in Woodruff). I paid ten dollars in April or May. I desire to answer with a clear conscience. I endeavored to pray, about one hour’s time, while in Hyde Park at 3:00 A.M. It seemed that I was surrounded by Heavenly Beings. I stopped at Sylvia’s Monday, the 24th, and while at Sylvia’s I again was filled with the spirit to ask for the rest of my children and about the same time was occupied. My sleep left me for quite a time.

Tuesday, 25th

I took dear Catherine to the Temple where she was blessed for her health. (Worked in Temple. Sealed for ten couples.) June 26, 27, 28, worked for Sumner people in Temple.

Saturday, 29th

I bought a flowing pen for $1.25. Bought some paper and a tablet for twenty-five cents, also some salt and candy corn for twenty-five cents. Sunday, I fasted until noon. Went to Lorin’s and got dinner. Lorin got his buggy and horse and took Catherine and me to the tabernacle to hear the conference of the religion class. A few days before this H. E. Hatch gave me a silver headed cane with L. H. H. beautifully engrave on the head. I took this cane with me. Monday, the 11th, went to Hyde Park and saw my dear daughter Celia who was in deep trouble. Returned by T. Smart’s and he proposed to give me a life lease on the west orchard, which consists of about three acres of land. I went to High Priest’s meeting and gave in my recommend. Wednesday, worked in Temple and went also to Tom

Smart’s and got some wood. Brought it home in the buggy.

Thursday, July 4

Went to the celebration. We had some very good talk and program was well rendered. When I returned I found that Thomas and his children had just arrived from Arizona Territory. All in good health. This seemed a long day. Friday was in Temple. Sunday was fast day. Attended a very good meeting. Monday, I watered at Smart’s place and brought home some wood. Tuesday, Tom Smart started with some sheep to Chicago and I watered at his place. The ground was very uneven and hard to water. (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Temple.) Saturday, Catherine is some better. Carl Smart came from sheep camp and is home with his mother.

Monday, July 15

I worked in the orchard. At 7:30 I attended High Priests meeting. Elder Ballard lectured. He did well. On Tuesday, L. L. and Sara came from Franklin and worked in the Temple. We did some adoptions. (Temple on Friday.) On Saturday, worked at the orchard. Catherine slept poorly. Friday, the 26th, L. L. and my daughter Clarissa came down from Franklin, came to the Temple. H. E. came also to assist Ruth with sealings. On Saturday, I bought some apricots.

Sunday, 28th

Was quarterly conference. Apostles John Henry Smith and Marriner W. Merrill were present. Talked on Temple work and on looking after our sons and daughters. Read revelation on the Sabbath day. Much good instructions of great interest to me. Got some summer clothes. Conference continued on Monday. Friday, I worked at the orchard and made a spring seat. I was afflicted with five sore boils. Sunday was fast day but I was not able to go to meeting. Brother Baker and Brother Willmore came and administered the sacrament to us sick folks. They also administered to Catherine, Adeline [Savage] and to me. My boils pained me all night. Monday, I was in bed until 1:00 P.M. and my afflictions continued.

Friday, August 9

I was visited by W. G. Smith. His daughter Georgia married my oldest grandson. On this date, H. E. Hatch’s wife, Georgia was delivered of a fine son, [Waldo Morrison Hatch] May the afflictions of our bodies be lifted and our sorrows come to an end when it may please the Father of us all. [His boils still troublesome.]

Sunday, 11th

I was in bed most of the day. Monday, quite poorly. Tuesday, the 13th, Thomas took Adeline (daughter) to Salt Lake City. I went up to the ranch and could get around a little. Today Ina Hatch went to Salt Lake to marry S. Parkinson.

Thursday, 15th


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