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Went to the orchard and watered some of the trees. My boils some better. For four days and nights poor Catherine has failed to sleep. Dr. Budge came and saw Catherine. Thomas returned from City with his daughter Mary but Adeline stopped there to have an operation.

I went to the train and met Annie and her daughter Ina and Ina’s husband. Thomas and I went to Franklin with Lorin. We took Prince and the surrey. Arrived at 6:00 P.M. where we spent a very pleasant time until 2:00 A.M. with the wedding guests. Here I found William Daines with Lizzie and Chloe. There were songs, recitations and speeches. Saturday, we visited with Clarey till 2:00 P.M. Thomas and I came to Logan on the train. Lorin went with the horse and buggy. Apostle Mathias F. Cowley came to Logan and I got him to come and administer to dear Catherine.

Monday, 19th  

Rained nearly all day. Tuesday, Ruth went to Salt Lake. On the 22nd, I went up to the ranch and took mother and my sister Adeline. We got some apples. August the 26th, I gave a blessing to Mara Lyerla, sister of Louisa Hatch. Worked fixing up my shop, and on Friday, the 30th, my son Thomas and family prepared for their journey to Canada. At 11:00 A.M. I gave Thomas a blessing and at l2:00 they bade their aged parents, brothers and sisters farewell. Our hearts were nearly broken. Little Katey had been with us for a year. September 1, gave a blessing to Sister Hunt and on the 4th, 5th, and 6th, I worked in the Temple.

Sunday, September 8

At meeting we prayed for President McKinley. Ruth sent a telegram from Salt Lake City that Adeline [Savage] was to pass through an operation on the 9th, of September. Monday, the 9th, I spoke at High Priest’s meeting for one hour on my experience in the Church. Referred to Bishop George Miller, also to my first mission to Vermont and of being a prisioner in Johnson’s army in 1858. Lorin attended the meeting. (Tuesday at the Temple.) I had the privilege of attending an important meeting With President Morgan. (Worked at Temple, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.) Friday at 3:00 P.M. took Catherine to Hyde Park where I gave three blessings. Katey Woolf’s husband wrote for me and I gave him a blessing.

President McKinley died.

Saturday, September 14

[Three weeks of September 15th, 22nd, and 29th, worked in Temple. When Temple was not open, he put out strawberry plants, cut weeds; went to Providence for strawberries. Ruth returned from the city.] Heard Brother Roberts talk. It was for the young to stick to the faith of their fathers. Monday, burned weeds and October 1, fixed up the fence and hung a gate.

Wednesday, October 2

Went to the Temple and attended the prayers then returned home and fitted up for Salt Lake City to attend conference. Got a recommend for the Salt Lake Temple. Got thirty-five dollars of H. E. Hatch, thirty dollars was for Adeline. As I did not use it, I will return it. Took train for Salt Lake City. Went to Brother Seymour B. Young’s. Went to the hospital and saw my daughter Adeline. Returned to bed at Brother Young’s. Thursday, went to the hospital twice.

Friday at conference, I saw Sister Mary Bennion. Joseph F. Smith spoke. Said we had not observed the Sabbath as we ought. Reed Smoot referred to tithing. Paying tithing will bring the good spirit, also the redemption of Zion. This will never come until we consecrate our property or until we pay our tithing. He read the 84th Section of the Doctrine and Covenants. Owen Woodruff read Section 3 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Said the work of man fails and not the work of God.

Saturday, 5th

Apostle Lyman spoke on new revelation and record keeping. Apostle Merrill said liquor, and tobacco should be done away with. Did Temple work. Apostle J. W. Taylor read Section 84 of the Doctrine and Covenants. The world will acknowledge that God has a personal body. This gospel will go to all nations. B. H. Roberts said that we must have the “bread of life.” Apostle Teasdale said we must be full members, keeping the law of God.

H. E. Hatch got Brother Young’s buggy and we went to the hospital and got Adeline and took her to Sister Kelley’s. She got pretty tired. On October 7, I gave three blessings. One was to Sister Kelley and to Brother and Sister Bradford.

Sunday, October 6

President [Lorenzo] Snow spoke at 2:00 P.M. for about fifteen minutes. It was astonishing how he made the people hear. Rudger Clawson was sustained as Second Counselor to President Snow. Monday, the 7th, many questions were asked and answered at this meeting and I found Brother Abram there. He came with me to Sister Kelley’s to see Adeline. He gave her five dollars. Tuesday, Aunt Adeline and L. L. Hatch went home to Cache Valley. I gave a blessing to Sister Stoney, and took Adeline to Temple and she was baptized for her health. She seemed much more cheerful than common.

October 9

Wilford Hatch and Adelia Owens were married, also Frank Owens and Willie DeWitt were sealed to their wives. I gave a blessing to a sister from Milford. Went to Logan on the 10th. On the way had a talk with Moses Thatcher. He claimed to have faith in the gospel and spoke highly of President Snow. Went up town in Logan and while there heard of the death of President Snow. He died about 3:35 P.M. He was in his eighty-eight year.


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