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October 11

Went down to depot and met Wilford and Adelia, also Clarence Owens who was on a mission to the Young Men in Hyrum Stake. Clarence stayed until the next day. Took mother to Dr. Budge on the 12th. On the 13th, attended a funeral service held in Logan Second Ward for President Snow. Elder Melvin Ballard delivered an interesting discourse. Recounted many interesting and important events in the life of the late President.

October 14

Notified of the arrival of Willard Hatch (son) by his brother Lorin J. Hatch. The former is on his way to England for a mission. Visited with him at Aunt Sylvia’s and gave him a blessing which was the third written blessing which he has received at my hands. Lorin wrote it, and afterwards, put it in type. I felt that I should live to see him return.

Got buggy and took Willard to see his Aunt Adeline. Had dinner with Lorin and Ruth. At 3:00 P.M. took him to the station and bid him good-bye. I took Apostle Cowley up town to visit some of his friends. Clarence Owens returned from Bear Lake. We went to Hyde Park to see Celia. Took Wilford up to ranch and left him to dig potatoes on the 17th. Wilford brought home fifteen bushel of potatoes and about five or six bushels of apples, constituting my crop for the season. Next day Wilford worked poll tax for H. E. Hatch and I went to ranch and gathered a few more apples.

Sunday, the 20th

Elder Ballard talked on faith and on Monday, I lectured before the High Priests on my mission to England. Tuesday, went to ranch and got a load of wood. (Wednesday. Thursday, and Friday, worked at Temple.) Gave two blessings at Sister Merrill’s. Saturday, worked with Wilford. Sunday, we had stake conference. Monday, we had a heavy rain, and on Tuesday, I went to Wellsville with Clarence and the roads were almost impassable. Wednesday and Thursday, I shingled Sylvia’s coal house. Friday, at the Temple. Sunday the 3rd, went to Sunday School and attended prayer circle in the Second Ward. Catherine went to fast meeting in Second Ward and at this meeting Catherine, my sister Adeline and myself bore testimony of the restored gospel.

Sylvia’s Seventy-fifth birthday

Monday, November 4

Was Sylvia’s Seventy-fifth birthday. (Many days at Temple. Worked around the place. Attendance at special conference in Salt Lake. Adeline, daughter, went to hospital again. Joseph F. Smith is sustained as President of the Church. Both Wilford and Adelia help much in Temple work.)

Sunday, November 24

We took dinner with Ruth. Wilford and Adelia were with us. It is the last meal we will eat together for we

are soon to part. I trust that we will meet again. At 2:30 P.M., went to Vena’s with Wilford and Adelia and dear Catherine where mother parted with her son. I drove him to the depot with his wife where I bade him farewell. The parting was one of grief, but I was able to suppress the flowing of tears in the presence of my dear son. O, my Father, preserve my dear boy to fill a great destiny.

Thursday, 29th

Temple work. Worked around the home. Was Thanksgiving. We took dinner at H. E. Hatch’s. Dear Sylvia, Ruth, and Lorin were there with us and Lorin’s wife. (Temple on Friday.) Saturday the 30th, I hauled manure. Saw Dr. Budge. Wrote a letter to my son John and to Jeremiah at Thatcher and we received one from Vena (Smart).

Sunday, December 1

Went to Sunday School and prayer circle and attended fast meeting. I bore my testimony. I wrote to Vena Savage [Alvenia was working at the home of Thomas Hull in Salt Lake City while her mother was at the hospital, Holy Cross.] Sent twenty dollars for Adeline. The money was sent by H. E. Hatch. (Three days at the Temple.) On Friday eve we had an old fo1ks party. Well attended. All made welcome. Fine parts rendered, music and singing and fine speeches.

Saturday, 7th

Priesthood meeting. President Joseph F. Smith and Bishop W. Preston and his counselor, Brother Miller arrived. President Smith occupied most of the time. Bore a great and powerful testimony, called on the Saints to help the academy to $3,000, which was owing by this stake. Bishop Preston and Counselor both spoke. Sister Hatch and I both stopped at Thomas Smart’s. Monday, Sister Catherine was quite sick but she was better on Tuesday. (Three days at Temple.) On Saturday, Clarence came, having finished his labors in the Hyrum Stake.

Tuesday, 17th

Took Ruth and Catherine sleigh-riding. Three days at the Temple this week. [Aunt Adeline Barber is mentioned almost every day in this temple activity and his daughter, Ruth, is also mentioned very often. Many times he gives the name of some relative for whom he has done ordinance work. This list however is not complete and knowing that such is complete and available in Hatch Temple Records, I have omitted the name which he occasionally mentions.]

Saturday, December 21

We prepared to get Clarence ready to go home. Sunday, Hyrum Karren and his wife Martha came and stopped with us. I bade Clarence good-bye. Hyrum Karren went with him to the train. This was a hard and difficult matter to part with him as we may never meet again. I went to meeting. It being the ninety-sixth birthday of


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