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the Prophet, I was one of the speakers and referred to my acquaintance with him. Sister Wilcox and Newell Kimball also spoke. At the 7:00 P.M. session, Joel Nibley and his father spoke, showing the effect that the mission of Joseph Smith has had on the world. Monday, Hyrum Karren went home and I hauled several loads of manure.

Tuesday, 24th

I wrote a letter to May Decker, Thomas Hatch and one to Nora Savage in which I gave an account of the Temple work and requested all of my children to assist me and asked that the letter might be kept for future reference when I am gone to the great beyond. Catherine wrote some to Thomas and May. I went and settled tithing with Bishop Anderson. Paid $27.40 in this ward besides what I paid in Woodruff. Catherine went to Vena’s and stayed for dinner and I got a load of kindling wood for Sylvia.

Wednesday, 25th

Christmas. Catherine and I took dinner with Sylvia, and on Thursday I went and got a load of wood or willows. Friday, went to the Second Ward old folks party. Ruth went with me as her mother or Catherine was not able to go. A good dinner was served after which there was an appropriate program rendered. I made a short speech. Saturday, I got some wood for Sylvia and took Catherine to Vena’s. I tried to go to Franklin but it was too late. Arrived at Franklin on Sunday and took dinner at L. L. Hatch and Sarah’s. At 2:00 P.M., went to meeting and spoke to an attentive audience.

Monday, 30th

I ground some axes and cut some wood for Clara. Cut down a boxelder tree and cut it up or most of it. Went to see Ina’s husband, Samuel Parkinson. Then went through the theater building or the dance hall. It was built by a stock company. Tuesday, I went and saw Della’s husband, Gayman. They treated me very well.


Wednesday, January 1

About 12:30 A.M. Esther Hatch (Hyrum’s wife) had a fine son. [George Knollyn] I took the chance to go to Preston with Dr. Cutler. He drives a fine team. Brother Daines’ folks treated me very nicely. I slept at Chloe’s and had a family meeting there. I gave many items of interest about my forefathers and gave counsel to all that were present and blessed them. Thursday, went and took dinner with Lizzie. Then to visit Katey Foss and husband. On Friday, went and saw Sister Luella Cowley. Her little boy Samuel was badly burned. I administered to him. Moroni Daines took me to the train and I came to Logan. Found all feeling pretty well. I stopped at H. E. Hatch’s all night.

Seventy-six years of age

Saturday, January 4

My Birthday—seventy-six years of age. Day passed without special reference except H. E. Hatch presented me with a fine shirt, necktie and collar.

Sunday, 5th  

I went to Hyrum Stake. President William Parkinson sent a young man to take me. The roads were very rough. It was fast day. We met in the stake house, Third Ward. At 7:00 P.M., I met a large full house of listeners and spoke for about one hour on my acquaintance with Joseph and Hyrum Smith and my many travels, etc. I stopped with President Parkinson and returned to Logan on the mail coach. Found Catherine about as usual. She has been a great sufferer for over one and a half years. She has been to the Temple and has been administered to many times. O, may she be restored and the Lord shall have the praise. I worked in the Temple three days on the Sumner record and prepared to take Celia Woolf home to Hyde Park. She stayed with us over night of the 11th. My visit to Franklin and Preston was appreciated by all of the grandchildren.

Sunday, 12th

I drove to Hyde Park with my daughter Celia and went to meeting and spoke. I related my experience in leaving Franklin and going south. The anticipations was grand. The realities were most marvelous. I expected to return to my dear friends in Idaho but I was mistaken as far as making a home was concerned. Twenty-six years has gone and now I am in Logan.

A thousandth part of my ministry has not been written by me. Dear Alice has passed beyond and her name will be honored by her children henceforth. Dear Catherine who has shared so largely in this missionary work is with me. Her trials and joys and sorrows would, if written, make a big book. She lives in the hearts of her children and has made greater sacrifices than any or at least many of the women of the Church, as a missionary to the Zunis, Navajos, Mexicans of New Mexico and as a traveling companion with me in Arizona, going and coming from Franklin to St. George, from there to New Mexico, from there to Woodruff, and a trip by rail with me to Manassah, Colorado and on to Franklin and return to Woodruff. Later she made a very trying journey with Hyrum and a portion of her family back to Franklin where she remained for six or seven years till the death of Alice when she again returned to me with two of her dear children who have since married and settled in Arizona. Seven years ago she again traveled from Holbrook to Franklin and joined me in Temple work at Logan. This time she traveled with her son-in-law, Elder Clarence Owens.

She remained here a few months when we returned to our home in Arizona Territory where she remained with me caring for my comforts and providing for company who called on us. [There were many stake and general Church authorities going through Woodruff during these years, not only to visit the ward but also to make contact


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