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with the railroad at Holbrook.] April 1, 1901, she with our granddaughter Katey accompanied me to Logan where she is at the present time, January 20, 1902. (Two days in Temple]

Friday, 17th

I went to the train with Ruth for Adeline (daughter) and found her. We drove her to our home. We were glad to see her able to walk a little.

On Saturday I went for willows for myself. Sunday, I went to Sunday School and to meeting. The bishop and counselors with Brother Quinney came to our home and administered the sacrament to Catherine and Adeline. At 7:00 P.M., went and heard G. Kimball speak to a full house. Aunt Adeline was with us.

Monday, January, 20

I harnessed up Clarey’s horse and drove to town and saw Brother Golden Kimball and left a letter with him from Brother John Murray of Holbrook also one of J. N. Smith’s letters. Brother Murray wanted some counsel from me. I went and got a load of willows for Ruth. Next day got some willows for myself. (Three days in Temple) Saturday, we had some snow.

Sunday, 26th

We had stake conference. Apostle J. W. Taylor gave us three discourses. One was the differences of the priesthood and the governments of men. One is persuasion and the other force. His discourses were very powerful and instructive. I enjoyed the meeting very much, conference Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning was very cold. (Three days in Temple} I wrote to my brother Jeremiah and to Thomas Karren and asked that Alva Hatch would come and help me in the Temple. Written whilst in the Temple on January 30, 1902. Cut some wood and did some chores.

Sunday, February 2

Was fast day. I took Catherine to T. Smart’s and took Adeline Savage to meeting. It was the first time that Adeline had been out to meeting. [Since about four months before the birth of her fifth child, born 19 July, 1898.] We had a fine meeting. Adeline and Ruth both spoke. We met in prayer circle. I stopped at Sylvia’s during this week. (Three days at Temple) Brother Porter and I attended block teacher’s meeting. We administered to two sick people. Worked around home on Saturday, and wrote to my son Jeremiah. Wrote to a number of cousins in Vermont, Joseph and Harvey Farr.

Sunday, 9th

Went to Sabbath School. Then went to Smart’s and got Catherine and took her to Sylvia’s till after meeting, when I took her to our home. She slept very poorly. On Monday, I took sister Adeline home. She had stopped overnight with us. (Three days in Temple) Patriarch Rasmussen came and administered to Catherine. She has suffered greatly for the want of sleep. O, may the prayers offered by the Elders be answered upon her

head. May every evil power be rebuked this week.

Nora and Lula sent five dollars to assist in the Temple work, donated by the grandchildren in Woodruff and Taylor. Last year they sent ten dollars. The children here have not done much to support the Temple work yet. H. E. Hatch furnishes horse and buggy to take me and my sister Adeline to the Temple and he will be blessed. Dear Ruth has also done a very good work. Her reward will be great.

Wednesday night, Elder C. L. Christensen lectured at the college on his labors of twenty-six years amongest the Indians. I opened the meeting. Sunday, the 16th, I went to Sunday School and the subject of why the Negroes cannot hold the priesthood was discussed. (Three days in Temple) Friday at 7:00 P.M. Brother C. L. Christensen and I went to the Field District and held a block meeting at Brother Cowles’ house. Saturday, the 22nd, I worked at making a gate or some pickets for it and ground some axes at the mill where a stone is run by water.

Sunday, February 23

I Went to Smithfield on the train. Paid forty-five cents for return ticket. At 2:00 P.M. went to stake conference there. I was the first speaker. Had good liberty and the best attention. It has been six years since I had spoken in Smithfield.

Monday, 24th

Gave a blessing to daughter of Sister Green and to Brother Roskelley’s daughter. The first gave me a dollar and Sister Roskelley gave me two. I remained all day and gave a blessing to a man that married one of the Week’s girls, On Tuesday, went and was barbered by a young man by the name of Purser. He married a daughter of Thomas Winn and then I went to William Coleman’s and gave him and his wife blessings. He gave me two dollars, I visited my cousin Sanford Tidwell. [Josephus Hatch’s daughter.] Also visited [Lydia] Lydey Nelson, daughter of Lida Collet, and then returned to Logan, Gave blessing to Sister Nibley and her son Preston. I gave four blessings to Brother Alma Hales’ sons or rather to three sons and his third wife who is the mother of these sons.

Tuesday, 25th

I prepared for the Temple, but as Brother Christensen was going North, I remained at home and took him to the train. (Thursday, Friday at Temple) I got acquainted with Brother William Hatch. He is a relative of Ira Hatch who has done such a great work amongst the Lamanites. Snowed all day of the 28th. Sister Sarah Thatcher came and. rubbed Catherine. [gave massage] May the Lord bless dear Catherine. Lorin Andrus and Wife came and got their blessings on Saturday. On Monday, William Hatch came and visited with us, he administered with me to Catherine and Adeline. We had a better night’s sleep. O, Father accept my gratitude for the blessings we enjoy. (Three days in Temple) Did


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