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work for George Washington Sumner and John Adams Sumner who are twins. They lived in the days of the Revolutionary War.

Saturday, March 8

I worked at a gate for Clara and at 4:00 P.M. went to Sister Sarah Thatcher’s and blessed her son Raymond, daughter Sarah and two young men. Dr. Goodrich came and visited mother and Adeline. Mother and I had a bad night Sunday 9. I went to visit Vena and on Monday, wrote to Bishop L. M. Savage. (Three days in Temple) Felt rather feeble on Friday and on Saturday, I went to see H. E. Hatch. He administered to me and I am able to be around a little. Trust that I will be all right again.

Monday, 17th

I blessed Sister Smith of this ward. Got father Worley’s surrey and took Adeline Savage to Louisa’s and mother Catherine to. Relief Society meeting. It was the sixtieth anniversary of the organization of Relief Society. Ruth gave a very good talk. Several good numbers were rendered. I was called to speak. I remember the great talk and excitement of this organization when it was created in Nauvoo. My surprise is that sixty years have gone past. I gave some account of my acquaintance with Joseph Smith. Took Catherine to Vena’s and then drove to a brother’s place and gave seven blessings. I was overworked and had a sick night.

Tuesday, March 18

I stopped with Sylvia. Ruth went and took Sister Sarah Thatcher, Vena Smart, Adeline Savage and Catherine to the Temple. (They were blessed.) I was not able to go as I was sick. March 20, my daughter Celia Woolf came from Hyde Park with Ethel who was on her way to Canada. She came to see me and say good-bye. Thursday, I took my sister Adeline home from the Temple and got dinner with her and Louisa Barber. Friday, I was some better. It snowed all day. I missed going to the Temple this week because I was sick. Blessed William Hatch’s daughter and the next day, on Sunday, I gave two blessings, to A. Nibley and Constance Thatcher.

Sunday, the 23rd  

It was cold, I heard Apostle Cowley talk on how parents should take care of their daughters and in the afternoon, Bishop Miller spoke on the reformation of Luther and others. Monday, I made an ironing board for Louisa. Tuesday, got a load of willows and it snowed on me. Took them to Ruth’s place. (Three days in Temple) From April 1, 1901 to this date, March 31, 1902, according to Lorin’s count, I have worked in the Temple twenty-eight weeks. Thomas, Wilford and Clarence Owens helped some. Some help from Hyde Park and Smithfield for male endowments. Have sealed many families and marriages for our dead fathers and mothers who have passed away. Took Catherine and Adeline to meeting on Sunday. It was fast meeting. I was quite cold, having left my overcoat at home.

Monday, I worked at Ruth’s some, raking up leaves. Received twenty-five dollars from Hulet (on account at Holbrook). Wednesday, I went to the Temple.

Thursday, April 3

Went to city (Salt Lake City). Arrived all right. Paid $3.80 for return ticket. Found Brother Savage and Nora, Lydia and Jesse all well. [They had just arrived from Woodruff, Arizona.] Friday, general conference opened and President Joseph F. Smith was first speaker. He said the Church had paid more tithing and was in a better condition than ever before. The presidents of the Seventies spoke, commencing with Elder McMurrin. Meeting closed with Apostle Hyrum M. Smith speaking.

Saturday, 5th

First speaker was Apostle Smoot, than Brother Clawson. Owen Woodruff read Section 39 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Apostle Cowley read Section 1 and W. W. Merrill spoke on Temple work. J. W. Taylor read Section 29 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Said the patriarchs should seal all blessings through their faithfulness in keeping the commandments. H. J. Grant spoke of his mission to Japan, had prospered exceedingly. At 8:00 P.M. went to a concert by the Salt Lake Choir. Paid fifty cents. California scenery was shown.

April 6

Brother Benjamin E. Rich gave a report of his labors in the Southern States, Elder McRay of the Colorado Mission, Elder Duffin reported from the Northern States and the Center Stake of Zion. He gave a fine account. At 2:00 P.M. Patriarch John Smith spoke and was followed by President Brigham Young, Jr. of the Council of the Twelve.

We attended a Sunday School conference. Most of the stakes were represented. There was an overflow meeting at which several of the Twelve spoke and referred to Christian Science and hypnotism saying that the power of darkness attended their practices and many would go to destruction over it. At 5:00 P.M. President Joseph F. Smith spoke and called upon the leaders to put down vice and secret sins. Stop the young folks assembling at the depot when the trains come in and to be aware of drummers and bad men. Brothers Lund and Winder spoke with great plainness, the former on Temple work. He declared it as the greatest work that men could be engaged in, the redemption of their dead.

Monday, April 7

We had priesthood meeting. Much valuable instructions and many questions were answered. I met my Brother Abram and went to get dinner with him. Gave him a receipt for fifteen dollars for Temple offering. He is deeply involved and very anxious to get more money. He proposes to establish a bank, William Smart as President. Tuesday, 8th, I went to Farmington and


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