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attended Brother Lot Smith’s funeral. [Lot Smith died a few years ago but his body was disinterred from Tuba, Arizona on this date and re-buried in Cache Valley, where the funeral mentioned was held.] Took dinner with President Hess, President Joseph F. Smith, Winder, and President Jesse N. Smith. Much was said in priase of Brother Lot Smith. I parted with Brother J. N. Smith and went to Ogden. Wednesday, found the family about as when I left them. Also found my sister Elizabeth whom I had not seen for twenty-six years. She had a Temple recommend and on the 11th, she was sealed to our father and mother. Myself and sister Adeline acted as the parents in the sealing.

Sunday, 13th

President Merrill said much on immorality and the neglect of duty. Monday blessed Eva Jones. On the 14th, I went with my sister Elizabeth (Winn) and Adeline Savage and got our likenesses taken. I was taken with sister Elizabeth. Tuesday, Catherine and Elizabeth went to the Temple and were baptized for relatives. (Three days in Temple and Elizabeth was with them.)

Sunday, 20th

Went to Sunday School and at 2:00 P.M. took sisters Adeline and Elizabeth, also Catherine. Brother Merrill and another Elder gave their experiences as missionaries, relating how the Lord had helped them to get out of debt, miracles had been preformed and Saints gathered, etc. I went and administered to the little grandson of Lafayette’s who had the measles. Monday, the 21st, I took my sisters Adeline and Elizabeth home. Wednesday, the 23rd, took Adeline [Savage] to the train. She had been in Utah one year and eight months. We bade her good-bye, perhaps never to meet on this side. I was truly much affected. Monday, I went to teacher’s meeting and was presented with a list of names who were to pay seventy or eighty dollars for the Brigham Young College.

Sunday, 27th

Stake Conference. Apostles Merrill and Clawson were present. Nora was expected but did not arrive. I went to depot twice for her. I missed part of the forenoon meeting. Nora arrived and I brought her from the train [her daughter Lydia was with her.] I dismissed the conference. We were asked to do all that we can for Temple work. May 2, Catherine, Nora, my sister Elizabeth and Sara Thatcher all went with us to the Temple. Each took a name for the Hatch’s. It was quite an important day.

Sunday, May 4

Attended Sunday School and prayer circle. It was very stormy. Fast day, I administered to our little grandson Lafey. Took Sister Thatcher to the Sixth Ward and attended meeting there. We drove to the Seventh Ward and got our suppers at Brother Willard Craney’s after which I gave four blessings. He gave me five dollars. Nora and her mother went to Hyde Park on Saturday

the 3rd. I received a check from my brother Abram of twenty dollars on Temple fund. Tuesday, I went and brought Catherine and Nora home. Went around with Brother Quinney as teacher three or four nights.

Thursday, 8th

Nora went to Franklin. Our little grandson Lurlene [Hyrum’s son] is very sick. Catherine was not able to go. Took Catharine to Vena’s. We sent for the Elders and they administered to Catherine. I was not feeling well. Friday, I was so sick that I called H. E. Hatch. My sisters Adeline and Elizabeth came to see me, and at 8:00 P.M. Bishop Anderson, H. E. Hatch and Lorin administered to me. I rested quite good.

May 10

I got up, wrote some and placed two dollars away for tithing. This day is a great day for Logan. It is a Wild West Show. Sunday, I remained at home and on Monday did some chores around the house. Tuesday, I went to the Temple and assisted to bless the sick. I gave Sister Mary Baker a. patriarchal blessing and we felt encouraged. Wednesday, I went to the orchard and made a wire gate and put a load of manure on the potatoes.

(Thursday and Friday, worked at Temple) Catherine worked for the dead on Thursday and Friday. On Friday, I blessed a brother and sister from Preston, also my sister Elizabeth. Saturday, it rained all forenoon and snowed. I gave three blessings.

Wednesday, 21st

Nora and Catherine went to the Temple and on Thursday, Nora filed up for home. On Friday, we all went to the Temple and at 2:00 P.M. went and got dinner with H. E. Hatch. At 3:00 took Nora to the train and bade her farewell. H. E. and Lorin went to the train with her. This was a day of trial to part with dear Nora and little Lydia.

Saturday, 24th

I made a shaft for the little wagon and took sister Elizabeth to the farm. She cut potatoes and I hauled out manure and we got a small load of willows for H. E. Hatch.

Sunday, 25th

Took sister Elizabeth to Milville and spoke to the people there. Was warmly received by the Bishop and Brother G. Pitkin. I gave four blessings after meeting and received four dollars. Catherine went and stopped with Sister Adeline while we were gone. Next day Elizabeth went to the orchard with me to help plant potatoes but I failed to get a team and so she returned and I scattered manure.

Gave two blessings after 7:00 P.M., one to Sister Baker and one to Sister Pert’s daughter. Elizabeth started for home, Thursday, the 27th, and Lorenzo Smart helped me plant potatoes. I spent much time filling up for watering


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