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and brought home willows.

Friday, May 30

Arbor Day, I got to the Temple. Dear Sylvia went and I saw Lorin. It was the first time that she, Sylvia, had been out since last 4th of July. Wrote Thomas and children and received one from H. A. H. [son, Heber Albert Hatch]

June 1

Fast day. Held prayer circle, attended Sabbath School and Testimony meeting. Got to Temple Tuesday and Wednesday. Worked for a man from Indiana who was in a hurry to go home. Gave three blessings. Thursday in the Temple and gave two patriarchal blessings. Received four dollars.

On Friday, the 6th, I went to the Temple and gave two blessings to Sister Vaughn Parrey and her mother. H. E. H. got the painter and got our east room painted. Saturday, I worked for Sister Christenson, hung her door and watered her lot. We got the east room papered and carpet put down. Lizzie Daines came from Preston and three of her children stopped with us for three days. Took Lizzie to the train on the 7th, and I stopped at Ruth’s while Catherine stopped three nights at Vena’s. During the week I worked at the orchard most of the time, hoeing and watering. I was up at 4:00 A.M. and working until late in the evening. On Sunday went to the AC and heard Apostle Lund speak. He drew up the bill asking the government to appropriate money to establish the college. Good results. It was wonderful. Did not get to Temple last week. I painted the front fence, hoed and watered the garden, got the fruit trees sprayed and cut around the trees with the scythe. Took Sister Adeline and Sister Taylor to gather mulberry leaves. Ruth set out some cabbage plants.

Sunday, 22nd

I spoke a few minutes at High Priest’s conference at the Second Ward. On the 23rd, I took Catherine to the train and she went to Franklin. Wrote to H. A. Hatch and got to the orchard every day. (Three days at Temple) I took sister Adeline and Sister Taylor up to the old factory to get mulberry leaves, and they rode home on a load of hay. June 28, stacked my peas. It rained quite a shower. I commenced at 4:00 A.M. and got the old horse shod. We got word from Nettie and Lula that Nettie has a girl [named Nettie Shumway, born: June 13, 1902.] and Lula a boy [name: Francis Lorin Smith] just born. Also got word from Thomas, good news.

Monday, 30th

Went to orchard. Wednesday and Thursday, worked in Temple. I wrote to Priscilla (Willard’s wife) and sent two dollars to Willard. (Willard is on a mission in England.) Stormy and cold.

Friday, July 4

The celebration was a failure as it was so stormy. I took dinner with Lorin. Went and saw sister Adeline and

took her to get some mulberry leaves. During the last two weeks I have assisted her in gathering leaves for her silk worms, for which she was very thankful. Saturday, I gave four blessings amongst whom was Samuel Mitten and wife.

About the 24th, I went to Preston, Idaho and stopped several days. One of my grandchildren, Chloe’s little Catherine, was very sick. She was raised up by faith. I returned to Logan on the 31st, and worked in the Temple until the first of October. Did not keep a journal during this time. However, I gave a number of blessings and did considerable in my orchard.

I wrote to Mr. Bancroft, Vice President of the Oregon and Short Line Railroad and asked him to give me free passage on the road on the grounds that I had done much in building the road. I got exemption from taxes for it during seven years, while serving on the Board of Directors. My request was signed by Moses Thatcher and it was granted. I was very thankful. I visited my brother Abram and attended conference, going and stopping at Provo, Springville, Salt Lake and Ogden.

October 3

Left Logan. Saturday, went to conference at Salt Lake. President Joseph F. Smith gave a hearty welcome. We heard from many of the Apostles, Presidents of missions and stakes. Truly had a grand conference. Met Wilford and we and we went to the fair. We went to priesthood meeting. We were so late trying to get a room that we could hardly get a place to stop at. But as I was an old man, one landlady concluded to find a bed for us. Wilford and I were very thankful. Over 150 people walked the street for want of a room to stop. We were at the Herald Hotel.

My brother Abram and his two sons, Edward and Vermont, were there. They were very bright boys. Sunday was a grand day--overflow meetings. Wilford wanted to see his dear mother before going on his mission. I went to the train with him. He got to Logan at 11:00 A.M. and left to return on the 11:00 P.M. train, arrived Tuesday at 10:00 A.M. Had to lay over at Cache Junction. We went to the annex of the Temple and the brethren set apart a number of the elders as missionaries to different parts of the world. Wilford was set apart for his mission at 7:00 P.M. I confirmed upon my son a patriarchal blessing and Sister Francis wrote it. I gave blessings to Preston Bushman and his wife and met my nephew, Jeremiah Hatch.

Wednesday, 8th

I went to the train and saw my son start for his mission field of labor. My heart was full of sympathy for my son. O, God, bless dear Wilford. I received one dollar from my nephew, Jeremiah, for Temple work. I took the train for Provo. Arrived at Burt Thurman’s where I got a good dinner, gotten up for me by Burt’s wife. Brother Samuel Thurman came and took dinner with me and his son, Victor, took me to Springville where I saw Brother


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