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week. Brother Benson, Lorenzo Snow, and Jacob G. Bigler boarded at the same place. We had a room to ourselves and enjoyed ourselves first rate. I wrote to my family this evening and then went to meeting. Saturday, I looked around the City, read some through the day, went to meeting in the evening, came to our boarding house and talked over things until 11:00 P.M. Went to meeting on Sunday. Brother Parley preached in the forenoon and Brother Orson in the afternoon.

Monday, December 10

10:00 A.M. I met with the representatives of the different counties in the National Hall and took the oath of office. We organized ourselves and appointed Jedediah M. Grant as Speaker of the House. Adjourned. Attended meeting in the evening. Brother Woodruff and Brother Brown of Weber addressed us. We had a good meeting. Tuesday the 11th. Met in Hall with Council session to receive the Governor’s message. [Territorial Governor, Brigham. Young] He was received with applause and thanks. Stationery was passed around and a vote was passed by both houses that a daily Journal of one hundred copies should be printed for the use of the members.

The Secretary, A.W. Babbit, said that it was too many and made an insulting speech, refusing to pay for that many. The Governor informed the Secretary that we could get along without him. He abused the Assembly and showed much of the spirit of Lucifer, his master. A committee was appointed to draw up a Constitution for a State Government. This evening I wrote in my Journal.

Wednesday, December 12.

At 10:00 A.M. Met in the Hall and did such business as came before us. Heard a very interesting discourse from Orson Pratt and Brother Woodruff. Thursday the 13th. Met in the Hall for necessary business. Adjourned to meet Monday the 17th at 10:00 A.M. I met with the committee on appropriations to do some business as I belong to that committee.

I wrote a letter to Catherine, on Thursday. On the 14th wrote to Sylvia and visited Brother McConnel. In the evening, went to meeting. Brother Phineas Young, Lorenzo Snow and Samuel Richards preached very spirited. Saturday the 15th. Wrote a letter to Bishop Evans and some in my Journal. Finished my letters on Sunday and took them to the office. I got no mail from my folks, but I trust that nothing is wrong with them. At meeting, Brother Parley preached in the morning and in the afternoon, Brother Brigham and Kimball spoke to the Saints on the subject of Zion, that she should arise and shine. In the evening, I attended a prayer circle. Brother Bigler was taken sick while at the meeting.

Monday, December 17.

Met in a joint session. In the evening I was called upon to address the meeting, also Brother William Snow.

Tuesday, December 18.

Met in a joint session. We had some discussion on different things and bills. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday we met in the Hall and did the business that came before us. Adjourned to meet on Monday. In the afternoon I wrote home and about 7:00 P.M. the mail came in. I found two letters for me. My family was doing well which gave me much JOY to hear from my family. Sylvia had a fine boy [Hezekiah Eastman] born Sunday the 16th at half past 4:00 P.M. She wrote me a letter the third day after and Catherine wrote me a letter.

Monday, December 24.

Met at the Hall, No business and we adjourned.

Tuesday, December 25.

Met in the Hall. It being Christmas we adjourned. I attended a party at the State House in the evening. About ninety couples were present. Brothers Brigham, Kimball and Grant were at the party. It went off very agreeable and broke up at 12:00, midnight.

Wednesday, December 26.

Met at the Hall. We had a warm discussion on a hard-ground at Tooele. Thursday, met at the Hall. Nothing of importance through the day. Met Friday in joint session to consider the boundary lines Carson County and Boxelder. Conference on Sunday. Brother Orson Pratt spoke to the people on the fulfillment of prophecy. Monday the 31st, met in the Hall. Governor Young spoke on the division of Weber County.


January 1.

I wrote a letter to Israel Evans in England, and one to Jesse Farr in Vermont. In the evening, attended a party (New Years) in the Hall. Wednesday the 2nd. Met in joint session. We had some very good conundrums by I. C. Wright. Sunday the 6th, President Young preached on the subject of “Obedience” and to be careful how we judged men. In the afternoon, I received two letters from my family. They were al1 well. I took cold in my face where I had a tooth pulled and it pained me very much. (Tooth was pulled on Friday the 4th. It was my birthday.)

Monday, January 7.

Met in the Hall in joint session. During this session Brother Kimball called Brother Benson to him and wanted to know whether he would recommend me for a mission to England. He said that he would with all his heart, and my name was taken for that mission.

Judge Drummond tried

Tuesday, January 8.

I attended a court where Judge Drummond was arrested [tried]. Joseph A. Celton plead for Drummond and disgraced himself very much by speaking against the


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