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Sanford Fuller. (A relative of Hannah, first wife of L. H. Hatch) He was very glad to see me.

Returned to Provo and stopped at Brother S. Thurman’s. Sister Bell and her daughter Anna Bell, had been to the city, returned. [Sister Bell is Catherine’s sister and the wife of Samuel Thurman.] Left Thurman’s on Thursday and went to Heber City where I saw and visited with my brother Abram and family. Saw his roller mill and visited Lacey Ann Farnsworth. Went with Abram and administered to Jane Turner who was sick. Returned to Provo and stopped at Brother Thurman’s.

Thursday, 12th

Went to conference. Brother Joseph F. Smith and Winder, also Lund, Apostles Teasdale and Smoot were present. President Smith invited me to the stand and I dismissed the meeting. We had meetings at 2:00 P.M. and at 7:00. This was a quarterly conference. At the 7:00 meeting, President Smith explained the first vision of the boy Prophet, Joseph Smith. It was a very full meeting and great power rested upon the speaker. I gave a blessing to my neice Catherine Lydia Thurman and on Monday, I went to Lehi.

November 9

Since my return from conference, I gathered my apples and potatoes, visited at Franklin and preached to good congregation. Gave three blessings on the 12th, one to Blanche and Hezekiah Hatch and one to Samuel Parkinson. I slept at L. L. Hatch two nights and at Hyrum’s one. On the 16th, gave a blessing to Sister Gates and she gave me a dollar. On the 17th, I received fifty dollars from Jesse N. Smith, and a letter from Adeline Savage. Took my daughter Lizzie to the train and Catherine to Vena’s. On the 20th  and 2lst, worked at Temple and on the 23rd, Catherine went with me to meeting. Wednesday, spent at the Temple. Thursday was Thanksgiving.

Friday, 28th

Found old Prince dead. Sumner got him hauled out of the stable to the bone-yard. He was about twenty-one years old. He has been owned by H. E. Hatch from the time he was three years old. He has done me good service for the last year and a half. I drove him to the Temple three times a week and some of the time sister Adeline went with me. I hauled some wood with him and went to the orchard two or three times a week. When I returned from October conference, I found him too weak to hitch up. We fed him oats and tried to revive him but it was too late. Peace be to his ashes. On Saturday, I took down the screen doors, fixed doors and windows and wrote to Wilford and Willard. (Missionary sons)

December 1

Attended two services, also prayer circle. (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday in Temple) Week of December 10th, three days at Temple. On the 12th, I gave two

of the sisters blessings. Recorded their blessings. Occupied Brother Roskelley’s room. Bishop Anderson administered to Catherine. Settled tithing. Paid cash for my potatoes and apples. Gave a blessing to Sister Dalton from Willard.

December 19

Old folks party. I was to take part as a speaker. Was complimented as being the brother of my son, H. E, Hatch. Sunday, the 2lst, was celebrated as the Prophet’s birthday. I was called to speak on my acquaintance with the Prophet in the Second Ward. (Went to the Temple three days and gave two blessings.)

December 25

We received several presents from our children and grandchildren and took dinner with Ruth, Sylvia, Lorin and Louisa. Lorin gave some presents to Sylvia. We had a very pleasant day. On the 26th, administered to the sick, also Daphne, Alvenia’s babe. On the 27th, took Catherine riding. Administered to Bishop Anderson’s children. Returned home feeling very bad in my mind. Was overtaxed. But I slept good and had a very good dream of preaching the gospel to some young people and bearing my testimony of the great latter-day work in Woodruff.


January 1, 1903

I spent the day with Willaim Daines and family at Preston. On Saturday, attended priesthood meeting in Preston. Apostle Cowley gave instructions. I occupied some of the time after which I met many old friends. My daughter Lizzie and Moroni went with me to Franklin where we attended a theater. And on Sunday the 4th, it was my birthday, seventy-seven years. I attended Sunday School and fast meeting and Young Men’s and Ladies' in the evening. I spoke. Took dinner with my daughter Clarey. Lizzie was there, and she and Moroni went back to Preston that night.

Monday, 5th

Cut some wood for Clarey. At 7:00 P.M. several of us went to visit Sister Elizabeth Fox. It was her seventy-eighth birthday. We spent a pleasant evening. Tuesday, went to see L. H. Hatch’s pigs. Went where he had large pens, about ninety-four pigs. I slept with Hyrum’s folks. L. L. Hatch hitched up the buggy and we went to Logan. We found folks about as usual, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, took Adeline and went to the Temple. Gave two blessings.

Sunday, 11th

Want to Cove Ward and spoke at Sunday School and meeting. A good spirit prevailed. Went to Bishop Larson’s for dinner. Gave three blessings. Monday, saw Ruth Larson and blessed four persons and then went to Bishop’s and blessed his little girl. His son John took me to the train. Came home and found mother at Vena’s. Her new teeth were hurting her considerable.


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