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Took her home. (Three days at Temple) Saturday, went for a load of wood and broke the shafts out of the little wagon.

Sunday, 18th

Went to Smithfield and stopped at Robert Bains. Held meeting with the Saints at the Tabernacle and spoke on Temple work. Gave three blessings. (Following week, spent three days at Temple.) Gave three blessings to Sister Sarah Thatcher’s children.

Sunday, 25th

Monday, attended stake conference. Apostles Merrill, Woodruff and Hyrum Smith were with us. We had a very grand time and on Monday night I went to the theater and witnessed the play of Corianton. Tuesday, Ruth and Lavere [Lavere Daines, son of daughter Lizzie] went to Temple and did some baptizing. (Three days in Temple) Snowed. I shoveled snow roads. [paths, no doubt]

Sunday, February 1

Fast day, Took train on Monday for Preston. Attended stake conference. Apostle John Henry Smith blest me and said that I should never lack for a son to stand as a representative for my house. John Smith, the patriarch, said he would say “amen” to that. I dismissed the meeting and blessed the people. Rode to Franklin with John Abbison. It was very cold. (Three days in Temple) Sunday, the 8th, spoke at meeting with Ray Thatcher and Andrew Jensen. Ray had just returned from a mission. (Three days at Temple) On Friday, Ruth and Lorin were both with me. Did number of sealings.

Sunday, 15th

I blessed Carl Smart (grandson). He got his endowments, Friday the 6th. (Preparatory to going on a mission.) Bade farewell to his mother and friends. I took him to the train and he went to the city (Salt Lake City).

Saturday, his father, T. Smart went to the City. I went to the Seventh Ward and spoke to the people on Temple work and gave a blessing to Bishop Larson’s wife.

February 17

Went to Temple and took William Daines, Catherine’s grandson, who was baptized for twenty-seven persons. On Tuesday, I gave the opening speech or lecture. Next day, Chloe and William Daines worked with me and took endowments for the Sumner relatives. Thursday we got forty-one children sealed to parents. Ruth and William Daines officiated with me and Sister Adeline. On Friday Lorin and Chloe worked with us. We got twenty children sealed to parents.

Saturday, 21st

Took Catherine to Vena’s and I went with Chloe to Preston. It was very cold. William Daines came for us in a sleigh. Next day, Sunday, I returned as far as Franklin and took dinner with Clarey. And went to the funeral of Sister Susan Handley. She is the daughter of Thomas

Mendenhall. Apostle Cowley was present. Brothers J. Nash, Cowley and myself spoke. There was a full house. This sister went to the spirit world and saw her sister who had been dead for three years. She returned and delivered her message to her folks and gave her child to her mother.

Monday, 23rd

I returned to Logan and found Sylvia very sick and during Monday night she fainted away twice and we sent for her children. Clarey came on Tuesday and Elizabeth arrived at 11:00 A.M. (Three days at Temple) Catherine went and took endowments on Wednesday. She stopped at Vena’s.

Friday, 27th

Was the fifty-second anniversary of the wedding of Sylvia and L. H. Hatch. On Saturday, I got an invalid chair for Sylvia. She was quite weak. I also engaged a pump for Clarey Cutler. And on Sunday, March 1, went to Hyde Park and visited with Celia. It was fast day. I spoke on Temple work. Several wanted their blessings but I wanted to return to Logan. Expect to go back to Hyde Park and do this work. Went to Franklin with Annie Hatch and her daughter Ina. Monday, worked for Clarey. Clarey’s pump came on Tuesday, and we got two men to clean her well and put in the pump. L. L. and I went to Logan. (Three days in Temple) L. L. worked with us one day in Temple. Went to see Willard Smith. He was not very well. I gave a blessing to Brother Lilinquist. He gave me a dollar. Was seized with the grip while at Sunday School on Sunday, the 8th. Sent my likeness to Wilford, Willard and May Decker. My cold some better. (Next week Two days at Temple, attended a funeral, spoke and gave two blessings.)

Sunday, March 15

I Went to Franklin. Took some sugar and a watch to Hyrum and some shoes to Clarey’s daughter Urana. I got breakfast at L. L. Hatch’s and returned to Richmond and stopped at Apostle Merrill’s where I was kindly received by his first wife. Brother Merrill took me to the meeting. Quite a number were at the Sunday School Union while the meeting was going on at the hall at which I spoke on Temple work and the spirit of Elijah as it was presented and understood by the Saints at Nauvoo, and of the covenants made by the Saints in 1845 and 46 as they left Nauvoo to go West. The promise was made them of health and that He would lead them to where they could rear their families and send the gospel to the nations of the earth. We had a good meeting.

Wednesday, March 18, 19, 20

I worked in the temple. Saturday, dear Catherine was feeling better. May she continue to improve is the earnest prayer of my heart. I mailed a letter to President J. N. Smith for one hundred dollars which is in the bank in Arizona in the hands of J. N. Smith. This day I


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